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Back in India, a proud uncle and aunt admire Kamala Harris

first_imgKamala Harris’s late mother left her native India in 1960, but half a world away from Washington the uncle and aunt of the US vice-president hopeful follow her every move — and are very proud.Harris was born in California in 1964 to a Jamaican father, economics professor John Harris, and breast cancer specialist Shyamala Gopalan.She was the first black attorney general of California — the first woman to hold the post — and the first woman of South Asian heritage to be elected to the US Senate. Topics : He added that while Harris can’t speak Tamil, the language of the southern state of Tamil Nadu that the family comes from, “she can understand a little bit”.He believes the nomination of Kamala — her name meaning “lotus” in Tamil, as well as in Sanskrit and Hindi — is a “big deal” for Indian Americans.”So far they have only achieved high professional jobs, but this is one of the highest political jobs,” he said. Up since 4 am Harris’s aunt Sarala Gopalan, who still lives in the city her big sister left at 19 — Tamil Nadu’s capital Chennai, formerly Madras — said the entire family is “thrilled and happy”.”A friend of mine in the United States gave us the message at 4 am in the morning, and we have been up, since then,” Gopalan, a doctor, told news channel CNN-News18.”She is a person who never forgets her roots and believes in family values,” she told the Deccan Herald daily.”Even today she calls me ‘chithi’ and she has always been a caring person,” she said, using the Tamil word for a mother’s younger sister.And since Shyamala is no longer alive, “we will always be available for Kamala and (her sister) Maya”, she said.Besides her mother, Harris has said that a major influence was her maternal grandfather P.V. Gopalan — father of Shyamala, Balachandran, Sarala and another daughter, Mahalakshmi — a senior Indian civil servant.”He would take walks every morning along the beach with his buddies who were all retired government officials and they would talk about politics, about how corruption must be fought and about justice,” Harris said in a 2009 interview.”My grandfather was really one of my favorite people in my world.” Following her nomination on Tuesday as presidential hopeful Joe Biden’s running mate, the 55-year-old is now seeking to become the first female vice president of the United States.”There is no question about how happy we are,” Harris’s maternal uncle Balachandran Gopalan, an academic in the Indian capital New Delhi, told AFP on Wednesday.”She is a very committed personality — committed to public service and most importantly committed to common human decency,” he said.Shyamala would often bring her daughters to India, the uncle said, and when she died in 2009 Harris returned “to immerse her ashes in the Bay of Bengal”.last_img read more

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Trump lifts Turkey sanctions after deal

first_imgTrump said Turkey assured him that itwould halt fighting in the region and would make the recently agreed ceasefirepermanent.(BBC) WASHINGTON – President Donald Trumphas lifted the sanctions he imposed on Turkey last week over its offensiveagainst Kurdish fighters in northern Syria.      Turkey’s assault began after Trump’smove to withdraw the United States (US) troops from northern Syria earlier thismonth.  United States President Donald Trump on Wednesday said he will lift sanctions imposed on Turkey “unless something happens that we’re not happy with.” MILITARY TIMES The decision came after Russia agreedwith Turkey to deploy troops to extend a ceasefire along the Syrianborder.             center_img “The sanctions will be lifted unlesssomething happens that we’re not happy with,” Trump said on Wednesday. Turkey ordered the military operationagainst the Kurdish People’s Protection Units militia – which it considered aterrorist organization on Oct. 9 – days after the US withdrawal was announced. Trump was heavily criticized by bothDemocrats and Republicans for the abrupt military pullout, as the Kurdstargeted by Turkey had been key US allies in the fight against the IslamicState group in the region. last_img read more

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Mother seeking help to get daughter’s body for burial

first_imgA mother of three is seeking the help of the Region Two Administration to get the remains of her 16-year-old daughter, whose body is at the Onderneeming Funeral Home on the Essequibo Coast.The woman, Alva Smith of Phase Two, Onderneeming Sand Pit, Essequibo Coast, Region Two, has said her teen daughter Akeisha Smith died one week ago, but the Government Pathologist is yet to conduct a post-mortem on her body.She said her daughter had suffered from seizures, and died suddenly at their Onderneeming home on August 15.The grieving mother said she believes the seizures contributed to her daughter’s demise. She said the teen had gone to bed in good spirits on Tuesday night, but was discovered dead at about 07:30h the following morning. She said she realised that her daughter was dead when she attempted to wake her up but got noAlva Smithresponse.She said the Police were called in and the body was taken to the funeral home. According to the woman, on August 20, she visited the Suddie Police Station to enquire about the post mortem, but it was only then that the ranks informed the pathologist in Georgetown. She said she heard the pathologist telling the rank that, had he been informed earlier, the post mortem would have already been done. She said that she became worried about the state of her daughter’s body, since there has been constant power outage in the region.The woman has said she is very poor, and it is her daughter’s grandparents who will be taking care of funeral expenses. According to the woman, for religious purposes, the family is hoping to bury the teen before the nine-night service. The teen leaves to mourn her parents and three siblings.last_img read more

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