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Poetry December 4, 2014

first_imgScanty SmilesBy: Lekpele NyamalonEver seen a smile that cuts short with a sigh?It glows like lighteningStands upright and flows beautifully like a fountainAnd drops in glamour, splashing its body on earth’s treasureBeneath those smiles is a dark, wicked, omenTeary, dark eyes, red like vampiresThe finesse of the face that sparks with splendorHolds a mouth filled with venomDesperate to strike and clutch a preyTrust those smiles boy?But, oh boy, keep one eye openLest you sleep and yea a strike, stiff like a cobras’ stingBrings you crushing beneath earth’s untrusted brinkAnd those smiles stare at you and sighSmall, foolish boy, who told you thou were great?You’d rot below my feet and I’d triumph over your faceFeigning my tears from a crocodile’s eyesNext time, oh yea, you’d never trust a scanty smile To belongBy: Lekpele NyamalonWho am I?Maybe I should knowDo I have to wear heels like camels to be sophisticated?Even if I try to crowI would never be a roosterDo I have to hang out late at bars?Smoking weed and drinking scotchAll night long like a big-top guy?Even if I did, I wouldn’t have that touchI am meOne of a kind, one in a wayDraped in fame and just meI can’t be them. I, too, belong to the world, in a way. EBOLAWritten by Patrick M. Yattoh, Jr.Email: [email protected] know you deadly EbolaMerciless and devastating lethal virusNo cure for your hemorrhagic feverMore than half of the people you greeted diedFrom Gueckedu in Guinea and Kailahun in Sierra Leone, to Foya in Kissi land in Liberia,You spread your deadly tentacles like wildfire in dry woodsIn our Mano River regionWith no fear for any religionAs you continue to unleash havoc on your victimsCaretakers and healthcare commandoesIn boiling suits with silent death;Even your siblings, malaria, diarrheaHIV AIDS and others have never treated us like you didYou expose the breakable healthcare systems ofMama Liberia, Sierra Leone and GuineaOn the global theaterEbola! You are far worse than we imagined.center_img Flowers Do Not DieBy: Eric G. GbanlonAnimals are contingentEven plants are not permanentHouses submit to giant storm,Even ants are roasted by blazing sunThe blue sky closes the eyes of stars.Before day, the moon grows wings and flies.Well turns to pit, when water dries.Every trust is lost, when you tell lies.When reading stops, knowledge goes.When love dies, hatred growsI was caught in adultery, so I lost my wifeBut the flower I gave, she said, is still alive.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

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