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Remodelling the lizard peoples lair Denver airport trolls conspiracy theorists

first_img Thomas1178 Twitter 71 72 Tynvardo2 7 Sep 2018 23:42 Reply 8 Sep 2018 3:00 Share on Twitter 8 Sep 2018 12:44 water_moon 51 52 Share on LinkedIn Share on Twitter Craigy69 Diversion. Surely the problem is that the airport does not work as first advertised? Who will pay the excess freight of the cost overruns? Passengers, Colorado landowners or the bureaucrats? Report | Pick Reply Sign in or create your Guardian account to recommend a comment Fri 7 Sep 2018 10.48 EDT 7 Sep 2018 23:16 Report Reply Twitter Share Report Angelaaaa 3 4 Topics 4 8 Sep 2018 5:24 Just the sort of double bluff a member of the Knights Templar/Illuminati would resort to. Report JamesBadger Share on Twitter Share on Twitter Poster at Denver international airport questioning what is really going on.Photograph: Denver International Airport Shrimpandgrits 3 4 Share on Twitter next Twitter 7 Sep 2018 20:46 | Pick 0 1 1 2 Share on Facebook Facebook Share 100 Twitter This comment was removed by a moderator because it didn’t abide by our community standards. Replies may also be deleted. For more detail see our FAQs. Reply 7 Sep 2018 21:00 I think it has more to do with this: http://www.sportslogos.net/logos/list_by_team/161/Denver_Broncos/ Facebook 2 Share on Twitter 4 Report Victor Lengeries GreatAuntAnna Share on Facebook Twitter Share Report Twitter | Pick Twitter Reply Report Share on Twitter WildIrish Share | Pick 9 Sep 2018 1:55 Facebook Reply Facebook 8 Sep 2018 1:22 Share Globe14 Facebook Twitter Twitter | Pick Share | Pick Colin Christian Maybe the logo is tattooed on someone and they have to remove clothing to show it? Share on Facebook 8 Sep 2018 5:06 ataylorusa Share Share on Facebook NOOOOO, it’s the New World Order that wants to get rid of Trump! The lizards have been ruling us for centuries already! I can’t stand Trump or those he surrounds himself with, but he is stirring shite up! Share on Twitter Reply | Pick FloreatInertia Share on Twitter Twitter Share 7 8 Report | Pick Share on Twitter 8 Sep 2018 5:35 water_moon; nah…..conspiracy theories are BIG now…..everyone (on the alt right) has one. Share on Twitter Share Reply unthreaded Show 5 more replies Globe14 Stannous Flouride collapsed Bears the logo, not bares. Facebook Share on Facebook Jean Martin Share on Facebook Share on Facebook Report Share via Email Mural by Leo Tanguma at Denver international airport. Photograph: Denver International Airport Close report comment form Reply Reply Share Report | Pick 20 21 Owell! Good grief, Denver is not a” provincial city”. Actually the US does not have provinces, it has states. It’s a federation….. States have lots of power of their own, including when and how to built airports. PS: ask Google how many planes pass through Denver airport. 8 Sep 2018 6:27 8 Sep 2018 23:14 65 66 Twitter Order by oldest Facebook AnneNY Facebook Support The Guardian Share on Facebook Reply Facebook Share on Facebook Share on Twitter SilekTuo99 Twitter Destiny. (@CoolAsPhuck)Denver International Airport is really trolling y’all conspiracy theorist with their new construction signs 😂 pic.twitter.com/Gg29dURhHNSeptember 4, 2018 7 Sep 2018 23:08 Share on Twitter Midwestern_Mountains “In April 1994, the city invited reporters to observe the first test of the new automated baggage system. Reporters were treated to scenes of clothing and other personal effects scattered beneath the system’s tracks, while the actuators that moved luggage from belt to belt would often toss the luggage right off the system instead. The mayor cancelled the planned May 15 opening. The baggage system continued to be a maintenance hassle and was finally terminated in September 2005,[10] with traditional baggage handlers manually handling cargo and passenger luggage.” | Pick Show 1 more reply Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share 9 Sep 2018 2:00 Share on Facebook I don’t think there are many bears left in Colorado. Mostly little brown bears, some black bears, but Grizzly are almost extinct in the lower 48. Share on Twitter Report Tynvardo2 Share on WhatsApp Report Share on Twitter Facebook Reply Share on Twitter | Pick Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Twitter 3 4 owell Twitter 8 Sep 2018 0:15 Mongoose Jones 6 7 8 Sep 2018 2:15 8 Sep 2018 0:20 42 43 RavefromDave Reply Reply | Pick Report 8 Sep 2018 0:17 Facebook Report | Pick Share on Twitter Twitter Facebook Facebook Reply Share on Facebook | Pick Facebook Report 10 11 Colin Christian | Pick | Pick 8 Sep 2018 0:48 lizardpeople Report Twitter Reply 7 Sep 2018 22:34 Twitter | Pick Share Report Share | Pick 6 7 Share on Facebook Reply 7 Sep 2018 20:57 Reply Reply Report Twitter ataylorusa Report 31 32 1 2 9 Sep 2018 2:35 Comments 518 One of them is in the White House… …with its proboscis and ovipositor penetrating the President’s skull. Craigy69 Report Share on Facebook | Pick My travel agent always booked me through Salt Lake rather than through Denver, whose airport at that time had a bad reputation, especially for its treatment of business travelers. Speaking of Denver, I used to caddy the Cherry Hills course — Dad wanted me to meet “the nicer sort” — but I never liked the town, the course nor the people. That’s why I am now back on the banks of the bayou. Report Twitter Twitter There is, to give the tinfoil hat crowd their due, lots that is fishy about DIA. The dedication stone, created for the airport’s opening, bears the logo of the Freemasons and was paid for by two Freemason grand lodges in Colorado, as well as something called the “New World Airport Commission”, an organisation about which there is almost no information. It has led conspiracy theorists to argue that their airport is the headquarters for a secretive new world order linked to the masons or the Illuminati. GreatAuntAnna No, they were left with no luggage at at rate of about 1 in 4. Oh honey, we got the Denver TV news stations in ’94/95 and it was BROKE. The super fancy, all automated luggage system that was supposed to save tons of money by not hiring baggage handlers ended up costing a million dollars a DAY when, trp981 JamesBadger Share Share trp981 The airport has long been the subject of wild theories. Now it’s getting in on the act with jokes about its new project You’ve been reading Foucault’s Pendulum again, now haven’t you? Facebook Twitter 6 7 charlieblue 8 Sep 2018 10:45 9 Sep 2018 0:18 Reply Please, next you are going to say that the world is really not an evil Demiurge that amuses itself by acting as an expectation shattering machine. Furthermore, doesn’t the fact that the obliquity of the ecliptic is almost 23, and that human cells have 23 pairs of chromosomes, and that Avogadro’s number is 6.0221415 * 10^23, and that 23 is the average of 22 and 24, and that 42 = 46 – 4, and that the Blonde Redhead have a song named 23, and that according to Annemarie Schimmel 23 is the only number from 1 to 40 that has no recorded numerological significance in any of the cultures she investigated, point to the universal significance of the so-called “23 enigma”? Even more furthermore, those really into the conspiratorial theories of number 23 should look into the strange fact that all presidents from Reagan to Bush II had either a first or middle name beginning with letter W. 20 21 Facebook | Pick 2 3 Share on Twitter Share Katikam Share on Facebook 8 Sep 2018 11:50 8 Sep 2018 11:13 | Pick Reply Share The tweeter cracked it with that tweet! 85000 likes for it, as opposed to her usual, which is 5. Stinks of a conspiracy to me. How do you get your tin foil hats through the scanner? Twitter Report Reason (optional) And more on “Blucifer” (from its Wikipedia article): “Blue Mustang, known to locals by the nickname Blucifer, is a cast-fiberglass sculpture of a mustang located at Denver International Airport. Colored bright blue, with illuminated glowing red eyes, it is notable both for its striking appearance and for having killed its creator Luis Jiménez when a section of it fell on him at his studio.” Yeah, that really is a spooky airport. Report Twitter Stope the body-shaming! Not everyone can be a cute, blonde, white girl with big… blue eyes conforming to a standard of beauty initiated and maintained by old, white, mosig… mysog… misogynous … Report 1 Report Reply Share Share on Facebook Facebook Share on Twitter | Pick SilekTuo99 … we have a small favour to ask. 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Show 6 more replies McNameeRing 7 Sep 2018 22:20 Share on Twitter Report It’s good that the airport director has a sense of humor.But still, those are some pretty strange murals…https://vigilantcitizen.com/sinistersites/sinister-sites-the-denver-international-airport/ | Pick 8 Sep 2018 9:00 Thomas1178 Share on Twitter Report Twitter Report Globe14 50 Twitter Share on Twitter Share on Twitter 5 6 Share on Twitter Facebook Report expanded Twitter Facebook Email (optional) | Pick | Pick Share on Twitter Reuse this content,View all comments > Share on Pinterest Reply WildIrish Share on Facebook 2 3 Share Twitter Share Reply Thomas1178 memeroots Reply Twitter … with secret handshakes! Share Share owell Katikam Share on Twitter bigbobcolorado Reply AnneNY Shotcricket | Pick Share on Twitter Hey Lizard, that’s not a reptile either! Facebook Share on Twitter ataylorusa One would have to leave the airport, or approach it, to know about Blucifer. Facebook | Pick Reply Twitter Facebook Emu Threat Shrimpandgrits Threads collapsed Share Facebook Share | Pick 3 Share 57 58 Share on Twitter Report next features 5 6 You can’t forget that that the demon horse also killed his maker, sculptur Luis Jiménez. I mean, it’s actually killed someone. Let them vote for Lord Buckethead. Reply Sorry there was an error. Please try again later. If the problem persists, please contact Userhelp Thomas1178 Shares705705 Sounds like DIA learned from Roswell, “Hey! we can distract from this bad thing that’s causing problems (gov radiation testing vs. overpriced broken luggage system) by playing it up as awesomely bad! (aliens vs. lizard people) Now we can make bonus $$ on tourists, even!” Facebook Share Share I know. Awful copy editing. The writer should have also known. “In fact, they’ve been put there by the airport as part of a new advertising campaign” Show 25 36 37 Opposing stupid idiots isn’t facism. It’s actually a benefit to humanity. | Pick wildirish: but, then, you know they are “behind” the New World Order and along with the Rothschilds and Queen Elizabeth II pretty much run the world……you gotta keep up with this stuff! bigbobcolorado Share on Facebook Share | Pick WildIrish Simpson9087 Share on Facebook Shrimpandgrits | Pick Twitter 0 1 Share Report Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share Twitter | Pick John Twentyfive 8 Sep 2018 15:33 Show 8 more replies Facebook 22 23 Angelaaaa Reply Facebook Reply 8 Sep 2018 4:12 Facebook Reply Facebook Smith1867 Share on Twitter 8 9 8 Sep 2018 2:27 Share on Facebook Shotcricket Share on Twitter owell 8 Sep 2018 23:30 | Pick Reply 14 15 Twitter Share on Twitter AnneNY Report water_moon Share on Twitter Share on Twitter Twitter Twitter Share on Facebook Share on Facebook Reply … What amazes me is how some people fail to understand they are in fact, being made fun of. Never let them vote again. Share on Twitter Report | Pick Since you’re here… Show 5 more replies We, the People of The Lizard, are mightily offended. Reply 5 6 Well, much more interesting than another Bank of America or McDonalds ad. Reply Facebook Share Tynvardo2 | Pick Report Report Share on Twitter Facebook View more comments Reply 3 4 | Pick Share Share on Facebook If he does well we could name a day after him. Share on Twitter WildIrish Share on Twitter 7 Sep 2018 22:51 8 Sep 2018 23:29 Share Twitter | Pick You make a good point. Tynvardo2 Facebook Share on Twitter Facebook https://pelzmann.smugmug.com/Colorado/Denver/i-NNB3s7J No lizard people here… Report Share Share One of them is in the White House… Share on Twitter Share Share on Facebook Twitter Share on Facebook Facebook Report Twitter Share on Twitter Just glad to meet another worshipper of the Sacred Banister! Angelaaaa Show 7 more replies Reply red1001 Reply 10 11 ” the airport got a new chief executive, Kim Day, who embraced the suspicion surrounding the airport. ” A bureaucrat with a sense of humor? Kim Day for President! Twitter Report Share 8 Sep 2018 10:57 Share Twitter | Pick Reply Reply Facebook Report Report Share on Twitter Reply cornflakes up the nose Share on Facebook | Pick Facebook CloudyAgain Share Share on Twitter ataylorusa Ha, that gargoyle looks like someone just lost his luggage… JonFredricks 23 24 | Pick Share Reply Twitter Share on Facebook 7 Sep 2018 20:14 Share Share on Twitter | Pick Share on Twitter Midwestern_Mountains 8 Sep 2018 0:20 Share Report Share on Facebook Facebook Share on Facebook Facebook Share on Facebook 7 Sep 2018 20:08 Why is Denver a “provincial city”? Or do you think only three or four cities in the world matter? Silly little comment…perhaps you think most cities somehow don’t “deserve” airports, based on your mysterious measurements, or especially don’t deserve nice or unique airports. Airports in NYC are overwhelmingly drab and poorly-designed, so NYC must be a provincial city. Oh, well… Are passengers left dying in the lounges, waiting for flights that never arrive or take off? I still remember the Blizzard of ’06 that hit Dec 20 meaning that passengers were stranded, and SO BADLY that it was national news to try to get several soldiers on leave home ON the 25th for Christmas. That was back before gofundme or Twitter so they were hoping to raise awareness or least cab fare, because you see even when the weather cleared and the airport re-opened it couldn’t clear the runways, so airlines we severally limited in the flights they could make and prioritized current traffic over trying to clear up the back log of passengers. After all those guys were already late and it wasn’t the airline’s fault, so the airlines weren’t held “responsible” for those late passengers, but bumping some one else off a flight or delaying another flight to clear out those trapped WOULD count against their “on time” stats. Several passengers were unable to get connecting flights out until Jan. 1. They were stuck in the airport for over a week, and while they didn’t die, I would be willing to say that’s broken. They fly for free in checked baggage. Reply 13 14 8 Sep 2018 9:00 9 10 Report Twitter Share on Facebook Loved this. I went through Denver airport once and didn’t notice any of this stuff, but I guess I was in a hurry to get my connecting flight. By the way: There is, to give the tinfoil hat crowd their due, lots that is fishy about DIA. The dedication stone, created for the airport’s opening, bares the logo of the freemasons … “bares” should be “bears” 8 Sep 2018 10:35 Share germini Report Shelldon Sam Wolfson McNameeRing Twitter a reptile head poking out of a suit 8 Sep 2018 0:19 5 6 Twitter Angelaaaa | Pick 20 21 3 4 Share on Facebook Share on Facebook newest Always keep your apple pie for the flight…it works everytime. 8 9 Twitter 4 5 Twitter Share As I sat there peeling off umpteen slices of Turkey See, if I were a Freemason and I was using this airport as my secret headquarters, I would tend NOT to put a Freemason symbol anywhere on it. Just a thought. Share on Twitter Share on Facebook | Pick Report Facebook Facebook Just how does the airport “not work as first advertised”? Are planes sitting on the runway, unable to take off because the airport “isn’t working”? Are passengers left dying in the lounges, waiting for flights that never arrive or take off? Are planes crashing into the mountains because they cannot land, or being diverted to some invisible island somewhere? I’ve been through the airport many times, my flights landed, connections made, planes departed. Seems to me it “worked”. Just what cost overruns do you refer to? Are they in excess of those experienced at other airport builds or updates? Why would CO landowners or bureaucrats be singled out as responsible for overruns…or even passengers, for that matter? Perhaps you’ve had too much of the distasteful ‘grits’. | Pick 3 4 charlieblue Shelldon Share on Facebook Share Share on Twitter Twitter Never let them vote again. Fascist. Share on Facebook Report Reply Thank you Facebook Air transport Denver Reply Facebook Share on Twitter Facebook | Pick Twitter It makes me wish I could go to Denver. Share on Twitter 8 Sep 2018 4:08 Share | Pick Share on Facebook Facebook Facebook heymac Share on Facebook Twitter | Pick Report erikus Twitter | Pick Share Share on Facebook trp981 Share Facebook WildIrish Report 8 Sep 2018 1:24 Always_Outraged | Pick 8 Sep 2018 18:29 Twitter The most interesting looking airport in the US, by a sky mile, which begs the question: who would put that much effort into an airport for a provincial city? There must a reason it doesn’t look like another Greyhound bus station. It has to be a front for something else. Share 16 17 Denver 2 3 Twitter | Pick Share on Facebook Share Twitter AnEvil | Pick 8 Sep 2018 11:11 Share on Facebook Facebook Ritcaa Share Show 1 more reply Facebook Twitter GreatAuntAnna Report Twitter Share 3 4 Twitter 5 6 But this is obviously the work of the Illuminatus who put up the “Secret Nuclear Bunker” direction sign in England. If we take a map and connect the locations … | Pick 14 15 JamesBadger Share 8 Sep 2018 14:36 Twitter Report Share on Twitter bushranga Share on Facebook Share Show 2 more replies Report | Pick Reply Share on Facebook Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Report 8 Sep 2018 21:36 9 Sep 2018 3:49 Share on Facebook | Pick JayThomas Reply Mongoose Jones All Reply Share red1001 Share on Facebook 8 Sep 2018 0:53 ‘Remodelling the lizard people’s lair’: Denver airport trolls conspiracy theorists Share on Twitter Share on Facebook WildIrish 8 Sep 2018 2:27 Reply This is so bogus. I can appreciate the tongue in cheek humor of this ad campaign. That airport is just a major freeway that everyone eventually travels through to get to anywhere. Thinking way back to 1995…I was on my way to San Diego to visit a dear friend in the Navy. I especially remember the walking. Lots and lots of walking. Nothing unusual there. Oh, but wait…somethings coming back to me..oh, yes…there was this deli…I bought a Turkey sandwich. I could not believe the ridiculous amount of Turkey in that sandwich. It was like 4 Turkey sandwiches in one. As I sat there peeling off umpteen slices of Turkey, I did say to myself, “Well, this is strange.” I’m guessing it was made for those underground lizard people? Of course! Twitter Reply 8 Sep 2018 16:19 Report Share on Facebook Craigy69 8 9 Pinterest Colorado Share on Facebook | Pick 7 8 Twitter That wasn’t turkey meat. … Twitter 8 Sep 2018 8:30 Share Share on Twitter Chennault1941 Twitter Share on Facebook That’s not a suit. Share Reply | Pick Reply Share on Twitter Facebook Facebook disillusionedYank Share on Twitter Facebook 6 7 Facebook Share on Twitter Share via Email 8 Sep 2018 8:40 SilekTuo99 It wasn’t open in 1995. Hadn’t been built yet First published on Fri 7 Sep 2018 06.00 EDT Share on Twitter It HAS to be! Twitter | Pick 8 Sep 2018 10:11 To be honest, as a scientist, you’d have to accept that some conspiracy theories are probably true. They’re not all going to be false. Twitter 25 | Pick 8 Sep 2018 2:33 Share If they all believe, surely it must be true. That mentality works for all the religions out there. ataylorusa Share Reply Please select Personal abuse Off topic Legal issue Trolling Hate speech Offensive/Threatening language Copyright Spam Other 8 Sep 2018 0:50 ClutterHater620 Report water_moon huge bunkers under the airport, allegedly created for an automated luggage system that malfunctioned when the airport opened, are in fact an underground lair for the “lizard people” Reply The entire airport had been built with this thing in mind, we’re talking about over a MILE between terminals and human handlers added so much time that airlines had to increase layover times. And, if you believe the pre-“failing NYT” from 2005, it was a major factor in United declaring bankruptcy, ie. the need to get out of their costly contract to use it when they NEVER did. https://www.nytimes.com/2005/08/27/us/denver-airport-saw-the-future-it-didnt-work.html 7 8 Share on Facebook Facebook Report Pinterest A photo of the dedication stone at Denver international airport, featured in an exhibition about conspiracy theories related to the airport. Photograph: Denver International Airport oldest ID2976474 Facebook Report JayThomas Report 2 8 Sep 2018 15:35 8 Sep 2018 15:28 Mongoose Jones 3 4 8 Sep 2018 2:27 9 10 Peter Boland AnneNY Smith1867 | Pick Share on Twitter 7 8 Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Report Share on Twitter Share on Messenger Twitter JayThomas Share on Twitter 5 6 Facebook Twitter comments (518)Sign in or create your Guardian account to join the discussion. 8 Sep 2018 5:37 Share on Twitter Twitter 8 Sep 2018 5:37 10 11 Share on Facebook Thomas1178 Facebook Reply JayThomas No they aren’t, the billionaire controlled media says so daily. The ultra rich want us all to be middle class so we can participate in the consumer economy. Besides, what motive could they possibly have to do such a thing? Even if they wanted to, who would have the means to actually do something like that? This is why we have government regulatory agencies, to prevent abuse of the system. Oh…. Wait. In light of events and trends of recent decades, I am inclined to believe you may be on to something here. 6acrewood Facebook Share charlieblue Why? This sounds like yet another misapplication and misunderstanding of the use of statistics. By your reckoning, some of the disgusting Trump’s lies must in fact be truths, simply because there are so many of them. Doesn’t work for him, doesn’t work for stupid, inane conspiracy BS. erikus 7 8 7 Sep 2018 20:22 Twitter Show 2 more replies Share on Twitter 11 12 8 Sep 2018 2:19 2 3 Facebook Reply Share on Twitter I would tend NOT to put a Freemason symbol anywhere on it. The forces the Freemason symbol invokes requires it to be in public view in order to hide themselves from the rest of us. It’s why they don’t look like lizards. Share Facebook Share on Twitter Twitter | Pick Twitter Report DepressedIntrovert Share on Twitter Twitter Share Reply Report Share on Facebook Share | Pick WildIrish | Pick Reply Report Share on Facebook 41 42 With the rising influence of billionaires and their wannabe President being used for evil on a colossal scale … I, for one, welcome our lizard overlords. Facebook Facebook I don’t know when you have been through DIA, but just because you haven’t encountered problems yourself, doesn’t mean it’s been all roses. As as for Share on Facebook Report | Pick GreatAuntAnna Share on Twitter Also shocked by the failure to mention Blucifer, the giant blue horse with glowing red eyes who guards the airport… he has his own Twitter (of course) @denverdoomhorse https://mobile.twitter.com/denverdoomhorse?lang=en 8 Sep 2018 23:23 Facebook Facebook I love Blucifer. My family always has a contest to be the first to spot Blucifer when we’re driving to the airport. Reply lizardpeople | Pick Facebook Show 24 more replies Twitter Share on Twitter Share on Facebook 7 Sep 2018 20:02 Jean Martin DonkeyLogic 3 4 GreatAuntAnna | Pick Reply Share on Twitter Reply Facebook Reply Kim Day? Report Share on Twitter Share Twitter 0 1 Share on Facebook Reply Share Reply Um, I think you may have missed whom the billionaires are serving. | Pick 2 3 | Pick 0 1 Reply Runningblade Facebook Share Share on Facebook 32 33 Share on Facebook Right now in America billionaires are conspiring to undermine and destroy public education (see today’s Guardian). They also conspired to keep wages low and transfer more money to themselves through tax cuts. With conspiracies like these, who needs lizard people? Facebook Report Share on Facebook | Pick Share on Facebook 7 Sep 2018 21:29 owell Facebook DepressedIntrovert Thomas1178 Report Report Share on Facebook | Pick 7 8 Share 3 4 Share on Twitter Share on Twitter Share 14 15 21 22 Share Reply Share So call me ignorant, but couldn’t the freemasons possibly have donated a large monetary sum. Hence the dedication? Freemasons aren’t a Conspiracy. They are an organization. Facebook Reply Facebook Reply Share on Facebook Twitter Reply well yes, but the writer probably did approach the airport since there are pictures in the article from it. | Pick Share Share on Facebook Report Share on Facebook Report Ted Markstein Reply | Pick Share on Facebook trp981 Share on Facebook | Pick Loading comments… Trouble loading? Great fun, worth coming back to again and again. However, not necessarily a source for the deep truths (ahem) I have revealed in my post. 7 Sep 2018 21:49 Report | Pick Report recommendations Facebook 34 35 Report 7 Sep 2018 23:04 5 6 8 Sep 2018 22:57 Reply | Pick There are also unusual murals in the airport, painted by the artist Leo Tanguma, which depict creepy images of manmade environmental destruction and genocide. They have been seized upon by conspiracy theorists, although they often neglect to mention that they are part of a four-part series, and the final two murals depict all of humanity coming together to live in harmony and peace.Other theories that have been touted include suggestions that the runways were arranged in the shape of a swastika and that unusual markings on the airport floor are satanic symbols. Another is the huge bunkers under the airport, allegedly created for an automated luggage system that malfunctioned when the airport opened, are in fact an underground lair for the “lizard people”.The theories have been passed around on conspiracy forums and YouTube for years, and were also the subject of an episode of Jesse Ventura’s Tru TV show Conspiracy Theory. In 2008, the airport got a new chief executive, Kim Day, who embraced the suspicion surrounding the airport. Day’s approach included an exhibition about the airport’s suspicious history, art exhibits that used Illuminati imagery, a conspiracy costume party and even a competition to win a trip underneath the airport, to examine its mysterious underground facilities.Now the airport is at it again: with construction taking place in the great hall, they’re playing up suggestions that something unearthly is going on. As well as the posters, there’s also a new web page called Den Files which includes bonus conspiracy theories like “the date of the airport’s dedication is March 19, 1994. And if you add those numbers together (1+9+1+9+9+4), you get 33 ­– the highest level one can achieve in Freemasonry.”Indeed, across YouTube, Google and social media, a majority of results in a search for Denver airport conspiracy theories contain content made by or in conjunction with the airport itself suggesting that while the conspiracy world may have moved on to other things, bosses are keen on the idea that there is more to DIA than being America’s fifth-busiest airport … Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share Always_Outraged 9 Sep 2018 2:42 7 Sep 2018 21:47 Report Twitter Share 8 Sep 2018 13:48 Share on Facebook The posters seem like some of the wackier outbursts of conspiracy theorist and Trump fanatic Alex Jones, hinting that the airport is part of some kind of satanic plot. In fact, they’ve been put there by the airport as part of a new advertising campaign, which plays up the fact that ever since it was opened in its current iteration in 1995, Denver international airport (DIA) has, for some reason, been the subject of conspiracy theories. 0 1 Show 10 more replies Report Facebook Reply There are several alien species living on Earth,I’m not sure if they hang out at the Denver airport though,it seems unlikely. Twitter He? Twitter 5 6 Share Now I’m intrigued. Where do they live? Facebook Reply lizardpeople Share on Facebook Facebook 8 Sep 2018 20:21 9 Sep 2018 2:33 1 Report Share on Facebook Twitter If you pass through the great hall of Denver airport in Colorado this weekend, you won’t fail to notice the huge amount of building work going on there. Or at least … it looks like building work.Large posters, placed on hoardings around the terminal, cast doubt on what’s really going on. One reads: “Construction? Or cover up?” and features Illuminati insignia on a yellow hard hat. Another shows a reptile head poking out of a suit and asks: “What are we doing?” It offers three potential answers, one of which is: “Remodelling the lizard people’s lair.” Facebook Share on Facebook 3 Facebook Facebook 36 37 water_moon Report Reply Report Article didn’t even mention the craziest thing about the airport. The bright blue sculpture of a stallion with glowing red demonic eyes located in the forecourt. The steed of the lizard people perhaps? 68 69 Share on Facebook 4 5last_img read more

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