IPL 2017, KKR vs RCB Highlights: How Nathan Coulter-Nile, Chris Woakes condemned Bangalore to lowest-ever total

first_imgWhat an annihilation but this has been from Kolkata. If this was a Test match, Bangalore would have been beaten by an innings on Day 2. They have put up an abject batting performance to get bundled out for just 49 – the lowest total ever in the Indian T20 League. The fact that the top score for Bangalore was 9, that just sums up the dismal performance put up today. (POINTS TABLE | SCORECARD)Just four bowlers were required for the home side as they wrapped up the game inside ten overs. Never seen anything like this before, what domination. They didn’t have a par score on board but boy, how well did they bowl to get this win? This should boost their confidence big time. We did write about them taking inspiration from Mumbai but they just bettered then. Every bowler took wickets with Chris Woakes, Colin de Grandhomme and Nathan Coulter-Nile taking three wickets each.MATCH HIGHLIGHTS: Coulter-Nile: You have to come out steaming when you’re defending 130. I’ve had a bit of a problem with the no-balls recently. I was so pumped up, I wasn’t thinking about it. We’ve got some world-class spinners who didn’t even get a bowl today. The pitch suited us. So we just kept going and kept going. Got goosebumps a little bit, it was that loud. To wrestle back the winning momentum after the last game is a big thing.Nathan Coulter-Nile is the man-of-the-match. Gautam Gambhir: Very refreshing. Credit to the bowling attack, especially Coulter-Nile and Umesh for bowling quick. Not a lot of teams have pace like we have. Got three guys who can bowl over 140. The plan was to hit the deck hard and the plan worked. We didn’t bat well at all. After where we were in the first six, we should’ve got 170. We need to pull up our socks in the batting department. If you want to win the tournament, you need to bring your A game out in all departments. It was moving around, so I thought there was no point in using spin. The bowling department was very professional, I’ve not seen as impressive an effort from the bowling attack like I did today. The plan to the bowlers was simple ‘just use your pace and show to the world what you’ve got.’ A lot of opponents think we’re a chasing side. So if we win batting first, it gives us a lot of confidence. advertisementVirat Kohli: Our worst batting performance, it really hurts. After the kind of half that we had, we thought we could capitalise and chase it down. Reckless batting. I can’t say anything at the moment. It was that bad. This is just not acceptable. The sightscreen is very small here, one guy got up as the bowler was loading up, that distracted me. Still it wasn’t a big deal. That was just one down. Nine guys could have done the job. There’s nothing to review anything about the second half, it was that bad. We need to forget it and move forward. We’re a much better team. We got 200 plus in the last game. I’m sure everyone realises what they’ve done wrong. You have to come out, show intent and back yourselves. I’m sure we won’t bat like that again in the tournament. After the start they got, the spinners did well. Restricting to 130 was a good effort. We’re going back home for a couple of games. We’ve got back-to-back games, need to try and win those to get some momentum.BANGALORE INNINGS:RCB’s 49 is now the 10th lowest total in T20 history by any team.#KKRvRCB #IPL- Mohandas Menon (@mohanstatsman) April 23, 201723.24 IST: OUT! All over! What a win for Kolkata! De Grandhomme bowls it on a fullish length outside off, Chahal looks to drive but gets an outside edge. Manish Pandey at second slip takes a good diving catch to his left. What a performance, KOLKATA WIN BY 82 RUNS!Do I need to say anything?but that I love u all at the Eden Garden. Ami KKR?YAAAYYYYYY!!!!! pic.twitter.com/m6rjTFhOOl- Shah Rukh Khan (@iamsrk) April 23, 201723.20 IST: OUT! De Grandhomme removes Mills for 2. Another one bites the dust! Back of a length delivery outside off, Mills looks to go downtown but miscues it towards long off. Kuldeep Yadav runs to his right, comes in front and takes a fine catch. The home side need one more wicket to bowl out the tourists and if they do it, it will be a remarkable feat! RCB 48/9 in 9.1 overs. Yuzvendra Chahal is the last man in.advertisement23.14 IST: OUT! Woakes is having a gala time! Bowls a fuller length ball on middle and leg, Badree opts to stay back and looks to play it across but plays down the wrong line. Is rapped on the front pad and Kolkata go up in unison. The umpire has no hesitation in ruling it out. Badree needed to be on the front foot to play that but you can’t expect much from a tail-ender when your top order players have been caught in shallow waters. The visitors are falling apart like a pack of cards. RCB 44/8 in 8.3 overs. Time out signaled! Phew. We all need a bit of a break here. Sreenath Aravind comes out to bat.23.09 IST: OUT! Now Grandhomme strikes as Negi is out LBW for 2.De Grandhomme joins in the fun! Bowls a fullish delivery and gets it to swing back in. Negi looks to clip it across but misses to be pinged on the pad. There is a confident appeal from Kolkata and up goes the umpire’s finger. The hosts are three wickets away from a famous victory. RCB 42/7 in 7.3 overs. Tymal Mills is the new man in.23.05 IST: OUT! Woakes strikes! Bowls it on a good length in the corridor of uncertainty outside off, Binny pushes at it with minimal foot movement but gets a faint edge that flies towards Uthappa. He moves to his right and takes a regulation catch. This has been a terrific display of fast bowling from the home side. The visitors don’t have any clue about it. RCB 40/6 in 6.5 overs. Samuel Badree walks out to bat.23.01 IST: OUT! Woakes removes Gayle for 7. Bangalore are in dire straits now! They have lost half their side now and are going nowhere. Short of a length on off, Gayle looks to pull it across but miscues it towards wide mid off. Coulter-Nile runs to his right and grabs it. The crowd is up on its feet and Kolkata are on top. RCB 40/5 in 6.2 overs 22.59 IST: FOUR! Shortish outside off, Binny slaps it towards point. Pandey dives athletically to his left but fails to get a hand to it. That was struck hard. A brilliant Powerplay for the home side.22.57 IST: Two Leg byes! Gayle tucks this one towards square leg and ambles across to the other end. The fielder has a shy at the bowler’s end but misses. Kuldeep at mid on makes a mess of it and concedes an overthrow.22.56 IST: FOUR! Luck is favouring Gayle tonight! Short delivery outside off, Gayle goes for the mighty pull but gets a top edge that flies over the slip region and goes for a one bounce boundary.22.52 IST: FOUR! A bit streak but Binny will take it! Fuller length ball outside off, shaping away. Binny goes for the drive but gets it off the outer half behind point to earn himself for a boundary. A wicket and 4 runs from that over, terrific stuff from Coulter-Nile. RCB 28/4 in 5 oversadvertisement22.49 IST: OUT! Coulter-Nile removes Jadhav for 9. Coulter-Nile is running away with the show! On a length on leg stump, Jadhav looks to clip it through mid-wicket but is early into his stroke. Gets a leading edge that spoons towards Chris Woakes at mid on. He backpedals a bit and takes it safely with his fingers pointing upwards. The track is a bit sticky and Nathan is ruling the roost on it. Bangalore need 108 from 94 balls and are in all sorts of trouble. RCB 24/4 in 4.1 overs 22.47 IST: That’s an absolute jaffa from Umesh! Bowls a full length ball around the leg stump, Gayle clears his front leg and looks to work it across but the ball dips in to whiz past the leg stump. RCB 24/3 in 4 overs22.42 IST: FOUR! Shot! Fullish delivery outside off, Jadhav places it behind point for a boundary. RCB 22/3 in 3 overs22.41 IST: FOUR! Streaky runs! Fullish delivery outside off, Jadhav looks to carve it over point but gets a thick outside edge that flies over the slip region for a boundary.22.39 IST: OUT! Kolkata have got the big fish! Coulter-Nile bowls a shortish delivery well outside off, de Villiers attempts a pull across the line but ends up getting a top edge. The ball skies in the air towards Uthappa. He misjudges it a bit but keeps his nerves. Dives in front and pouches it safely. This is a big moment in the game. Nathan is turning the game on it’s head. RCB 12/3 in 2.3 overs. Kedar Jadhav comes out to bat.22.37 IST: FOUR! Easy pickings! Straying on the pads, de Villiers just helps it down to fine leg for a boundary.22.35 IST: On a good length and angling down leg, de Villiers looks to defend it to the leg side but misses to get rapped on the thigh pad. A loud appeal for an LBW but it is turned down. RCB 7/2 in 2 overs22.34 IST: FOUR! Pure timing! Fullish delivery in line of the stumps, de Villiers flicks it beautifully through mid-wicket and the ball whistles away to the fence. Great way to get off the mark. 22.32 IST: OUT! Umesh removes Mandeep Singh for 1. What a start for the home side! Short of a length and room on offer, Mandeep Singh looks to cash on it. Slashes at it but the ball flies straight towards Pandey at point. This time he takes it with much more conviction. Bangalore are in a bit of bother here. RCB 3/2 in 1.2 overs. AB de Villiers walks out to bat.22.32 IST: Umesh Yadav to bowl from the other end.22.27 IST: OUT! Kohli departs for a golden duck! Nicely bowled on a fuller length outside off at 143 clicks, swings away appreciably. Kohli reaches out to it, plays away from his body and drives it at loosely. Gets a thick outside edge that flies towards Manish Pandey at second slip. He moves to his right but fails to grab it in the first attempt. Recovers in time to take it cleanly the second time. Virat Kohli is livid and walks back disappointed. RCB 3/1 in 1 over. Mandeep Singh is the new man in. Three slip in place! This is Test cricket?22.24 IST: Free Hit time! Ouch.. that must have hurt! Banged in short and it’s climbing up on Gayle. He looks to power it through square leg but is hit on his left shoulder. Gambhir gets across from short leg and grabs it.22.24 IST: Coulter-Nile starts with a no-ball. Starts off with a full delivery outside off, Gayle points hi s bat skywards to allow it through. The replays show that Coulter-Nile overstepped on that occasion. Free Hit coming up.22.24 IST: Welcome back for the chase. Chris Gayle and Virat Kohli come out to open batting. Kolkata open the bowling with Nathan Coulter-Nile. There is a forward short leg in place for Gayle, Gambhir himself is under the lid.KOLKATA INNINGS:22.20 IST: For Bangalore, everything worked as they never Kolkata back in the game. Chahal was once again the pick of the bowlers taking 3/16. He was well backed up in the spin department by Badree and Negi who took 3 wickets between them. They will be confident of chasing this total down as this looks a below par total. We saw Mumbai defend a low score yesterday against Delhi, so will Kolkata emulate them? Or will we see Bangalore continue their good work today? Join us in a while for the chase.22.15 IST: What an effort from Bangalore! Kolkata were racing away after having asked to bat first and it looked like we might have a big score on the board. But once Sunil Narine who hit 17-ball 24, fell, the home side just collapsed. They went from 65 for 1 to 93 for 6. The lower order chipped in with the odd boundary to push the score past the 130-run mark. None of their batsmen applied themselves and Gautam Gambhir will be disappointed with the batting effort.22.13 IST: This is the first time a team has been bowled out batting first this season and only the third time KKR have done so batting first – the last time was in 2009.22.10 IST: OUT! Timber! Aravind angles a length ball on the stumps, Kuldeep comes down swinging at it and is beaten all ends up. The ball hits the timber and that is it. Kolkata have been bowled out for 131.22.02 IST: No hat-trick! Bowls it flatter on middle, Kuldeep sweeps it towards square leg.22.02 IST: Kuldeep Yadav comes out to bat. He is facing the hat-trick ball. Can he survive it?22.00 IST: OUT! Negi strikes again, removes Suryakumar for 15. Mills recovers in time! Shorter in length, Suryakumar looks to go back and swing it away. He gets a top edge which lobs towards short third man. Mills there takes it lightly and ends up fumbling it. The ball pops out but he recovers in time to take it with his left hand. KKR 125/8 in 17.4 overs 21.58 IST: OUT! Negi removes Coulter-Nile for 2. Good take, AB! Full outside off, Coulter-Nile looks to go over long off but has not hit it well. de Villiers in the deep takes a smart catch leaping up. He kept his balance well there. KKR 125/8 in 17.3 overs 21.52 IST: OUT! Mills removes Woakes for 18. Woakes holes out! Mills bowls it slower again, angling in, Woakes looks to go over mid-wicket but is beaten in the air. He checks his shot but the ball balloons towards deep mid-wicket. Mandeep Singh takes the catch in the deep and that is a crucial wicket for the visitors. Replays show Mandeep didn’t quite take it cleanly and because the ball rested on his chest while he attempted the catch, he managed to hold onto it. KKR 120/7 in 16.3 overs. Nathan Coulter-Nile walks out to bat. 21.48 IST: FOUR! Lovely shot! MIlls bowls full outside off, Woakes goes inside out over covers for a gorgeous boundary. Top shot, that.21.46 IST: FOUR! Top shot! He is known for these. Lands it outside off, Suryakumar gets down on his knee and sweeps it through backward square leg for a boundary. Chahal tried to cut it off going to his right from deep square leg but came second best.21.44 IST: Sreenath Aravind comes back on for a bowl. The umpires have decided to continue despite the drizzle. They will be hoping it is a passing shower.21.42 IST: FOUR! Top shot! Woakes opens up a touch, gets under this ball and lofts it wide of the long off fielder for a boundary. Vital hit taht!21.41 IST: Suryakumar drives it towards covers from his crease. That ends a top spell from Chahal, his figures read 4-0-16-3!21.37 IST: FOUR! Streaky! Shorter outside off, Woakes goes back to cut it. The ball goes off the edge down to third man for a boundary. KKR 98/6 in 13 overs21.32 IST: OUT!  Colin de Grandhomme departs as fast he came. ome poor batting display! Bowls it around off, Colin de Grandhomme comes forward to drive it through covers but gets an outside edge to Virat Kohli at first slip. That is a silly batting, you cannot come out of your ground if you are not picking the bowler. KKR:94/6 (12 overs) Chris Woakes comes out to bat.21.30 IST: OUT! Pandey hits it straight to Binny. andey throws it away! Low full toss on middle and leg, Manish Pandey looks to whip it away but finds Badree at short mid-wicket who takes a simple catch. This is a top period of play for the visitors and Kolkata are in deep trouble now.21.28 IST: FOUR! Pandey cuts and cuts late.Width from Badree, Pandey reaches out for it, opens the face of the bat and gets it past short third man for a boundary.  KKR:93/4 (11 overs)21.26 IST: Chahal ends a successful over. KKR:87/4 (10 overs)21.20 IST: OUT! Chahal foxes Yusuf Pathan. Pathan has been stumped only twice in his IPL career, both by Chahal. Brilliant piece of bowling by Chahal and he gets rewarded! Sees Pathan taking a couple of step down the track and fires it outside leg stump. Pathan looks to jam it to the leg side but gets beaten. Jadhav bends, grabs it well and flicks the bails off in a flash. Pathan makes his way back.Stumped down the leg! Yuzi outfoxes Pathan and gets his wicket. #KKR 82-4 #PlayBold #KKRvRCB pic.twitter.com/Ycb3Cie1wt- Royal Challengers (@RCBTweets) April 23, 201721.19 IST:  Things have gone awfully quite for KKR.  Six runs off the ninth over. KKR:79/3 (9)21.16 IST: Eight runs off Chahal’s first over. KKR: 73 /3 (8 overs)21.09 IST:  OUT! Uthappa has to walk. Samuel Badree is back. KKR: 68/3 (7 overs)Match 27. 6.2: WICKET! R Uthappa (11) is out, lbw Samuel Badree, 66/3 https://t.co/nmmEP2I6c6 #KKRvRCB- IndianPremierLeague (@IPL) April 23, 201721.08 IST: 150th match for Manish Pandey. 1?5?0?th T20 match for @im_manishpandey. Time for another classy innings ??? #DusKiDahaad #AmiKKR #KKRvRCB pic.twitter.com/7gtMKQOVRb- KolkataKnightRiders (@KKRiders) April 23, 201721.03 IST: OUT! Narine finds Chahal in the deep. Bangalore will be breathing a sigh of relief! Short delivery on leg stump, Narine gets up on his toes and pulls it uppishly towards deep square leg. Chahal stays composed out there and leaps to take a well-judged catch. The dangerman departs but not before playing a gem of a cameo. KKR:65/2 (6 overs)#Narine has given us a lightning ??start once again at Eden. #DusKiDahaad #AmiKKR #KKRvRCB pic.twitter.com/FBitC8o4oE- KolkataKnightRiders (@KKRiders) April 23, 201721.02 IST: FOUR! Narine is carving up RCB. Streaky runs! Fuller length ball well outside off, Narine reaches out for it and looks to drive it but gets a thick outside edge over backward point for a boundary.21.01 IST: FOUR! Uthappa greets Binny with a boundary. Pure timing! On a length angling into Uthappa. He clips it uppishly through mid-wicket and the ball whistles away to the boundary. This is a great wicket to bat on.21.00 IST: Just five runs off the fifth over. KKR: 56/1 (5 overs) 20.53 IST: FOUR! Robin Uthappa comes out and threads the ball through the mid off and mid on for a boundary.  KKR:52/1 (4 overs)FOUR! WHAT A SHOT! #Uthappa guides the ball past Mills and beats two diving fielders & it races to the boundary. #AmiKKR #KKRvRCB pic.twitter.com/vbY4oib188- KolkataKnightRiders (@KKRiders) April 23, 201720.52 IST: OUT! Gambhir has to walk after feathering the ball into Kedar Yadav’s hands. Good length delivery around off, Gambhir looks to dab it to third man but seems to have got an inside edge onto it. Kedar Jadhav bends and collects it safely. There is a loud appeal for caught behind but the umpire is unsure. He goes across to the square leg umpire and refers it upstairs. The replays show that the ball brushed his back thumb and went straight into the gloves of the keeper.Tymal strikes! Removes Gautam Gambhir in the 4th over, #KKR 52/1 (4) #PlayBold #KKRvRCB pic.twitter.com/NqcLEQzcjr- Royal Challengers (@RCBTweets) April 23, 201720.49 IST: FOUR! Wide from MIlls. 5 WIDES!Mills bowls this down the leg side & it beats #Narine as well as the keeper. #DusKiDahaad #AmiKKR #KKRvRCB- KolkataKnightRiders (@KKRiders) April 23, 201720.46 IST: FOUR and FOUR!! Narine is turning it on.Bang! Shortish delivery on off, Narine stands tall and flat-bats it over the bowler’s head for a rocketing boundary.Back-to-back boundaries! Shot! Back of a length outside off, Narine punches it hard through cover-point and the ball races to the fence. 14 from that over. KKR:39/0 (3 overs)After 3 overs, we are 3?9? / 0?.We are scoring at a run-rate of 1?3?. ??? https://t.co/XRBSC4y4Ad #DusKiDahaad #AmiKKR #KKRvRCB- KolkataKnightRiders (@KKRiders) April 23, 201720.45 IST: FOUR! Gambhir edges it fine. Streaky runs! Good length ball outside off, Gambhir looks to dab it through third man but gets an edge that lands short of Gayle at first slip. H fails to stop it and the ball races to the third man fence.20.43 IST: Narine, after scoring 60 runs in boundaries from the last match as well. 20.42 IST: Sreenath Aravind to ball the third over.20.38 IST: SIX! Gambhir guides it over the ropes. Innovative! Slower bouncer outside off, Gambhir reads it well and ramps it over the keeper’s head. Has got enough elevation on it to take it over the fence. KKR: 25/0 (2 overs)20.36 IST: Tymal Mills gets the second over.20.35 IST: SIX! Narine is definitely turning it on. SIX!#Narine attacking the ball again & hits the first maximum of the match. #DusKiDahaad #AmiKKR #KKRvRCB pic.twitter.com/0uC5zZmzAA- KolkataKnightRiders (@KKRiders) April 23, 2017How good is Narine! Seems like he was set before coming into bat. Uses his feet once again and smokes it over long on for a maximum. KKR: 18/0 (1 over)20.34 IST: FOUR! Three in a row from Narine. Floated outside off, Narine dances down the track and hits it hard over covers for back-to-back boundaries.20.33 IST: FOUR! No respect for Badree from Narine. Boom! He is in the mood. Uses his feet and clubs it over mid on and the ball races to the fence.20.32 IST: FOUR! Narine drives handsomely.  Narine is off the mark in style! Loopy ball outside off, Narine dances down the track and creams it through covers for a boundary.20.30 IST: Gambhir and Narine walk out with the bat for KKR. Samuel Badree takes the ball for the first over. 20.28 IST: Virat Kohli rings the bell at the Eden Gardens.20.18 IST: Changes are the flavor of the match. Kohli: We will bowl first. It’s a pretty good wicket, might be a bit tacky with the new ball, will look to exploit it. It’s a good chasing ground. Two changes. AB is back and Badree is back as well. They replace Shane Watson and Travis HeadGambhir: We would have loved to bowl first as well, but you can’t manage the toss. We will have to put up a good score on the baord and defend it. One change for us, Colin de Grandhomme replaces Shakib Al Hasan.Playing XIs: Kolkata Knight Riders: Gautam Gambhir(c), Sunil Narine, Robin Uthappa(w), Manish Pandey, Yusuf Pathan, Suryakumar Yadav, Colin de Grandhomme, Chris Woakes, Nathan Coulter-Nile, Umesh Yadav, Kuldeep YadavKKR XI: G Gambhir, R Uthappa, M Pandey, Y Pathan, S Yadav, C de Grandhomme, C Woakes, N Coulter-Nile, S Narine, U Yadav, K Yadav- IndianPremierLeague (@IPL) April 23, 2017Royal Challengers Bangalore: Chris Gayle, Virat Kohli(c), AB de Villiers, Kedar Jadhav(w), Mandeep Singh, Stuart Binny, Pawan Negi, Adam Milne, Sreenath Aravind, Samuel Badree, Yuzvendra ChahalWe make one change as Colin de Grandhomme returns to the playing XI and replaces Shakib Al Hasan. #DusKiDahaad #AmiKKR #KKRvRCB pic.twitter.com/rQQtiW0QWm- KolkataKnightRiders (@KKRiders) April 23, 2017RCB XI: C Gayle, V Kohli, AB de Villiers, K Jadhav, M Singh, S Binny, P Negi, T Mills, S Aravind, S Badree, Y Chahal- IndianPremierLeague (@IPL) April 23, 2017 20.17 IST: RCB win toss and elect to bowl first.The visitors have won the toss & we’ve been put into bat first. #DusKiDahaad #AmiKKR #KKRvRCB pic.twitter.com/Za78QYeLzW- KolkataKnightRiders (@KKRiders) April 23, 201720.06 IST: News coming in that the toss will be taking place at 8.15 PM, and the match to start at 8.30 PM. #IPL Match 27: @KKRiders vs. @RCBTweets – The toss will take place at 8:15 PM and the match will start at 8:30 PM #KKRvRCB pic.twitter.com/pfAjnmJXBv- IndianPremierLeague (@IPL) April 23, 201720.03 IST: We can still have a full 20-over game, with the cut-off time being set at 9 PM. 20.00 IST: Good news. The covers are coming off. #KKRvRCB Update: Good news, Knight Riders! ??? The covers are coming off! #DusKiDahaad #AmiKKR- KolkataKnightRiders (@KKRiders) April 23, 201719. 51 IST: The ground is still covered, with the umpires on the field inspecting the conditions. They are having a long talk with the ground staff.19.44 IST: The toss is just some time away.#KKRvRCB Update: Still some time away from toss as the covers are on the field. #DusKiDahaad #AmiKKR- KolkataKnightRiders (@KKRiders) April 23, 201719.43 IST: The rains have stopped and we should have a cracker of a game. #KKRvRCB Update: Loud cheer from the fans at Eden Gardens as the rain has stopped. ?? #DusKiDahaad #AmiKKR- KolkataKnightRiders (@KKRiders) April 23, 201719.39 IST: The covers are on and the players are off.#IPL Match 27 – @KKRiders vs. @RCBTweets: The toss has been delayed due to rain #KKRvRCB pic.twitter.com/0KP224CGbu- IndianPremierLeague (@IPL) April 23, 201719.36 IST: Crowd at the Eden Gardens will be hoping it is just  passing showers , as we have a mouth watering clash in store for us.  Come on @RCBTweets !! We can totally do this ????????????????? #RCBvKKR #PlayBold pic.twitter.com/9hH9Ka6oMJ- Sonu Jaswal (@Jagdeepjaswal) April 23, 201719.31 IST: Bad news coming from Eden Gardens, it has started raining. Toss has been delayed. #KKRvRCB Update: The toss at Eden Gardens has been delayed due to rain. #DusKiDahaad #AmiKKR- KolkataKnightRiders (@KKRiders) April 23, 201719.29 IST: Kings XI Punjab end their four match losing streak with 26 run win over Gujarat Lions. Match 26. It’s all over! Kings XI Punjab won by 26 runs https://t.co/7Y5dbSIBKq #GLvKXIP- IndianPremierLeague (@IPL) April 23, 2017#IPL Match 26: @lionsdenkxip 188/7 beat @TheGujaratLions 162/7 by 26 runs. Relive the game – https://t.co/Ey3yg47fxS #GLvKXIP pic.twitter.com/ATX9GbJ9C3- IndianPremierLeague (@IPL) April 23, 201719.16 IST: Both teams have faced each other 18 times, having equal spoils at nine each. 19.14 IST: Robin Uthappa will look to bat in usual manner. ‘The team requires me to bat at number 3 & I’ve taken that challenge’, says a buoyant @robbieuthappa. More: https://t.co/DHoF2Lr5cu #AmiKKR pic.twitter.com/nKcpFPt8Wt- KolkataKnightRiders (@KKRiders) April 23, 201719.00 IST: RCB bowlers will have their work cut out today.When it comes to ‘getting off to a flyer’, our Knights lead the pack!  https://t.co/p34HJGndIb #DusKiDahaad #AmiKKR #KKRvRCB pic.twitter.com/jZTCxE61t7- KolkataKnightRiders (@KKRiders) April 23, 201718.57 IST: Partners in crime on and off the field.#RCB’s top 2 are the first 2 to board the team bus! #PlayBold #KKRvRCB pic.twitter.com/lnUj2zmebL- Royal Challengers (@RCBTweets) April 23, 2017Partners on the field and off it! Spin twins Yuzvendra Chahal and Samuel Badree have boarded the team bus too! #PlayBold #KKRvRCB pic.twitter.com/qhOVA8N0Pq- Royal Challengers (@RCBTweets) April 23, 201718.56 IST: Bangalore players are on their way.Harshal, Watto, Head and Avesh are the last to get on the bus! #PlayBold #KKRvRCB pic.twitter.com/CHCtZU9kkS- Royal Challengers (@RCBTweets) April 23, 2017Brief Preview: Virat Kohli-led Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) will look to continue the momentum from their last outing when they take on Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) in an Indian Premier League (IPL) fixture at the Eden Gardens.A Chris Gayle hurricane (38-ball 77) coupled with Kohli’s 50-ball 64 guided RCB to their second win of the campaign against Gujarat Lions in their previous outing.Despite the absence of South African star AB de Villiers, the sought-after franchise toyed with their rivals bowling posting 213 to which Brendon McCullum (72 off 44 balls) staged a good fightback but eventually fell short by 21 runs.RCB are still languishing at third from bottom in the eight-team points table losing four of their six matches. Short of star power initially with the likes of Kohli and de Villiers not playing the first three and two matches respectively, the three-time runners-up were also ruffled by the iffy form of Australian all-rounder Shane Watson.Since the arrival of Kohli (against Mumbai Indians) and de Villiers (against Kings XI Punjab), their batting has looked the part though both the superstars ended on the losing side in their respective opening ties.Coming back from a shoulder injury he picked while captaining India against Australia in the four-match Test series, Kohli smashed 67 in his first game, while AB announced his arrival with an unbeaten 89 off just 46 deliveries. But triumphs have been hard to come by for RCB.last_img

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