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Martínez Munuera: “I offered to return to the Police”

first_img“I have room to exercise and over the years I have been buying sports equipment and gym machines. Also, here I have a 50 meter straight of synthetic grass and wonderful slopes to run on “, explained the referee.Regarding the date of the possible return to the competition, Martínez Munuera assured that the absolute priority must be “the health of everyone”.“Unfortunately this has had to happen for us to realize that neither the economy nor sport is the most important thing in the world. I would like to come back when normal life can be done, I don’t know when it will be“argued Martínez Munuera, who predicted a future scenario” in which we will all be very cautious and suspicious. “Martínez Munuera confessed the impact caused by seeing the beaches of Benidorm and its surroundings, usually full of tourists on these dates, “completely empty” and revealed that he fills up his free time after training “doing a little bit of everything”.“If the news is bad, it takes away from you. If you are a little better I encourage you to watch games and review the rules “, pointed out the Spanish referee, who added that he also usually checks “the hard drive” of the games he has led in the First Division.In this sense, Martínez Munuera said that the match review allows him “to maintain agility and then apply it to the VAR.” “Throwing back and forth, stopping, looking at the camera that gives you the best vision. Those things then help,” he explained. The Spanish referee of the First Division and Local Police on leave, Juan Martinez Munuera, affirmed to Efe that offered to return to his job at Finestrat to help control the pandemic caused by the coronavirus, although his superiors ruled out his reinstatement for family reasons.The Alicante college is confined to his residence in Finestrat, a town located a few kilometers from Benidorm, where also He has had a position in the Local Police for more than three decades. “Police and referee are not my jobs, they are my two passions. When the pandemic broke out, I offered to go back to my superiors, but it was not necessary. Our staff has not been diminished by the disease, but they know that they have me at their disposal at any time, “he explained.The Alicante referee indicated that his superiors also took into account not to accept his incorporation his current family situation, since his wife is only two months away from giving birth. “I have been a police officer since I was 19 years old and I did it precisely to help in situations like the one we are experiencing now,” he added.Martínez Munuera claimed to be living in confinement “as you can within the complexity”, although he admitted that his circumstances are different from those of other profession colleagues when living in a country house with a lot of land.last_img read more

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The Top 3 Reasons Why Buyers BUY

first_imgOver the past few weeks, I’ve posted a short series at OpenView Labs on the Sandler selling method based on a great conversation I had not long ago with GuruGanesha Khalsa. Ganesh is the CEO of the Sandler Training Institute of Virginia and considered one of the top authorities on the world of Sandler.In other words − dude knows a thing or two about sales.One excerpt from our conversation that I thought was kind of interesting came when Ganesh was telling me about the “3 Levels of Pain” that reps should look for during the qualification process. He said the big question that needs to get answered is, “Why are these people I’m sitting across from going to buy something from us?”He went on to explain that, in his view, there are only three primary reasons why people decide to purchase something. So without further ado, here are the top three reasons buyers buy, according to Ganesh.#1. They’re in trouble!“When people are in pain, they get to a certain threshold where that trouble is big enough that they’re willing to spend money to get out of trouble. We call that pain. You’re in enough pain, and we’ve all been there. You’ve got only one car and one job … the car breaks down, you’re in pain – you’ve got to fix it.”#2. The writing on the wall“The second reason people buy is they see pain coming and they want to avoid it. Remember Y2K? Nobody was even concerned. Then all of a sudden it becomes an issue, it’s on the universe’s radar screen, and everybody’s scared #$%&-less that if they don’t spend a bunch of money to prepare for this, they can get run over by a train!So that’s called fear of pain, that’s another big reason why people spend money. But it’s a little tougher to sell people on fear of pain than it is pain. When somebody’s bleeding profusely, they’ll spend money to stop the bleeding.  But if they’ve never bled before and you sell bandages, you’ll have to bring the future into the present and say, ‘Hey, let’s pretend you were bleeding profusely.’ They’ll just say I’ll call you when I start bleeding.”#3. What’s in it for me?“The third reason people buy is what I call gain. They see something out there and they start to believe, ‘Gee if I had that, I’d more successful, or more profitable, or more productive.’Pain is here and now. Fear and gain are both futures.”Each of these three reasons falls right in line with the Sandler qualification process. As Ganesh points out, it’s not just about identifying the trouble a customer is having, but also getting them to quantify the financial impact that trouble is causing for the business. If you can then ensure that customers themselves have a personal interest in solving the problem (i.e. gain), as Ganesh puts it, “the rest of the selling cycle is a hot knife through butter.”Do you agree with the reasons above? What else motivates someone to make a business purchase? Sound off below. AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to FacebookFacebookShare to TwitterTwitterShare to PrintPrintShare to EmailEmailShare to MoreAddThis1last_img read more

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