Moroccan Delegation Visits Israel

Rabat – Israel’s Channel 1 has reported on the arrival of a Moroccan delegation in Israel to participate in a conference, kicked off Tuesday in Jerusalem.The goal of the conference  is to strengthen the bonds of friendship between Israel and Morocco.The visit of the delegation, consisting of doctors, human rights activists and journalists, has prompted several Arabic newspapers to publish rebukes, claiming that Morocco’s “normalization with Israel is still continuing.” In an interview with the Channel, Jewish Dr. Orna Baziz, one of the survivors of Agadir’s earthquake in 1960 and director of the conference, said that “the aim of the event is the linguistic and cultural integration [between Moroccans and Israelis].Baziz went on to introduce herself as a researcher of Moroccan affairs and spoke about the warm reception that she receives in Morocco, revealing that she had been born in Agadir.Regarding the Moroccan delegates, Baziz said, “We have invited people who were born in Morocco, including ten Muslims. Four persons directly departed from Morocco, in addition to poets and journalists will come from Madrid.”Baziz continued, “The design of the participation of Moroccan delegation is to gather together and suggest initiatives, since our conference includes sessions focus on brainstorming and activities that we can work on in the future.”This  is not the first time Moroccans have visited Isreal. In December 2016, Israel’s capital hosted seven Moroccan journalists “to improve the image of Israel in the Arab World.”

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