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Ramnarine blasts “careless” licensed firearm holders

first_imgIn light of climbing rates of gun related crimes, acting Police Commissioner David Ramnarine has expressed concern over the general disregard displayed by licensed firearm holders and is urging persons to display more caution in securing their weapons.During a press briefing on Friday, Ramnarine outlined that the carelessness recorded by licensed firearm holders resulting in weapons being stolen is rapidly climbing.“You were approved a licensed firearm for your personal safety and protection but in some of these instances, you don’t have to be a professor or someone with a masters degree to understand that this is really a serious matter in terms of the care, in terms of the level of responsibility exercised, which has resulted in the theft of these firearms,” the acting Top Cop stated.Acting Police Commissioner David RamnarineRamnarine further disclosed that from July up until recently, there have been nine cases in which firearms have been stolen from licensed holders. These, he added, includes seven .32 pistols, one shotgun and one 9mm pistol.According to the acting Police Commissioner, a recent analysis done by the Police Force has revealed that .32 pistols are most commonly used in armed robberies; that is, in 80 per cent of the armed robberies .32 pistols were used.This, he noted, comes against the backdrop of this particular calibre of weaponry being popular among those stolen over the past three months.Furthermore, Commissioner Ramnarine remarked that this situation should not persists since if those stolen firearms fall into the hands of criminal elements, it puts the lives of the populace in danger.“The irresponsible behaviour of persons who are expected to display a very high degree or level of personal discipline, particularly that they have permission to own and use a firearm, contributes not only to challenges that Police Officers face but contributes to the general endangerment of the society… (because) the firearms that are stolen are now in the hands of criminal elements,” he remarked.On the other hand, the Police Commissioner went on to outline some of the cases in which firearm holders carelessly lost their weapons. Most of the cases involved the licensed holders’ homes being broken into by bandits and the weapons stolen.However, Ramnarine explained that in those instances, proper measures were not undertaken by the firearm holders to secure the weapons in the homes. He noted in one particularly case, the licensed firearm holder left his gun on a vanity in his room wrapped in a cloth and went out. During this time, his home was broken into and the firearm stolen.Another case, the acting Commissioner highlighted, was one where the licensed holder went out of the country and failed to lodge the weapon with the Station as is required. As such, during a home invasion, the weapon was stolen.Moreover, Ramnarine outlined that there have been some other cases in which gross carelessness was exhibited by the firearm holders. One such instance saw a licensed holder from Georgetown who travelled to Berbice, had a few drinks and on his way back to town, felt sleepy, and decided to park his pick-up on the Plaisance Public Road, East Coast Demerara, to take a nap.“He woke up around 04:00h Sunday morning, discovers his cellphones gone and his firearm gone too. He’s lucky he wasn’t gone too,” the Commissioner stated.Another case, Ramnarine highlighted involved an armed security guard who was imbibing with some friends at a popular gas station on the East Coast of Demerara and got into a fight during which he was struck to the head and fell to the ground. This resulted in his firearm falling from his waist and it was picked up by an individual who was recently released from prison.The Police Commissioner continued that one stolen firearm is one too many on the streets, much less nine firearms in just three months. As such, he is calling on licensed firearm holders to exercise more caution and properly secure their weapons. (Vahnu Manickchand)last_img read more

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