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Ice and ocean velocity in the Arctic marginal ice zone: Ice roughness and momentum transfer

first_imgThe interplay between sea ice concentration, sea ice roughness, ocean stratification, and momentum transfer to the ice and ocean is subject to seasonal and decadal variations that are crucial to understanding the present and future air-ice-ocean system in the Arctic. In this study, continuous observations in the Canada Basin from March through December 2014 were used to investigate spatial differences and temporal changes in under-ice roughness and momentum transfer as the ice cover evolved seasonally. Observations of wind, ice, and ocean properties from four clusters of drifting instrument systems were complemented by direct drill-hole measurements and instrumented overhead flights by NASA operation IceBridge in March, as well as satellite remote sensing imagery about the instrument clusters. Spatially, directly estimated ice-ocean drag coefficients varied by a factor of three with rougher ice associated with smaller multi-year ice floe sizes embedded within the first-year-ice/multi-year-ice conglomerate. Temporal differences in the ice-ocean drag coefficient of 20–30% were observed prior to the mixed layer shoaling in summer and were associated with ice concentrations falling below 100%. The ice-ocean drag coefficient parameterization was found to be invalid in September with low ice concentrations and small ice floe sizes. Maximum momentum transfer to the ice occurred for moderate ice concentrations, and transfer to the ocean for the lowest ice concentrations and shallowest stratification. Wind work and ocean work on the ice were the dominant terms in the kinetic energy budget of the ice throughout the melt season, consistent with free drift conditions. Overall, ice topography, ice concentration, and the shallow summer mixed layer all influenced mixed layer currents and the transfer of momentum within the air-ice-ocean system. The observed changes in momentum transfer show that care must be taken to determine appropriate parameterizations of momentum transfer, and imply that the future Arctic system could become increasingly seasonal.last_img read more

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Five Things We Learned from Emma Watson & Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Hamilton/Harry Potter Gabfest

first_imgEmma Watson & Lin-Manuel Miranda Lin-Manuel Miranda Hamilton Related Shows Star Filescenter_img View Comments In case you pulled a Thomas Jefferson and missed a few things, Hermione Granger U.N. Ambassador Emma Watson and Hamilton headliner Lin-Manuel Miranda recently hung out.In honor of HeForShe Arts Week,  Beauty and the Beast’s next Belle and the ten-dollar founding father discussed the gargantuan Great White Way hit, Harry Potter, gender equality and more. They obviously had the best time ever—as did we watching them geek out over each other.Want a revelation? Here are five takeaways from the awesome interview.1. Hamilton Is Basically Harry Potter”Structurally, I steal a little bit from Harry Potter, I have to tell you,” Miranda told Watson. “Hamilton meets Aaron Burr. And he says, ‘Aaron Burr. Help me. I want to be in this world.’ And Burr gives him the opposite advice of who he is. And then [Hamilton] meets his real friends: Mulligan, Lafayette and Laurens. It’s exactly Harry Potter meeting Draco Malfoy [before Ron and Hermione].” Look around, look around! How lucky we are to be alive in a world where Hamilton and Harry Potter fandom can coexist.2. Emma Watson Can Snap Like a Schuyler SisterWatson references “The Schuyler Sisters” when asking Miranda about women’s limited role in the history books—and pulls off the sassy gesture, to Miranda’s delight. Watson told Miranda she’s “been hyped for four months straight” since she’s seen the enormously popular production. Werk!3. Lin-Manuel Miranda Is a FeministYep, Miranda answered Watson’s blunt question affirmatively. He also supports the idea of gender-blind casting. “I think there’s going to be so many lady Hamiltons once this thing is in schools and regional productions,” he said. “It’s gonna go gender-blind into the world.”4. Only ONE Hogwarts House Per PersonWhile it’s tempting to give a detailed explanation of why one belongs in both Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff, Miranda and Harry Potter’s Watson say that’s cheating. “None of this half this, half this. You have to live in one house,” Miranda said as the two sorted the characters of Hamilton. (The title character got Gryffindor, obvs.)5. Emma Watson Can BeatboxSign Watson up for that gender-blind Hamilton cast. She can dance and drop a beat. Perhaps Hermione will make that Broadway bow she’s been eyeing? We hope so, and we want Miranda to co-star. We can’t get enough of these two. from $149.00last_img read more

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Embracing a multicultural path to innovation

first_img 1SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,Robert Trunzo Robert (Bob) N. Trunzo is the president and chief executive officer for CUNA Mutual Group, the leading provider of insurance and financial services to credit unions and their members. He … Web: https://www.cunamutual.com Details More than five years ago, CUNA Mutual Group recognized the importance of investing in diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I). So much so, in fact, that we made it one of our core values as a company. Today, as we look out into the market, we believe the biggest opportunity to better serve consumers for our collective credit union system – founded on the philosophy of people helping people  – is to embrace a multicultural path to innovation. Over the past 10 years, multicultural consumers accounted for 99 percent of U.S. population growth, and 61 percent of credit union growth. And digital technology is used by every consumer at some point in their research, buy, and service journey shaping their expectations of experience.At CUNA Mutual Group, we’re doing all we can to understand the many complexities of people’s identities that influence how they interact with financial services. Cultural background, attitudes, values, beliefs, priorities and more are all a basis for the insights our Multicultural Center of Expertise is applying when exploring consumer experiences and testing new financial services and solutions.Insights are drawn from significant analysis and research that concludes diversity matters to business performance. In fact, in every product line we’ve looked at – both credit union lending, savings and our own insurance – race and ethnicity have a dramatic impact on: how people think about products; who they look to for trusted advice; how they want to pay their bills; and which channels they prefer. African Americans, for example, respond to our life insurance offers at TWICE the rate of all other races and ethnicities in every income category.These findings support a compelling business and values case for what our credit union industry can do to better reach and serve diverse populations. Together, we have the potential to influence everything from images and language used in marketing materials to digital user interface, design and functionality. And, these insights can shape a full range of products and services made available to members.An essential part of our commitment to innovating through a multicultural lens is our larger responsibility for understanding and reflecting the markets we serve. This is why we’re focused on becoming more diverse, equitable and inclusive at CUNA Mutual Group. Multicultural teams simply make better business decisions and drive the kind of innovation that fosters meaningful connections and better service for all. That means we’re creating better products and member experiences; and credit unions, in turn, are driving better business performance. It’s why our Multicultural Center of Expertise and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion teams are sharing what we’re learning with credit unions.Leaning in and embracing the credit union movement’s 8th cooperative principle, diversity and inclusion, is the key to finding new, innovative ways to create long-lasting relationships with members. And, it’s core to our philosophy of people helping people.last_img read more

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