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Indiana Farmers Getting Close to a Flurry of Planting

first_img Previous articleFood vs. Fuel Debate Still Alive and WellNext articleFarmers Save with Propane Andy Eubank SHARE Indiana Farmers Getting Close to a Flurry of Planting planting time nearIn Indiana the pace of planting is behind after a very eventful winter and spring weather wise. In the southern part of the state where planters would normally be in high gear, Glen Murphy, Technical Agronomist for Asgrow and DEKALB says farmers are about 2 weeks behind the norm.“But I do like the overall demeanor of our farmer customers in terms of not getting out there and forcing things before they need to take place,” he told HAT.And that demeanor, avoiding planting before the soil is ready, leads to better seed beds.“There is plenty of data to support that you can plant corn in June,” Murphy added, “and have an exception year of corn yields. A lot of that is out of our hands, but what is in our hands is good common sense, patience that we’re not getting out there too soon because a good seed bed is critical for uniform emergence, and uniform emergence of any row crop is one of those critical steps for optimal yield potential.”Friday Murphy told HAT field work was in full swing in Kentucky and the very southern tip of Indiana. With 7-10 forecasts projecting warmer temperatures he expects a flurry of activity in the southern half of Indiana this week, especially where they missed any Easter weekend rains.“In fact, I would expect planters will be rolling all over Indiana if we can just miss the rains through Easter weekend.He hasn’t noticed anything different with spring weeds, other than a delay in their emergence, and now that they’re coming up he figures to see a lot of sprayers this week. Murphy strongly encourages farmers to get a pre-emergence residual weed program in place if they haven’t already.“With the exception of those individuals who are going strictly post-emergence programs for very unique reasons, every farmer ought to be considering a pre-emergent herbicide. It’s just a great way to get the crop a head start on the weeds and that goes for both corn and soybean.”A check around the state over the weekend confirms that farmers in most sections of the state are close to getting into the fields, so rural motorists are encouraged to be prepared to slow down as the big farm machines again roll out. Facebook Twitter SHARE Facebook Twitter By Andy Eubank – Apr 20, 2014 Home Indiana Agriculture News Indiana Farmers Getting Close to a Flurry of Plantinglast_img read more

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Cycling: Greater Accra Chairman Kofi Boakye eyes presidential seat

first_imgGreater Accra Cycling Federation Chairman Kofi Boakye says he will contest the incumbent Mohammed Sahnoon in the upcoming Presidential elections.The Cycling Federation has been saddled with few controversies recently and Kofi Boakye who has been following the sport and contributing in different ways thinks the association needs a new direction.Mr Boakye in an exclusive interview with Joy Sports hinted the time has come for cycling to take a complete resurgence by making it successful as he mapped up strategies to help the sports thrive as well as achieving laurels on the international scene.“Expect a complete 360 degree turn, we are going to take up proper management and packaging and an effective presentation of the sport in Ghana.“There are so many opportunities that has to be filed and my team is ready to accomplish the huge task that confronts the sport in the country,’’ he noted.Mr Boakye further mentioned the retrogression of the sport in recent times considering the vast potential. “We would be looking to make a mark in cycling because Ghanaians are not mean achievers. We always do better and become the best in every endeavour. But for cycling, the excuses are just too many and we are tired of that.“We are now in to perform and get results and show the trophies as well as capitalizing on the business aspect,’’ he said.He added: “We look forward in improving the fund base of the federation and that’s where the business aspect of the sport comes in and we would think through the various opportunities to improve our financial base.’’Mr Boakye envisages a 2024 vision where Ghana would be one of the powerhouses in cycling.“We all saw what happened to the cycling team that went to Commonwealth Games in Australia and sincerely it would be very difficult for us to make an impact in Tokyo and it will certainly be a miracle if we to make an impact. The elections will be held this year.last_img read more

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Misimović is the second best paid player in Chinese Superleague

first_imgBy leaving Dinamo Moscow for Guizhou Renhe, BiH football player Zvjezdan Misimović started playing much better and with his experience he improved the overall play of Chinese team, and in just three rounds he scored two goals, reports sportsport.baHe is also the second best paid player of Chinese Superleague. His current market value is 3.5 million EUR, which is second only to Lucas Barrios from Paraguay.Another interesting fact is that Misimović’s team is worth 9.1 million EUR, so he and Barrios are worth more than half the club.last_img

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Ice Chips Grandmas to Deliver Keynote Address at South Sound Success…

first_imgAbout the Business Resource Center:The Business Resource Center, a program of the Thurston Economic Development Council, exists to support business with services and resources to achieve success. The Thurston EDC is a private non-profit organization focused on creating a vital and sustainable economy throughout Thurston County that supports the livelihood and values of our residents. Facebook1Tweet0Pin0Submitted by Thurston Economic Development CouncilConference to provide workshops, networking and inspiration for local business ownersThe Ice Chips Candy grandmas have signed on to deliver the keynote address at South Sound Success Small Business Conference. The conference will be held on Tuesday November 5, 2013 from 8:00 am – 4:00 pm at the SPSCC Hawks Prairie Campus Annex, 1401 Marvin Rd. NE, Suite 201 Lacey, WA 98516.South Sound Success is a one-day conference designed specifically for new business owners and people interested in starting a business. The conference is coordinated by the Thurston Economic Development Council’s Business Resource Center, the South Puget Sound Community College, the Small Business Development Center and other community partners.Featured on the hit television program “Shark Tank” in November 2012, Bev Hines and Charlotte Clary, business partners and owners of Ice Chips candies, will share their path from entrepreneurial concept to business success with attendees of the conference. In addition to the Ice Chips Grandmas, South Sound Success will feature 16 workshops during multiple breakout sessions throughout the day on a variety of topics, including:Finance, bookkeeping and tax preparationMarketing and social mediaHuman resources and leadership skillsLegal structure and moreAttendees will enjoy breakfast and lunch, and learn tips and strategies they can apply immediately to their business operations. They will have the opportunity to connect with available resources that can help them become more efficient and successful at running their businesses. They can talk with experts who have done it before, and leave feeling inspired to do more in their own businesses.To pre-register for South Sound Success, please click here. Check-in and registration for the conference will begin at 8:00 am, with the conference beginning at 8:45 am. The cost per person is $45. Please contact Daryl Murrow at 360.754.6320 or visit www.southsoundsuccess.com for more details.last_img read more

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American Baseball, Played 1864-Style

first_imgParker Homestead Hosts Vintage GameBy Jay Cook. Photos by Ottie Lynne Paterson.LITTLE SILVER – Chants of “Moose, Moose, Moose!” roared out from the Monmouth Furnace Base Ball Club’s dugout as starting catcher Frank Siracusa emerged with his willow in hand. As he strolled to the dish for his first at-bat, Chesapeake Nine’s pitcher “Silver Fox” began his underhand windup, reminiscent of a mid-19th century hurler’s motion to home plate.Adorned in black caps, black cravats, unseasonably long sleeve shirts and tan pants, Monmouth Furnace, the baseball team established out of Allaire Village, hosted the Chesapeake Nine of Baltimore for a game of 1864-style baseball.The game took place on June 12 at Sickles Field, and was run in conjunction with the Parker Homestead, a historical farmhouse dating back to the 17th century. “My great grandmother was a Parker, that’s my relationship, and so since 1667 this property has been here,” said Bob Sickles, owner of Sickles Market and president of The Parker Homestead-1665, a non-profit organization.A collection of bats, otherwise known as willows in 1864, just outside the dugout.“We’ve been a team for three years,” said Russ McIver, the captain of the Monmouth Furnace Base Ball Club. “Prior to this year we were called the Bog Iron Boys of Allaire Village, but then we changed our name to the Monmouth Furnace so we could do more things outside of Allaire.”Monmouth Furnace is one of 30 teams in the tri-state area who play this type of baseball, and “the only ones doing this in the Monmouth/Ocean County area,” McIver said. They are members of the Mid-Atlantic Vintage Base Ball League.The league models its method of play primarily from how it was in 1864. Players do not use gloves, helmets or any type of visible protective gear, consisting of either catcher’s gear or shin guards when batting. The ball, otherwise known as a “lemon peel,” is about the same size as a modern baseball, yet weighs notably less and has a distinctive stitching design reminiscent of the letter X.Some aspects of modern baseball, such as leading and stealing, were utilized in the game, while one key rule from the 1864 game characterized baseball from that time period. Known as the “bound-out rule,” a fielder is allowed to let a fly ball bounce off the ground once, and then catch it for an out. If done successfully, the batter is out, whether that bound-out comes from a foul-tip, a shank off the bat to the first baseman or a deep fly ball to center field.A close play at second base as the MFBBC steal a baseThe majority of teams are comprised of around 15 to 20 players who come from all different age groups. “The teams primarily, and our team is no exception, consist of players from late high school to close to 70, so it’s very inclusive,” said McIver. “Every team is full of guys who are pure baseball players, there are players that are pure historians and there’s a bunch of guys who are in the middle.”Outfielder Dan Radel falls in the category of a historian. “This is like playing on a field of dreams,” said Radel, an adjunct history professor at Brookdale Community College.Known by teammates as a “muffin,” a term given to the rookies, Radel, 40, of Brick, joined Monmouth Furnace after watching a game at The Spirit of the Jerseys state fair. “I first saw them playing at Monmouth Battlefield and thought to myself ‘I have to do this.’”Abigail Murphy cheers on the MFBBC from the stands in a hoop skirt dress she sewed herself.Sunday’s event, which was hosted by the Parker Homestead, would never had happened without Liz Hanson, secretary to The Parker Homestead-1665. Tasked with archiving the contents inside the Bates House after a pipe burst in February of 2015, which is across the street from the Parker Homestead, Hanson came across quite a find.“I opened a cardboard box, it was full of hair, human hair,” Hanson said uneasily. “It was clean hair, but just wasn’t what I was looking for at the time.”Beneath the hair was the real treasure. While preparing to throw the next item out, an old Christmas cookie tin, Hanson felt a rattle inside when she reached over to toss it into the garbage.When she opened the tin, numerous cards were found inside, in remarkably good shape. “I don’t know much about baseball, but the first or second card that I looked at was Ty Cobb, and even I know who Ty Cobb was,” she said. “That’s when I knew there was something.”Not only was there one Ty Cobb card, but a second was found in the collection. Additionally, fellow MLB Hall-of-Famer Christy Mathewson’s card was buried in the cookie tin.The hurler, or pitcher, pitches underhand to batters with the“lemon peel” ball, a softer version of the modern baseball.“It’s not the ones that are hyper expensive, like a Honus Wagner from 1909 in certain series’ is worth two to three million dollars,” Sickles said. “But this collection is worth maybe 20 to 30 thousand.”In total, Hanson salvaged the 24 Philadelphia Caramel Co. cards, and on Sunday, they were on display inside the Parker Homestead. The collection dates back to 1909 and is thought to be of Stan Parker’s collection. He was a relative of Julia Parker, who passed away in 1996 as the last owner of the house.“I have not been to a game like this before, but I think it’s really cool to see the old uniforms,” said Sue Goldberg, 68 of Highlands. “I need to get a picture of these guys just milling about.”Goldberg, an avid baseball card collector with a collection into the hundreds, gazed at the pair of Ty Cobb cards under the display case. “I hadn’t seen it until I was at Archives Day, except for on the internet and books, but not in person.”The vintage baseball cards on display in the Parker House.The game between Monmouth Furnace and the Chesapeake Nine was competitive into the bottom of the ninth inning, with the Nine’s pulling out a win for a final score of 14-11. After the game, McIver lined players up from both teams along the first and third baselines to thank Sickles Market, The Parker Homestead and the nearly 150 fans in attendance, finishing off with a collective “Hip Hip, Huzzah!” cheer from the players.Monmouth Furnace Base Ball Club has ten remaining games on their schedule for this season, which lasts until October 8. For additional information about Monmouth Furnace Base Ball Club, visit their Facebook page. For updates on The Parker Homestead regarding future construction and events, visit ParkerHomestead-1665.org.last_img read more

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Mallard’s Team of the Week — Nelson Youth Soccer U14 Girl’s Selects

first_imgIt’s never easy for staff at Mallard’s Source for sports to choose the Team of the Week recipient during Rep Soccer Playdown season.That’s because Nelson Youth Soccer fields so many good teams. However, following a close look at the winners heading off to the BC Soccer Provincial B Championships, Mallard’s staff settled on the Nelson U14 Girl’s Selects as the Team of the Week winner.The squad posted a 4-1 victory over Kootenay East from Cranbrook in the Kootenay Final to advance to the BC Soccer Provincial B Championships July 7-10 in Penticton.Ella Peloso held off the Kootenay East charge in goal while Farrah Marzicola, with a pair of goals and Abby Teasdale and Aube Jolicoeur scored for the Nelson-based cluub.Sydney Benson, Anna Bakas, Abby Teasdale, Aube Jolicoeur, Ivie Lock-Luttmer, Abby Jackson, Teigan Barnhart, Ruby Linnen, Nicola Anderson, Isabel Curiston. Front, Freya Holman, Phoenix Tailleur, Alexis Dyck, Semegn Atkinson, Ella Peloso, Farrah Marzicola and Addis Atkinson.Coaches are Clive Jackson and Darren Peloso.last_img read more

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first_imgARCADIA, Calif. (April 2, 2016)–Just minutes before his stablemate Nyquist waltzed to victory in the Florida Derby at Gulfstream Park, trainer Doug O’Neill’s Guns Loaded cruised to an impressive 1 ¼ length score under Rafael Bejarano in Saturday’s Grade III, $100,000 San Simeon Stakes at Santa Anita. Claimed five starts back for $32,000 on Dec. 6, Guns Loaded won for the fourth time off the claim and registered his third consecutive win.“I knew that Mr. Sexy was the only speed in the race so I tried to make sure Guns Loaded broke well,” said Bejarano. “I put him in the right position right away and after that, I was done. I sat right off the speed and when I was ready, I let him go. It was easy for him.”Owned by Westside Rentals.com, Neil Haymes, Leo Rodriguez and Steve Rothblum, Guns Loaded was the 8-5 favorite in a field of nine older horses and paid $5.40, $3.60 and $2.60.“It was all Doug,” said part owner Mark Verge (Westside Rentals.com) in reference to his trainer, who was at Gulfstream to saddle Nyquist. “He’s the one who made the claim. We had the horse before and Doug called and said we’ve got to claim the horse back, but I can’t believe how well he’s done. It never works out that way.”With the winner’s share of $60,000, Guns Loaded hiked his bankroll to $406,570. A 5-year-old Florida-bred gelding by D’wildcat, Guns Loaded registered his first graded stakes victory in the San Simeon. His overall record now stands at 26-8-3-4.English-bred Cape Wolfe ran on well for the place, but never threatened the winner, finishing a half length in front of No Silent. Ridden by Flavien Prat, Cape Wolfe was off at 9-2 and paid $5.00 and $4.00.Ridden by Gary Stevens, No Silent sat a close third throughout and paid $4.20 to show.Fractions on the race were 21.70, 43.66 and 1:06.98.First post time for a 10-race card on Sunday at Santa Anita is 12:30 p.m. Admission gates open at 10:30 a.m.last_img read more


FKF to discontinue KPL contract in 2020

first_img“This contract ends in 2020. It was signed by our predecessors and there’s nothing we can do. They (KPL) don’t feel like they want to support the national team. In September 2020 it ends and maybe from there we will implement what we want to implement. But till then we will keep tussling with them,” an agitated Mwendwa told Capital Sport.The High Court has ruled that the 2017 KPL comprise of 16 teams.Photo/COURTESYHe added; “For sure, this means continuing to have KPL will be impossible after two years. For us there is no way we can delegate this authority again to such a company.”KPL had gone to the tribunal on Tuesday evening under a certificate of urgency, accusing FKF of overreaching their mandate and interfering with the running of the league over its decision to ‘forcefully’ postpone Saturday’s Mashemeji Derby to allow players to turn out for the national team.In his ruling, Tribunal chair John Ohaga said that the mandate to run the league which includes postponing fixtures lies with the league managers especially now that the said two friendly games against Swaziland and Equatorial Guinea were outside the FIFA calendar.FKF President Nick Mwendwa peruses documents presented by KPL as he appeared before the Sports Disputes Tribunal PHOTO/Timothy OlobuluHe cited the ruling of the same tribunal when the two parties first came in before it on the issue of expanding the league in 2016, where it was ruled that KPL’s mandate to run the league cannot be interfered with.“If FKF wishes to schedule an international match which requires clubs to release players outside the FIFA dates, this must be on a voluntary basis. If it requires KPL to postpone matches, then this also must be negotiated and agreed between the relevant parties,” Ohaga said in his brief ruling delivered shortly after 6:45pm on Wednesday.It added; “Outside the formal instruments, no party can impose on the other. It is for this reason that the agreement requires the two to collaborate closely on decisions though the laid out Joint Executive Committee.”-Derby standoff-Gor Mahia and AFC Leopards fans in a past Mashemeji derby.PHOTO/courtesy.Thus, the ruling meant that KPL was left to decide whether or not the derby would go on, just a few hours after home team AFC Leopards had written to them that they are not able to continue with preparations for the derby asking for postponement.Later on in the evening, KPL sent a statement to newsrooms saying the derby had been postponed, the most practical thing to do with only two days of preparation left.Mwendwa in his statement after the ruling has accused KPL and in particular CEO Jack Oguda and Logistics Manager Frank Okoth for failing to have a sportsman’s spirit, saying that clubs had released players for the two friendly games without issue.“I was well aware this is outside FIFA window and that is why we wrote to KPL asking them to shelve just this one game. We are asking the football community to hold hands together to prepare for Ghana. KPL do not want to be part of the process to build the game at national level, I can’t do anything about it,” said Mwendwa.FKF President Nick Mwendwa. PHOTO/Raymond MakhayaHe added; “We are trying to prepare for Ghana. We have to make sacrifices. I know our relationship has not been the best but the clubs are happy with us and released players. It is the KPL management which is making these calls. Obviously it is not good for us but it is what it is.”At the tribunal on Wednesday, the arguments quickly shifted from the initial reason of national team engagement to the security around the Bukhungu Stadium which FKF said is not secure enough for a derby crowd.However, in his ruling, Ohaga termed it as a faint issue deviating from the main argument, at one point referring to the tussle as a storm in a tea cup.FKF and their legal team could also not produce written evidence on their opposition to the derby on security issues with Mwendwa saying he had made phone calls on the same to both club chairmen.-India Four Nation Tournament-Harambee Stars head coach Sebastian Migne leads players in training. Photo/RAYMOND MAKHAYAMeanwhile, the Federation chief said the national team’s trip to India for a four-nation tournament will go on despite the fact that KPL have refused to schedule more fixtures. The trip is schedule for June 1-10.The national team faces the prospect of having a weak team travelling to India with four KPL clubs; Gor Mahia, AFC Leopards, Kariobangi Sharks and Kakamega Homeboyz who have a significant number in the national team set to take part in the SportPesa Super Cup from June 3.Mwendwa has now insinuated that the same tournament is in jeopardy as it does not fall within FIFA friendly and will wait to see whether KPL will postpone fixtures for the tournament to be played.“We are wondering because when it is Hull City or KPL All Stars having friendlies, they postpone games, but when it is the national team, they can’t. Will they postpone games for the four clubs? At this rate, even that tournament might not be played,” added Mwendwa.0Shares0000(Visited 13 times, 1 visits today) 0Shares0000Mwendwa announced this decision on Wednesday night, just moments after the Sports Disputes Tribunal (SDT) ruled that FKF should not interfere with KPL’s running of the league.NAIROBI, Kenya, May 23- The frosty relations between the Football Kenya Federation (FKF) and the Kenyan Premier League (KPL) has just taken a new twist after FKF boss Nick Mwendwa revealed the contract between them and the league managers will not be renewed when the current term expires in 2020.Mwendwa announced this decision on Wednesday night, just moments after the Sports Disputes Tribunal (SDT) ruled that FKF should not interfere with KPL’s running of the league.last_img read more

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Wednesday’s QPR quiz

first_imgTest your Rangers knowledge by seeing how many of these five questions you can answer correctly…[wp-simple-survey-20]Follow West London Sport on TwitterFind us on Facebooklast_img

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Africa’s longest suspension bridge

first_imgThe Maputo-Catembe Bridge project, set to be completed at the end of 2017, will replace the current ferry system and various fragmented road systems.Construction of the bridge began in 2014. It is a joint construction and management project between the Mozambique and Chinese governments. (Image: Wikipedia)Brand South Africa ReporterMaputo Bay is an inlet of the Indian Ocean on the Mozambique coast, with the capital Maputo on one side and the town of Catembe on the opposite side. The bay is over 90 kilometres long and 32 kilometres wide.The Maputo-Catembe Bridge project, set to be completed at the end of 2017, will replace the current ferry system and various fragmented road systems that transport goods and tourists from South Africa and Swaziland into Mozambique.Currently, for tourists, driving is the best way to see Mozambique. But routes into the country are long and arduous, with much of the road system accessible only by 4×4 vehicles. If you do not take the ferry, trips from South Africa to the capital can take up to nine hours to complete.The 3km-long Maputo-Catembe Bridge – Africa’s longest suspension bridge – will cut the driving time down to four hours. With a width of 680 metres, it will be able to carry high volumes of traffic comfortably in both directions.Construction of the bridge began in 2014. It is a joint construction and management project between the Mozambique and Chinese governments. On completion, it is expected to become a significant gateway between South Africa and the rest of the Southern African Development Community. According tourism and business stakeholders, this will bring a major boost in trade and tourism.Completion of the bridge would open up the region for tourism, claimed Natalie Tenzer-Silva, director at Dana Tours, in a recent Tourism Update interview. The region around the bridge, she said, “is spectacular and tourists will finally be able to combine . magnificent sites within easy reach of each other”.Tenzer-Silva anticipated a surge in the self-drive market, and not just for the usual off-road enthusiasts who had made the destination popular. The distance from Ponta do Ouro, on the border with South Africa, to Maputo is almost 120 kilometres long and usually takes three hours or more to complete. But Tenzer-Silva said the bridge would allow visitors to reduce that time by a third.Maputo- Catembe bridge in Mozambique scheduled for completion in December 2017 https://t.co/VWIB2SGjc6 pic.twitter.com/zatjeThvfK— Further Africa (@FurtherAfrica) December 1, 2015The only direct access to Maputo by vehicle from South Africa is via the border post of Kosi Bay in northern KwaZulu-Natal, according to Traveller24. The southern Golela border post via Swaziland is an option; there are longer, more demanding routes through the Komatipoort, Lebombo, and Giriyondo border posts in the north to other parts of Mozambique. The bridge will offer one direct route, on suitable roads, linking Kosi Bay and Swaziland to Maputo and the rest of Mozambique.The bridge and linking roads will have a great impact on tourism, says Ndabo Khoza, chief executive of KZN Tourism. Hundreds of thousands of people travel between the two countries through border gates every month, often taking up to 12 hours to navigate the 90 kilometres to Maputo on often hazardous and unmaintained roads. The bridge will change everything about the journey.“This is truly one of the tangible legacy projects of the East3Route,” says Khoza. “It will make it possible for one to have breakfast in Durban, lunch in Mbabane (Swaziland) and dinner in Maputo.”Maputo- Catembe bridge close to 40 nears completion https://t.co/zQefvpqPzG pic.twitter.com/C9GvzXMskz— Gregory Cabrol (@galclearing) October 20, 2015The bridge is considered to be the most important public works project in Mozambique since the country’s independence from Portugal in 1975. It is one phase in the three-phase 209km Maputo-Ponta do Ouro road project; the 35km Maputo- Catembe section around the bridge is the first phase to be completed.It will create 1 500 jobs for Mozambicans over the next two years, says Basilio Nzunga, a civil and structural engineer with the project.The second phase will be to revamp and repair the 109 kilometre road that connects Catembe and Bela Vista to the South African border. The third section – the Bela Vista-Boane road – will connect the Boane farming and industry district to wider markets.The full project, estimated to cost more than $700-million (R11.2-billion), will include revamping the border posts between South Africa and Mozambique.Source: AFKInsiderWould you like to use this article in your publication or on your website? See Using Brand South Africa material.last_img read more

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