Amazon orders E Ink color displays for Kindle

first_imgWhen Amazon launched the Kindle Fire tablet, it put a question mark over what will happen to the Kindle eBook reader in future. Will Amazon continue to offer the thinner, book-only device, or will it eventually be replaced by the Kindle Fire offering a full tablet experience along side book reading features?According to the Economic Daily News (EPD) Chinese newspaper, the Kindle is definitely sticking around and will get an update later this year with a color display.EPD believes that E Ink Holdings has received an order from Amazon for 6-inch color E Ink displays. Those screens will begin shipping to Amazon no later than March, suggesting we could see a Kindle refresh around the middle of the year. It’s no small order either, with 3 million displays shipping every month going forward.The most recent update to the Kindle range saw the keyboard removed, a touchscreen option added, and the device shrink in size. Adding a 6-inch color screen to the line-up shouldn’t change the form factor at all, but it will open Kindle up to more material, for example, comics, magazines, newspapers, and textbooks. It’s important to point out that a color E Ink display would not turn the Kindle into a tablet device. E Ink displays, color or not, do not enjoy the refresh rates of an LCD touchscreen. However, they used very little power so you can go months before a recharge is required, and the screen technology allows them to be read in direct sunlight.The display that Amazon has most likely ordered from E Ink is called Triton. It combines the 16-level monochrome display used in the existing Kindles with the ability to display 4,096 colors. Resolution is 200dpi or higher, screen refresh times range from 120-980ms depending on the content, and the display film is just 1.2mm thick. via DigiTimeslast_img

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