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Bartomeu: “Even if the break continues, in June we would not go bankrupt”

first_img-Is ERTE necessary for workers?-The situation is complex. It is time to take action. We spoke with professional athletes to reduce players’ wages, but we have also taken action with employees. Affects everyone. With professional players there has been an agreement.-But then if the players submit, why is the ERTE done?-This situation affects everyone. Not only in Can Barça, throughout society. The goal is to get out of this crisis and return to normal. The employees also want to help the club, they want it and it is from Barça. The important thing is that Barça continues, that it will continue. And that it has viability, that it does. In this ERTE that we are doing, the players and the club will supplement with their salaries so that the employees can collect the full salary for the duration of the ERTE.-The Works Council says that it has not received any communication. Will ERTE be done?-Òscar Grau, our CEO, has been talking for days with the Company Committee. The ERTE will be done. Not just because the club wants it, the employees want it too. Everyone wants to collaborate so that Barça has savings. Since March 14, Barça has no income. We have a mattress but we need to take action.-Well, put numbers on it. The Company Committee does not understand that with the saving of the chips of professional athletes there is not enough to avoid ERTE.The saving is 16 million euros and that represents 5.75% per year of the players. And the 16 million euros is not enough to avoid ERTE. We have to think that Barça has nothing since day 14. We do not have the Museum open, television rights, hospitality, tickets … They are not losses. We stopped depositing a lot of money. It is not convenient to give figures, but with these measures that we take with professional athletes and workers, we mitigate losses. Hopefully this will last 60 days at most. They are not desperate measures. What Barça is doing is what the big clubs in Europe are doing. Bayern, Lyon, Juventus.-Messi criticized them for putting them under the magnifying glass.-The players never refused to pay their wages. In any moment. On March 20, there was a meeting in which they admitted.-Why did they say that ERTE would be done yes or yes?-With current alert status regulations, clubs can do an ERTE. It could be done without the agreement of the players. But it is not easy for a group of players who cannot see each other, to reach an agreement. They have to have talks and it has lasted ten days. What was important was an agreement. I am not aware that there were players in disagreement, but they had to talk to their teammates. They have been talking. These days there have been many nerves in society and there have been people from inside and outside the club, who did not have the information and have given too much opinion.-Who has spoken too much?-There are always people. And it has happened. People from inside the club and from outside the club who have spoken from outside without having all the information. LaLiga Santander* Data updated as of March 31, 2020 – it is difficult to think that they put obstacles to collaborate. And it has been possible to transmit that they were insensitive. And that is what is inferred from Messi’s statement.-From my point of view, his vision was open. Both football and the other sections. Everyone has been predisposed to help in the face of this long-term lack of income, although I do not expect it.Do you think it has been managed well from within the club?Everyone knows what he has done, what he has said, what he has hinted at. What I am saying is that the conferences with the captains have been carried out with the greatest predisposition. It has been exemplary how they have behaved. And this extra two percent that the players have put in, is of a generosity that makes us happy. I am proud of everyone.-What about most basketball players?-There are players who have not said yes. They’re very few. I don’t know the number. I am convinced that everyone will end up saying yes. But the club will do it without your permission. I am convinced that little by little they will say yes.-Mirotic has been proactive.-I’m not saying five. Responsive players are missing. With everyone there have been meetings with the captains to explain. The club could do the ERTE without asking, but Barça is a benchmark. And it was important to do it in a negotiated way.– In June it would have entered bankruptcy?-We would not go bankrupt. But if nothing had been restored until June, then there would have been losses. The club should have 1,050 million. Until February we had a higher rate than we had anticipated. It was the highest rate in history. Now it has stopped. If we do not restore normality, obviously there will be losses. And so we are making the reductions.-Are relations touched?-No. I have a fluid and constant relationship with the captains. Not just to talk about that agreement. I am on committees of UEFA, FIFA and we have discussed new scenarios, new competition models, dates. We talk often because it is important to know what will happen next, when we will go on vacation. There are many unknowns because the scenarios are unpredictable. This may make some things change for us.-What are you thinking?-The club will have to rethink it. Competition, organization. It is a responsibility to study it and see when the pandemic comes down, how we– What competition is there to rethink?-We are watching the Club World Cup with 24 teams, we have to rethink the Champions since 2024. We have to finish the LaLiga out of respect for everyone. How it could affect it at the level of income and fans. There are unknowns to be solved.-LaLiga says that you have to finish the competition anyway. The Barca?Barça agrees to finish LaLiga, the Champions League and the Europa League. We will see how we will do it. But having agreed to change the Euro Cup and the Copa América makes the schedules easier. But Barça wants to do it open door. If you have to extend the competition by two or three weeks for people to be in the stadium, that’s what we want.-What are you doing with the Generalitat?We are in talks. At the moment, some team is using the facilities. The mobile team that carries players when players are injured is in Sant Pau.-Are you helping older partners in this coronavirus crisis?-Yes. We speak to everyone who has questions about the pandemic. A person always gives you solutions and accompanies you.-What news do you have of the audit for the I3 Ventures case?-It is not the same to work in an office as from home but once it is finished, we will talk for sure.center_img The president of Barcelona, ​​Josep Maria Bartomeu, spoke into the microphones of Catalunya Ràdio this Tuesday to explain details about the agreement he reached with the footballers and to analyze the economic situation of the Barca.last_img read more

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