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The Summer Blog: A-Level Results, Archives and Everything Else

first_imgHello! Over the past few days, you might have noticed that the site has been offline. This is because we are currently moving the archived articles from our old-style website to our new C24 site. We’re not finished yet; this will be an ongoing process which will continue for the next few weeks, but before term begins again, you will find a comprehensive Cherwell website up and running. For the moment, we apologise for the interruption to the normal order of things. We’ll keep you up to date with our progress. Throughout the summer, Cherwell24 hasn’t stopped. We’ve been continuing to bring you all of the latest updates on what’s going on in Oxford, covering major stories from the facebook scandal to the floods. Over the coming months we will continue to feed you information on what’s happening, you will see more bloggers appear, more features, more pictures, more videos and more updates.For any prospective freshers taking a look at the Cherwell24 site, good luck with the A-Level results you’ll be receiving later on today and we hope you receive the news you want.On the run up to term, we’ll be posting more details on how to get involved in Cherwell this next term. Cherwell24 – the online version of the newspaper – will be looking for writers, contributors, photographers and film team to name a few, so keep checking back. We’ll be at the freshers’ fair and will be organising some events of our own, but if you are thinking ahead and want to get in contact, we’d love to hear from you. To ask any questions, sign up to the website and leave a comment below, or alternatively send an e-mail to [email protected] with “C24 Michaelmas Term” as the subject and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.All the best,Fiona and LeahC24 Editorslast_img read more

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Plant-based diet may feed key gut microbes

first_img A reliable clock for your microbiome “Studying the interrelationship between the microbiome, diet and disease involves a lot of variables because people’s diets tend to be personalized and may change quite a bit over time,” explains Chan. “Two of the strengths of this trial are the number of participants and the detailed information we collected.”PREDICT 1 is an international collaboration to study links between diet, the microbiome, and biomarkers of cardiometabolic health. The researchers gathered microbiome sequence data, detailed long-term dietary information, and results of hundreds of cardiometabolic blood markers from just over 1,100 participants in the U.K. and the U.S.The researchers found that participants who ate a diet rich in healthy, plant-based foods were more likely to have high levels of specific gut microbes. The makeup of participants’ gut microbiomes was strongly associated with specific nutrients, foods, food groups, and general dietary indices (overall diet composition). The researchers also found robust microbiome-based biomarkers of obesity as well as markers for cardiovascular disease and impaired glucose tolerance.Epidemiologist Tim Spector of King’s College London, who started the PREDICT study, says: “When you eat, you’re not just nourishing your body, you’re feeding the trillions of microbes that live inside your gut.”For example, having a microbiome rich in Prevotella copri and Blastocystis species was associated with maintaining a favorable blood sugar level after a meal. Other species were linked to lower post-meal levels of blood fats and markers of inflammation. The trends they found were so consistent, the researchers believe that their microbiome data can be used to determine the risk of cardiometabolic disease among people who do not yet have symptoms, and possibly to prescribe a personalized diet designed specifically to improve someone’s health. Genetic oscillator records changes in microbiome growth patterns in vivo Microbes might manage your cholesterol A diet rich in healthy and plant-based foods is linked with the presence and abundance of certain gut microbes that are also associated with a lower risk of developing conditions such as obesity, Type 2 diabetes, and cardiovascular disease, according to recent results from a large-scale international study that was co–senior authored by Andrew T. Chan, from Harvard-affiliated Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH). The report appears in Nature Medicine.“This study demonstrates a clear association between specific microbial species in the gut, certain foods, and risk of some common diseases,” says Chan, a gastroenterologist, chief of the Clinical and Translational Epidemiology Unit at MGH, and professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School. “We hope to be able to use this information to help people avoid serious health problems by changing their diet to personalize their gut microbiome.”The PREDICT 1 (Personalized Responses to Dietary Composition Trial 1) metagenomic study analyzed detailed data on the composition of participants’ microbiomes, their dietary habits, and cardiometabolic blood biomarkers. The researchers found strong evidence that the microbiome is linked with specific foods and diets, and that, in turn, its composition is also associated with levels of metabolic biomarkers of disease. Further, the microbiome has a greater association with these markers than other factors, such as genetics. “When you eat, you’re not just nourishing your body, you’re feeding the trillions of microbes that live inside your gut.” — Tim Spector, King’s College London You are what you eat — and how you cook itcenter_img Research suggests gut microbes adapt quickly to changes in diet and preparation, particularly in starchy vegetables Researchers discover mysterious bacteria that break it down in the gut “We were surprised to see such large, clear groups of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ microbes emerging from our analysis,” says Nicola Segata, professor and principal investigator of the Computational Metagenomics Lab at the University of Trento, Italy, and coordinator of the analysis of the microbiome data in the study. “And it is intriguing to see that microbiologists know so little about many of these microbes that they are not even named yet.”Curtis Huttenhower, a co–senior author who co-directs the Harvard T.H. Chan Microbiome in Public Health Center, adds: “Both diet and the gut microbiome are highly personalized. PREDICT is one of the first studies to begin unraveling this complex molecular web at scale.”Francesco Asnicar and Sarah Berry are co–first authors of the study. Other collaborators were from health science company ZOE, which supported the research. Relatedlast_img read more

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Tokyo governor Koike cruises to second term

first_imgAs for the Olympics, she said, “the coronavirus infection is also the priority here as well”.”What can we do to host a safe and secure Games? How can we reduce its cost and simplify it? I wish to continue working on our coronavirus measures so that it will become reality,” she said.Her second term begins amid a growing weariness with the Olympics, as just over half of Tokyo’s residents do not think the Games should be held next year, according to a poll published late last month.The coronavirus also overshadowed Sunday’s voting with polling station staff donning masks, face shields and plastic gloves, while tape on the floor kept voters apart.Poll booths were sanitised after every use, and voters were urged to use hand sanitiser as they entered and exited.Koike’s main challengers were Kenji Utsunomiya, 73, a lawyer backed by the Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan and two other opposition parties, and Taro Yamamoto, 45, a former actor and leader of the anti-establishment party Reiwa Shinsengumi.The men were nationally recognised figures, but were no rivals to Koike, who campaigned online and did not mingle with supporters or give speeches to reduce infection risks. Koike originally won the governorship in a landslide vote in 2016, becoming Tokyo’s first female leader.She has been seen as a steady pair of hands during the coronavirus crisis, issuing frequent video messages — including in English, which is highly unusual for a Japanese politician.However, she fluffed her biggest political gamble in 2017 when she created a new “Party of Hope” that coalesced opposition to Abe’s all-powerful Liberal Democrats in the national election.This sparked speculation she would ditch her role as Tokyo governor to run for the prime minister.However, despite initially promising opinion polls, support imploded because of public confusion over her intentions.Topics : Many observers say her smooth performance during the coronavirus pandemic contrasted sharply with current PM Shinzo Abe, who critics say bungled Japan’s response.The postponed Olympics, due to open on July 23, 2021, was also a major theme of the campaign and Koike pledged to reduce the Games budget as organizers grapple with the unprecedented challenge of rescheduling the event.Koike gave an “online” victory speech in front of a limited number of journalists to minimise the risk of coronavirus infection.”The immediate issue at hand is the coronavirus,” Koike said, as Tokyo has seen more than 100 new cases a day recently — many from clusters in the city’s host and hostess clubs. Tokyo governor Yuriko Koike declared victory in Sunday’s vote to elect the leader of one of the world’s most populous cities and immediately vowed to step up the fight against a recent coronavirus resurgence.Major media exit polls suggested a landslide victory after voting stations closed at 8 p.m., as Koike shrugged off challenges from a wide range of candidates, many of whom were political novices.The 67-year-old media-savvy Koike is a rare top female leader in Japan’s male-dominated politics and is often mentioned as a possible prime minister.last_img read more

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Injury blow for Carrick

first_img Van Gaal mentioned at his unveiling press conference that Carrick had suffered an injury and would be out for “a long time, too long”. And the club later confirmed on Twitter: “Michael Carrick has had surgery this morning on his left ankle ligaments and will be out for 10-12 weeks.” Carrick will also miss United’s pre-season tour of the United States, where they will play friendlies against the Los Angeles Galaxy, Roma, Inter Milan and Real Madrid. News of his absence emerged when Van Gaal, unprompted, announced: “Michael Carrick was injured a day or two ago so that’s a big blow, because he is an experienced player.” The midfielder was left out of England’s World Cup squad this summer, but appears to be a key part of Van Gaal’s plans, with the Holland World Cup coach’s comments on the nature of “experience” painting him as an admirer of Carrick’s mindset as well as his technical skills. “You have to know that I’m not always convinced of the experience of players,” he said. “For example, a boy like Clarence Seedorf – he was 16 years old when I let him make his debut for Ajax, but he was sometimes more experienced than a player of 30 years old. “It’s very important that we have experienced players, but not only in age, not only in football, but also experience as human beings. “My philosophy is not only the football player but also in total – and then there are not so many ‘experienced’ players.” Carrick later Tweeted: “Well I’ve had better days….very frustrating but my race to get fit has started.” Press Associationcenter_img Manchester United midfielder Michael Carrick will miss up to the first three months of manager Louis van Gaal’s reign with an ankle injury.last_img read more

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MSC youth cricket academy opens

first_imgTHE Malteenoes Sports Club (MSC) youth cricket academy commenced yesterday at its Thomas Lands facility, with close to fifty participants during the first-day attendance. Coach Mark Harper during his opening remarks encouraged the participants to make full use of the six-day programme which is aimed at enhancing the talent of young and promising cricketers.The former national player also encouraged the youths to be disciplined and attentive since apart from the on-field action, a number of motivational lectures are planned as part of the programme.Among the aspects of the game that will be looked at are: hand/eye coordination, reflexes, agility and flexibility, balance, speed and the laws of cricket.Participants will also be involved in several matches during the programme which will help to test the skills, confidence and mental capabilities of players.The sessions run from 09:00hrs to 15:30hrs daily.last_img read more

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