Gunmen invade home of elderly couple for the second time

The Police are on the hunt for five gunmen, who in the wee hours of Friday morning, invaded the home of the parents of television personality, Neaz Subhan.The invasion occurred just after 02:00h while 73-year-old Mohammed Subhan and his 84-year-old disabled wife, Khairool Subhan were asleep in their “A” Craig, East Bank Demerara (EBD) home.Inews understand that while asleep in the two-storey concrete building, Mohammed Subhan was awakened by one of the armed perpetrators who demanded cash and valuables.However, after the duo failed to complied, the men proceeded to ransack the said room but were only able to escape with a 32” flat screen television valued $70,000.The stand from where the TV was removedWhen contacted, Neaz Subhan detailed what transpired. He explained that his father was awakened and a gun was placed to his head by one of the perpretartors who commanded him not to scream.Subhan told this online publication that his father proceeded to beg for his life, pleading with the gunman not to hurt him.However, the men, two of whom were actually seen to be armed, proceeded to ransack the room and it was then that they removed the television and a cell phone.Subhan disclosed that while the men were still in the house, he received a call from his father who told him what was occurring.“I quickly placed a call to 911 but was placed on hold and later given a number to contact the Grove Police Station” Subhan revealed in dismay.He further reported that when the said number given to him by the 911 operator was called; it was not that of the Grove Police Station but rather belonged to the Providence Police Station.“When I finally received a number and contacted Grove, I was told that they cannot provide assistance as only two Officers were at the time available” Subhan said.As such, the Brickdam Police Station had to be called and it was only then that assistance was provided.According to Subhan, he was told by the ranks that responded that four other persons in streets within the said village were also robbed prior to and following the robbery of his parents.This is the second robbery carried out on the elderly couple, the first of which occurred in July of 2017.In that incident, the house was invaded at around 04:00h. It was reported that Mohammed was again awakened by noises emanating from outside the said bedroom.Upon inspections, Subhan saw a crowbar which was stuck by his bedroom door, as a robber made efforts to pull out the bolts to gain entry into their room.Subhan immediately called for assistance from his son who resides in Diamond, East Bank Demerara.The younger Subhan quickly contacted police and when he arrived at his parents’ home, the law enforcement officials were already combing the area.Upon inspection, the lower flat of the couple’s house was completely ransacked and a bag reportedly belonging to the robber was found in the yard with several carpentry tools.However in that incident, no one was ever apprehended.The Police are currently investigating this current attack and reportedly have a number of suspects. (Kizzy Coleman) Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedBandits break into home of elderly couple, parents of Neaz SubhanJuly 21, 2017In “Crime”Lusignan Massacre victims remembered; AG warns families of those who politicise the crimeJanuary 27, 2015In “Politics”Gov’t Spokesman urges state media top brass to ‘follow Neaz Subhan’June 5, 2015In “Politics”

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