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Niewohner Construction Wins USACE Contract

first_imgThe U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Omaha District, awarded an $183,000 construction contract to repair the damages to the Pierce – North Branch Elkhorn River Right Bank levee system Wednesday.The Pierce levee system, damaged by the 2019 spring flooding, is approximately 2.5 miles long, running along the northern and western boundary of the City of Pierce, Nebraska.According to USACE, this system provides an increased level of flood risk management for over 550 structures and approximately 1,100 people.“This is the first of full rehabilitation projects to begin addressing damages to the smaller tributary systems throughout the Omaha District Area of Responsibility that were damaged during the 2019 spring flooding,” said Jeff Bohlken, Program Manager for the Omaha District Systems Restoration Team. “However, we are anticipating that we will have 5-10 more of the tributary projects ready for award within the next two months to continue these repair efforts.”The contract was awarded to Niewohner Construction of Onawa, Iowa, and the period of performance for the contact is 60 calendar days.The repairs will restore the levee system to its pre-flood condition.last_img read more

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Kephart, Bell win JAXfit 5K

first_imgBAR HARBOR — Some 160 runners competed in the JAXfit 5K on Saturday.Andrew Kephart, 31, was the first male finisher with a time of 19 minutes and 17 seconds. Rebecca Bell, 23, was the first female in 20:13.The following won their division:Female age 1-12: Lilah Kelmenson, 6, in 56:42.This is placeholder textThis is placeholder textMale age 1-12: Eric Baldwin, 11, in 23:54.Female age 13-19: Irene Neal, 17, in 22:18.Male age 13-19: Oliver Johnson, 15, in 19:18.Female age 20-29: Emma Anderson, 20, in 20:36.Male age 20-29: Matthew Loberg, 22, in 21:27.Female age 30-39: Tonya Worcester, 36, in 26:50.Male age 30-39: Jiayuan Shi, 31, in 20:58.Female age 40-49: Christa Brey, 41, in 25:41.Male age 40-49: Gareth Howell, 44, in 22:51.Female age 50-59: Lisa Kearns, 52, in 25:49.Male age 50-59: Mark Wanner, 51, in 21:52.Male age 60-69: Tony Santiago, 62, in 24:53.Female age 70-99: Joan Kleinman, 70, in 37:20.Male age 70-99: Allen Kleinman, 70, in 43:12.last_img read more

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All campus eateries now taking cards

first_imgThe days of waiting anxiously in line as students count out their coins at various campus eateries might now be over thanks to the recent implementation of credit card machines at venues around campus.Charge it · LiteraTea is the latest USC Hospitality venue to add credit card capabilities, after Café 84 added machines earlier this month. Hospitality hopes the increasing number of credit card machines around campus will make these venues more accessible. – Mike Lee | Daily Trojan The gradual implementation of credit card machines took another step forward last week with the addition of credit card capabilities to LiteraTea. Credit card machines were also added to Café 84 at the beginning of the month as part of a larger renovation to the facility.Director of USC Hospitality Kris Klinger said the new credit card option was added at these locations because of requests from students and faculty.“There were quite a few people who were questioning if we accepted credit cards,” Klinger said. He added that people would sometimes leave when they discovered that a certain location did not take credit cards.LiteraTea and Café 84 were two of the final steps in the gradual addition of credit card machines across campus, Klinger said. Trojan Grounds and The Lot added the option of paying with credit cards earlier this year.This was a gradual process, Klinger said, because of the amount of resources and money it takes to add new features to USC Hospitality facilities.“It’s about resources and getting them in place,” Klinger said, noting that registers are approximately $3,500 each, while credit card machines are about $500 each.Klinger said sales were already being affected by these changes.“The sales at both LiteraTea and [Café] 84 have increased since we brought in credit cards,” Klinger said. He noted, however, that the increase might also be a result of the new products that have been introduced, not just the new payment system.Despite the new credit card capabilities, Klinger said that most people still pay with their USCards because of the convenience of doing so and that both dining dollars and discretionary are by far the most popular payment method on campus.Across campus, the general consensus is that students are happy about the new option of paying with credit cards.Ann Austria, a junior majoring in communication, said she usually pays with her credit card or USCard and said she finds it a hassle when certain eating locations do not have the credit card payment option.“Sometimes I don’t have cash on me so I want to use my credit card,” Austria said. “Having to go to an ATM and getting cash and then going to go eat is sometimes an inconvenience.”Dan Darwish, a sophomore majoring in neuroscience, said he does not own a credit card but that most of his friends prefer paying by credit card to paying in cash.“Whenever I go with friends to places they always pay in credit card only,” Darwish said. “They don’t use a lot of cash.”Adriana Granados, a junior majoring in psychology, said her decision about where to eat on campus is often affected by whether or not the location takes credit card. Also, the speed with which the transaction is processed is very important to her.“There are places in The Lot where it takes forever to pay with credit card,” said Granados, adding that she prefers The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf because of its quick transaction time.last_img read more

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Old Oak regeneration ‘requires everyone to work together’ say QPR

first_imgQPR have responded to claims their plans for a sporting and leisure hub at Old Oak have been dealt a serious blow by Cargiant.The club’s owners want to transform the land between Scrubs Lane and Willesden Junction into an area to be known as New Queens Park which would include a 40,000-capacity arena where Rangers would play.The car supermarket company owns 45 acres of the proposed site, is a major local employer and must be relocated for the proposed regeneration of the area to go ahead.Cargiant have been assessing possible sites to relocate their current operation to but also say they are working on their own plans to develop Old Oak and that their proposals do not include a stadium for QPR.Talks between Rangers and Cargiant ended some time ago with both parties believing there was no basis for a partnership.A QPR spokesman said: “The future regeneration of Old Oak requires everyone to work together for the common good – the boroughs, the Mayor, landowners and the local community.“Our current consultation has so far attracted the views of over 1,000 local residents with over 80% in support of our stadium-led regeneration.“The future of Old Oak lies in the regeneration of the entire area and not the uncoordinated and piecemeal development of individual land holdings.”QPR have invited people to give their views on the future regeneration of Old Oak through the club’s consultation: www.new-queens-park.co.ukSee also:Rangers say public supports Old Oak plansFollow West London Sport on TwitterFind us on Facebooklast_img read more

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Behind the scenes: What led the Giants to Farhan Zaidi

first_imgSAN FRANCISCO–When the Giants opened their search for a “next-gen” front office visionary at the end of September, Dodgers general manager Farhan Zaidi quietly expressed concern about his chances of landing the position.“I thought I might be too old to be considered “next-gen,” Zaidi revealed with a laugh.In the moments following his introduction as the Giants’ president of baseball operations Wednesday, Zaidi –who will turn 42 on Sunday– circled a room full of reporters while cracking jokes …last_img

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Making South Africa truly modern

first_imgJP LandmanIn conversations, the same sentiment is repeated over and over, whether around the supper or breakfast table or when answering an opinion poll: South Africa is in decline. Eskom, xenophobia, crime, the poor economy, political uncertainty … we are going downhill fast. Many prefer to leave the country. Those in the know talk of a sixth wave of emigration. The first happened in 1948. The fifth wave occurred just before and after 1993.The mood is not about to lift miraculously either, it seems.Political uncertainty will remain for a year or more. Elections for a new dispensation are still months away. Afterwards, the newly elected still have to find their feet. To make matters worse, some of those elected may be found wanting.While political divide and confusion reign supreme, the world economy, like the local one, is slowing down.Can South Africa escape this sticky, despondent situation?The country experienced a major change in circumstances following 1994, leapfrogging from a traditional society to a modern one. Seen in context, this change is part of a much bigger picture, a much longer continuum.It started off slow enough. One hundred and fifty years after Jan van Riebeeck first set foot on South African soil “…the (Cape) Colony contained one town worthy of the name and five or six little villages,” writes CW de Kiewit in his classic 1941 work, A History of South Africa. Using the dry language of his economic-historical perspective, he paints a picture of the Cape becoming lame because of “deficieny in consumption, activity and animation” and how the Cape “built … its capital slowly”.South Africa really only emerged as a modern society with the discovery and mining of diamonds in the 1860s, and gold in the 1886s. And following this, the institutions which came about as a result of mining became the bedrock for modern South Africa. By comparison, Harvard University was established 200 years before South Africa got its first university college, and 16 years before van Riebeeck arrived in the Cape – a sobering thought.Modernisation was further stunted with the exclusion of black people from the process of participation. From the time that Cecil Rhodes passed the Glen Grey Act in 1894, it took exactly 100 years for South Africa to become democratic.Martin Meredith quotes Rhodes in his address to the Cape parliament, where he motivated the act as follows: “It must be brought home to them [black people] that in future nine-tenths of them will have to spend their lives in manual labour…”The country’s slow start and the economic exclusion of the majority have brought us to today. Our generation are left with three tasks: to establish a democracy which includes everyone; to build a modern economy whose growth exceeds that of the population; and address the enormous disparities by eroding the social imbalances which still exists among the previously disadvantaged.The two aforementioned tasks have largely been achieved. Despite showing only 3% economic growth this year, it remains higher than the population growth and is still more than the 1% with which we had to satisfy ourselves for almost two decades. But, other critical issues still need to be addressed – the attack on the judicial system should be averted, and economic growth needs to remain a political priority. Then, social development can follow.Seen in this light, the current pessimism is a good thing. It may be the cause of much disgruntlement, but it also creates the opportunity for creativity and energy.We hear of groups of citizens getting together, as was the case during the apartheid years, to discuss the state of affairs and the direction the country is going. Growing concern and general discontent with political parties are increasingly voiced.That’s how we will escape the sticky situation. We need to loose our naivety. Change will not come easy. To be truly modern is not just about suffrage, about easy reconciliations. What we have to behold is the enormous challenge of social development. And decide from what moral foundation we want to approach the current situation – and then live these values.Just maybe, a new generation is born out of this situation – a generation intent on making South Africa truly modern. A generation no longer crying over spilt milk.JP Landman is a self-employed political and trend analyst. He consults to SA largest private wealth business, BoE Private Clients, and works with several SA corporates on future scenario trends. His focus areas are trends in politics, economics and social capital.Among some of the unique research projects his consultancy has undertaken was the role of public institutions in battling corruption (quoted by the UN in a report on corruption), the interplay of demographics and economic growth, and an overview of trends around poverty alleviation in SA. Whilst working as an analyst on the JSE in the 1990s he was voted the top analyst in political trends.He is also a popular speaker who has addressed diverse audiences locally and internationally and enjoys consistently good ratings.He has a BA and LLB degrees from Stellenbosch (1978), studied Economics and Development Economics at Unisa (1979 and 1980) and later at Harvard (1998 and 2005), and obtained an MPhil in Future Studies (cum laude) from Stellenbosch (2003).last_img read more

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Itsy bitsy offers

first_imgPass over those winter blues for some sunshine yellow. Spice picks out the most sumptuous swimwear to smoke up the water this season.Shimmer when the ray of sun hits you in Fendi’s white monokini with silver-tone bead detailing.Embrace Grecian chic in La Perla’s violet asymmetrical one-shouldered bikini with a braided shoulder strap and all-over ruching. Simmer up for that spring fling.Be a bodacious beach bombshell in this eye-catching aqua ruched monokini from Aqua di Lara.Reign as princess of the seas in this sumptuous two piece swimsuit from Acqu di Lara’s Liquid collection to reveal your curves and hide that flab, strategically.This dangerously cut monokini from Emporio Armani is the only thing you need to take to Barbados. Along with your boyfriend, of course. But then if you wear this on the beach, chances are you’ll soon be sporting new ones.Heading for a soul vacation? Take this one-shoulder zebra-print swimsuit that has ruching through the front and back from Diane von Furstenberg’s Anisa collection.Sanchita Ajjampur’s two piece set in bright pink and lemon yellow from her Fables collection-an anthology of tales from ancient Indian, French, Hellenistic and Graeco-Roman heritage, which unfolds on a modern tapestry- is pure pop. Perfect for the le plage.last_img read more

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EKF: in-line board mount uninterruptible power supply

first_img Continue Reading Previous Understanding the real limits of current AI technologyNext Clientron to exhibit latest embedded computing solutions at embedded world 2019 EKF presents the SRU-UPS, a short time power backup solution housed on a 100x160mm2 Eurocard, suitable e.g. for CompactPCI Serial backplanes or other 19-inch based systems. Used in addition (in-line) to a PSU, it can be regarded as uninterruptible power supply. Under normal conditions the SRU-UPS bypasses the 12V power rail and charges the on-board Supercapacitors. When a power fail situation occurs, the SRU-UPS sustains regulated 12V/5A on its output for at least 14s, sufficient for a controlled shutdown without loss of data.The SRU-UPS is also a backup solution for short power failures. During normal operation, the input voltage is forwarded to the SRU-UPS output with a small loss of <0.3V. When the UPS detects an under-voltage condition (<11.5V) on its power input, output power will be generated by a DC/DC converter instead, derived from an array of on-board ultra-capacitors.The SRU-UPS is equipped with a PwrBlade backplane connector. EKF offers suitable CompactPCI Serial backplanes with two adjacent PwrBlade® slots for both a removable power supply and the SRU-UPS card.Share this:TwitterFacebookLinkedInMoreRedditTumblrPinterestWhatsAppSkypePocketTelegram Tags: Boards & Modules last_img read more

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