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Cape Town plans ‘showcase’ 2010 Draw

first_img28 September 2009The City of Cape Town’s catchphrase for the 2010 Fifa World Cup™ is “ready to welcome the world”.Rather than a catchy, throwaway line, however, city officials are working flat out to ensure they are true to those words, and are meticulously planning to ensure they are indeed ready in all respects when it matters most.Cape Town’s first opportunity to showcase its readiness for global sport’s biggest showpiece will come when it hosts the Final Draw for the 2010 FIFA World Cup at the Cape Town International Convention Centre (CTICC) on Friday, 4 December 2009.Thursday, 24 September was a public holiday in South Africa, but this certainly wasn’t the case inside room 1.40 of the CTICC on Thursday morning as over 100 City, Western Cape Province, Fifa and 2010 Organising Committee officials gathered to fine-tune plans for the Draw.Illustrating the city’s commitment to staging a successful Draw for the world’s football fraternity was the fact that the city’s executive deputy mayor, Ian Nielson, was personally on hand and an eager participant in the deliberations.While Cape Town is a picturesque city that receives its fair share of international acclaim for its many tourist offerings, the Final Draw for Africa’s first football World Cup will be a mega showcase for the city as it welcomes the world’s media, broadcasters and Fifa football family, as well as the coaches of all the qualified teams such as Fabio Capello, Dunga and Bert van Marwijk.With football powerhouses such as England, Brazil, Holland, Japan, the two Koreas and Ghana among the countries that have already qualified for the World Cup, excitement is mounting for the Draw – which will determine the tournament’s groupings and match locations.“We’re looking forward to the Final Draw,” said Nielson. “The fact that so many people are here today on a public holiday shows the great interest and commitment we have to host the greatest World Cup ever here in Cape Town.“The city is really starting to feel the bustle and excitement of hosting the Draw,” Nielson added. “But we don’t just want to host a very good Draw, but an excellent one that will be remembered for a long time to come.”An exciting Draw week is planned, which will showcase Cape Town and South Africa’s music, history, exquisite scenery, culture and, most visibly, the city’s showpiece Green Point Stadium – which will host one of the World Cup’s semi-final games.But before what’s set to be a huge party takes place in one of the country’s entertainment meccas, the hard work and grind that precedes it is proceeding well.Transport routes for the event were discussed on Thursday, as well as back-up routes, accreditation procedures, medical facilities, broadcast positions, photographer positions, media working areas, branding concepts and security plans, among a host of other of issues.And at the end of a productive day, the consensus was that Cape Town is on its way to being “ready to welcome the world” and making good on its confident tournament slogan.Source: 2010 Fifa World Cup South Africa Organising Committeelast_img read more

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MK: In pursuit of liberty

first_imgA display on Solomon Mahlangu, who was hanged in 1979 at the age of 23. This headline refers to the 1980 Silverton Siege, when 25 people were taken hostage in Volkskas Bank, Silverton, Pretoria, by three ANC members who were later allshot dead.(Images: Lucille Davie) MEDIA CONTACTS • Sello Hatang  NMF communications manager  +27 11 547 5600• To arrange an appointment to view:  Ethel Arends  MNF records management specialist  +27 11 547 5676. RELATED ARTICLES • Tribute to Arthur Goldreich • Liliesleaf to sprout new hotel • Sharpeville remembered • SA, Angola strengthen ties • New ward opened for Smile WeekLucille DavieAfrican National Congress (ANC) military wing Umkhonto we Sizwe (MK) turns 50 this year, and in commemoration, the Nelson Mandela Foundation is hosting an exhibition highlighting the organisation during its active period.Movingly displayed in the foyer of the foundation’s offices in Houghton, the exhibition is titled In pursuit of liberty: legality vs justice. Its theme is “heroism, martyrdom and the ethical principles of South African liberation movements”.Visitors can learn about the struggle of MK cadres against apartheid.The exhibition has three main areas of focus – the Rivonia triallists and their capture at Liliesleaf; the story of Solomon Mahlangu who in 1979 became the first MK soldier to be executed by the government of the time; and the 1980 bank siege in Silverton, Pretoria, and the subsequent Soekmekaar and Silverton trials, which became the “turning point of the liberation struggle”.“The exhibition portrays how freedom fighters used the apartheid courts and police holding cells as sites of struggle,” said a press statement.“It evokes unpleasant memories of the turbulent apartheid years, but it can help those who were born after the dawn of democracy to understand the heavy price their forebears paid for democracy.”In pursuit of liberty runs until the end of 2011. Viewing is by appointment only.The South African Post Office, which is a participant in the exhibition, will issue a new set of stamps in support of its successful Legends of Freedom series and its 2009 Solomon Mahlangu stamp.The struggle for freedomIn a moving address at the exhibition’s opening, during which she sang a verse of a freedom song, Deputy Minister of Public Service and Administration Ayanda Dlodlo talked about her time in MK.“Ours was a just war and it should be celebrated,” she said. “It was a war that had to be fought to find freedom.”She described the “vigorous training” that she and many other young South Africans went through in the 1970s, after they left South Africa in the wake of the 16 June 1976 Soweto pupils’ uprising.Dlodlo thanked guest and respected advocate George Bizos, who defended Nelson Mandela, Walter Sisulu and Govan Mbeki in the Rivonia Trial, for his support during the struggle years.She also mentioned the citizens of various countries, including Angola, Mozambique, Russia, Sweden and Cuba, who welcomed exiled MK members within their borders. People like the late Zimbabwean politician Joshua Nkomo, music producer Quincy Jones, former Cuban president Fidel Castro, and the Reverend Jesse Jackson had also offered unfailing support to the ANC.“Whites were not our enemy, the system was the enemy,” she said.Dlodlo, who is also secretary-general of the Military Veterans Association, stressed that many comrades in exile were young – some were 18 and 19 years old. The women cadres in exile were called “flowers of our revolution”, a term originally coined by ANC leader in exile Oliver Tambo.Continuing the fightJames Mange, an MK commander who was arrested with Mahlangu and 12 others, described his experience of the trial, and how the death sentence hung over them.“There was no doubt in our minds that John Vorster would hang Solomon,” he said, referring to the state president at the time.Despite a two-year wait during which the government came under intense international pressure to repeal his sentence, Mahlangu went to the gallows in 1979. His hanging “just gave us strength and more determination,” added Mange.Mahlangu’s long incarceration had not broken his spirit, and his last words were reportedly: ”My blood will nourish the tree that will bear the fruits of freedom. Tell my people that I love them. They must continue the fight.”Like a number of struggle heroes, he posthumously received the National Order of Mendi for Bravery, in 2005.Mange, too, was sentenced to death while his comrades were sent to Robben Island, but this fate was commuted to a jail term of 20 years after an appeal.“We were afraid to disgrace the generation before us,” he said, and added that the present generation needs to learn about the sacrifices made by his generation, as they go forward into the future.Taking up armsUmkhonto we Sizwe is isiZulu and isiXhosa for “Spear of the Nation”. The movement played a major role in South Africa’s armed struggle.The decision to form MK was taken in mid-1961 in response to the government’s increasing and sometimes lethal determination to oppress non-white South Africans, despite the fact that resistance action had been peaceful until then. The ANC decided that it had no choice but to take up arms.MK’s founding members were, among others, former president Nelson Mandela and Joe Slovo, the secretary-general of the South African Communist Party.Other key members in cells around the country included Jack Hogson, Ahmed Kathrada, Arthur Goldreich, Chris Hani, Dennis Goldberg, Ronnie Kasrils, former president Thabo Mbeki, current president Jacob Zuma, Curnick Dlovu and Vuyisile Mini.MK announced its presence with a series of bomb attacks on government buildings on 16 December 1961 in Johannesburg, Durban and Port Elizabeth. Now the Day of Reconciliation, the 16 December public holiday formerly commemorated the Afrikaner defeat of the Zulus at the Battle of Blood River in 1838, and was known as the Day of the Covenant or Dingaan’s Day.The government promptly banned MK as a terrorist organisation, but this didn’t stop many cadres from receiving military training overseas. During its years of activity the organisation’s operations included sabotage of transport systems and power plants – including the Koeberg nuclear facility – attacks on police stations and military bases, and bomb blasts of varying intensity.Despite fierce resistance from the government and two states of emergency, the first one in 1960 and the second in 1986, the apartheid system eventually fell away.After 29 years MK suspended its armed struggle when the ANC and other organisations were unbanned in 1990, four years before South Africa’s first democratic elections. It was completely absorbed into the National Defence Force by 1994.A display on Solomon Mahlangu, who was hanged in 1979last_img read more

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App.net Hackathon: This Is The Energy Twitter Lost

first_imgTwitter, with its vague, airy blog posts masking stern new rules, is chasing away third-party developers. Here’s what a social tech company that loves its developers looks like: The first ever App.net Hackathon was held the weekend of October 20, and a bunch of independent programmers used the event to transform the service overnight.“I was really excited to meet all of these folks in person,” said App.net founder Dalton Caldwell. “I knew probably 80% of the people there by their username. Getting the chance to meet people that you have interacted with online is always fun.” Tags:#App.net Related Posts 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Market A Great Start“Most hackathons I’ve attended in SF have a noticeable percentage of attendees that are there exclusively to headhunt technical cofounders or network for investor connections,” says Abraham Williams, who built the website follow button and worked on other such widgets. “Everyone at the ADN hackathon was there because they were personally passionate about the platform or the space. While number of people with alternative motives will increase with the popularity of ADN, last weekends experience was at least temporarily refreshing.”“The vibe was friendly and collaborative,” App.net’s Ben Friedland said. “It was less a hackathon (in terms of competition) and more a weekend working group, powered by soda and BBQ.”“The vibe was especially cool because of how many people are not local to SF,” added Caldwell. “I would guess at least 20% of the people there live in a foreign country, not to mention the folks that don’t live in the Bay Area but came to town specifically for it.”In keeping with the experimental spirit he and I discussed on video in September, Caldwell “was interested to see the scope and ideas of projects expand to different sorts of use cases. For instance, the group video watching app [Vidcast] and the lightweight blogging service.”To see more photos and hackathon projects, check out the App.net blog post.Here’s the video of all the presentations (warning: it’s an hour long):Video streaming by UstreamPhotos courtesy of App.net jon mitchell A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… Apparchy In The U.S.A.One developer, Steve Streza, whose day job is building Pocket, build something downright subversive that I love. It’s called apparchy. It lets you break open the official Twitter clients for iPhone and iPad and use them for App.net instead.“The reason I made this is because, well, I could,” Streza explained. Twitter’s service can be swapped out for other domains in order to allow proxy access in places where Twitter is blocked, such as repressive countries. “But by putting a server in there which caught requests, made calls to the app.net API, and rewriting them as if they were from the Twitter API, [apparchy] fools the app into thinking that it’s getting tweets from Twitter.”I think this hack is delightful. Twitter used to be a developer’s playground, and third-party inventions made the service a global phenomenon. Now it’s cracking down. Enterprising developers like these, who used to build on Twitter, have turned to App.net, which is built to motivate developers to build great apps. Streza’s apparchy embodies that hacker spirit just for the pure joy of it.App.net co-founders Bryan Berg and Dalton Caldwell Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… Some of the hackathon projects helped flesh out the core features of App.net:Abraham Williams created an App.net follow button for websites that uses only a single line of code.Ketan Majmudar and Andrew Schmidt worked on an app called Pigeonhole, which tags and stars App.net posts so you can organize and find them later.Chad Etzel, who also develops the iOS App.net client Adian, built a service called ADN Blogs, which turns App.net posts into full-length blog posts, sharing a link and headline on App.net.Tony Million added an Explore feature to his excellent iPhone App.net client, Rivr, which uses the geolocation built into App.net, so users can see where posts come from on a map.last_img read more

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Key Criteria

first_imgFIRST STAGE: To identify parameters that can be used to evaluate colleges, an exploratory phase was carried out in which 20 respondents from six different streams (arts, science, commerce, medicine, engineering and law) were made to sit through in-depth interviews. This enabled us to identify 16 specific parameters. SECOND STAGE:,FIRST STAGE: To identify parameters that can be used to evaluate colleges, an exploratory phase was carried out in which 20 respondents from six different streams (arts, science, commerce, medicine, engineering and law) were made to sit through in-depth interviews. This enabled us to identify 16 specific parameters.SECOND STAGE: Out of the 1,000 respondents, those who were knowledgeable enough to rank colleges on these specific aspects were singled out. They were then asked to rank each of the perceived top 10 colleges in every stream. Then, these 16 aspects were analysed using statistical methods and grouped into six themes. These were:REPUTATION: This included parameters like discipline in the college and its professional administration.CURRICULUM: The time and effort devoted to research; content of the courses offered and method of evaluating academic performances.ACADEMICS: Performance of the students; their rank in the university and the qualification and experience of the teaching staff.FACILITIES: Courses offered and facilities for extra-curricular activities like sports and cultural programmes.ATTENTION TO STUDENTS: Approachability to their problems and individualised care.Click here to EnlargeADMISSION PROCEDURE: Quality of students and performance in qualifying exams.All ranks are based on mean scores on each theme. Based on interviews of 563 of the 1,000 respondents who said they were familiar with the top 10 colleges in all categories. These criteria are not used to finally arrive at the overall ranking which is based on a different polling technique.last_img read more

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Harvey Norman Special Offer

first_imgNRL Touch Football’s major partner, Harvey Norman, has some exciting news for members through the TFA website and newsletter. The smart time piece with style has now arrived at Harvey Norman Huawei watch – with a perfectly circular design, bespoke watch faces and a choice from four signature watch and band combinations, there’s a style for every occasion.  Powered by Android wear – pair Huawei watch with your smart phone to access notifications, emails, calls, music, access Google now and more without reaching for your phone. Priced from just five hundred and forty six dollars – love the watch you wear every day and walk out working with your new Huawei watch at Harvey Norman.To experience the latest in everything Smartwatch, head in-store or online –http://www.harveynorman.com.au/phones-accessories-gps/wearables/smart-watchesStay tuned to the TFA website and newsletter for more great Connected Fitness and health news from Harvey Norman. Related LinksHarvey Norman Offerlast_img read more

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Video: Ex-Oregon Star Joe Young Throws Down Vicious Dunk In NBA Summer League

first_imgJoe Young dunking during the summer leagueJoe Young DunkJoe Young saw action in 41 games as a rookie for the Indiana Pacers last season, and the former Oregon star is playing with the franchise’s team in the Orlando Summer League this week. In a game today against the Orlando Magic, Young threw down a crazy one-handed dunk on a fast break before landing awkwardly. He was okay, and the dunk was phenomenal. Pacers 2015 2nd rounder Joe Young gets a nasty posterhttps://t.co/nbFf6W8onT— Bleacher Report (@BleacherReport) July 2, 2016If Young keeps doing that, he’ll push for more playing time on a revamped Pacers roster in 2016-17.last_img

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Prince Harry And Prince William Take A Selfie

first_imgPrince Harry joined the Duke of Cambridge at Buckingham Palace today to help launch the search for inspirational people across the Commonwealth.Prince Harry and Prince William Join Jamal Edwards For A SelfieCredit/Copyright: www.princehenryofwales.org/The Royals joined Jamal Edwards – internet entrepreneur and founder of the youth channel SBTV – to kick off the Queen’s Young Leaders programme to find inspirational young people who are making a difference.On behalf of The Queen, Their Royal Highnesses were launching the awards which have been set up in recognition of Her Majesty’s 60 years of service to the Commonwealth.Exceptional people aged 18-29 will receive awards for leading the way where they live and the awards scheme will support them to do even more life-changing work in their communities.Grants will be made to organisations in selected Commonwealth countries that can show they are improving the lives of young people. The grants will help individuals gain new skills, employment and a voice in their communities. The programme is a partnership between Comic Relief, The Diamond Jubilee Trust and the Royal Commonwealth Society.The brothers took part in the first-ever Royal Google+ hangout which was hosted by Gemma Cairney and shown on the British Monarchy Google Plus page.Find out more here.Source:www.princehenryofwales.orglast_img read more

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Buckeyes monitoring reps as The Grind heats up in spring practice

The OSU football team returned to the practice field on March 10 at the Woody Hayes Athletic Center, less than 2 months after the Buckeyes beat Oregon in the 1st-ever College Football Playoff National Championship. Credit: Tim Moody / Sports editorAfter putting the pedal to the metal to complete “The Chase,” the Ohio State football team moved straight into “The Grind.”But as the Buckeyes completed practice Tuesday at the Woody Hayes Athletic Center — just their third since winning the National Championship — coach Urban Meyer said it might be time to pump the breaks. Meyer said OSU is monitoring the reps of certain players, leading to less cohesiveness on the practice field.“That’s why sometimes it looks really bad, and today it was not a pleasant one,” Meyer said Tuesday. “We’re not gonna blame players or coaches yet. That’s coming, though, if you don’t get better.”The Buckeyes played 15 games — winning all but one — in 2014-15, marking the first time a collegiate team had played more than 14 times in a season. But game reps aside, OSU is monitoring “competitive reps” players get in practice, Meyer said.The fourth-year OSU coach said senior offensive lineman Taylor Decker has had more than 2,000 live reps in his career, and named off redshirt-junior offensive lineman Pat Elflein, redshirt-senior tight end Nick Vannett, senior linebacker Joshua Perry, redshirt-junior safety Tyvis Powell and junior defensive lineman Joey Bosa as other high-rep players.While Meyer didn’t name any of those players among the injured Buckeyes, OSU has learned that at least four players would no longer be able to play football because of past injuries since the beginning of 2015. With linebackers Devan Bogard and Trey Johnson, safety Ron Tanner and cornerback Armani Reeves done for good, the Buckeyes are being careful with other injured players in practice.Redshirt-senior quarterback Braxton Miller has been pulled back in practice, Meyer said, but only for precautionary reasons.Meyer added that the trainers are being very cautious with junior running back Ezekiel Elliott, who has a bone graft in his wrist. Along with Miller and Elliott, Meyer said senior offensive lineman Jacoby Boren and junior H-back Dontre Wilson are both still working back from injuries.“Jacoby’s had several things, but I don’t see any Band-Aids on him any more, so he’s getting close,” Meyer said. “Dontre has a broken foot, pin’s out; I saw him running in the water the other day.”But among the players being held back, Meyer said he’s been surprised to see the progress of yet another injured quarterback — redshirt-sophomore J.T. Barrett.“J.T. is doing good, he’s doing more,” Meyer said. “I thought he would be much more limited but he’s getting every mini field and 7-on-7 rep.”As more experienced players are given a bit of a break and younger players earn more reps, Meyer said he wasn’t pleased with Tuesday’s showing. With that in mind, the Buckeyes have some time to prepare before taking the field against Virginia Tech on Sept. 7 in Blacksburg, Va.“It wasn’t a great day,” Meyer said. “But it’s spring practice.” read more

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