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Weirdest uses of The Flashs powers

first_img Running on a Treadmill1/7The Flash can travel through time, which isn’t weird in and of itself for a DC character, but one of the methods that The Flash uses to travel through time is incredibly weird just because it still pops up in the DC comics universe from time to time. That device is called the Cosmic Treadmill and it is just what it says it is: a somehow magical treadmill that lets the user run fast enough to travel through time. It notably allowed Professor Zoom to come back from the future and when Flash killed Zoom pre-Crisis he used the Cosmic Treadmill to run to the future and marry a 30th Century version of Iris West. The Flash had run through time before the Cosmic Treadmill was introduced and – as we’ve seen on T.V. – the character can still mess with time without a Treadmill. So how is this Cosmic Treadmill still getting trotted out by speedsters to run through time?<><> Things in the DC universe are about to get all up in the Speed Force one way or another.The CW show The Flash starring Grant Gustin as Barry Allen premieres on October 4th with an episode called “Flashpoint” and the Ezra Miller DC Cinematic Barry Allen debuted this year with brief cameos in Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad before having a significant presence in the teaser for Zack Snyder’s still-in-production Justice League.At this point, everyone knows The Flash is the fastest man alive, but that isn’t his only power. Being fast and tapping into a fictional energy dimension called The Speed Force (the less we need to talk about it, the better) manifests itself in some weird ways. Here are the weirdest.last_img read more

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