Valve releases Source Filmmaker into beta

first_imgEarlier this month we reported that Valve had licensed its Source game engine for use in an animated movie. It made a lot of sense in terms of saving money as the Source engine is a very capable piece of software with the ability to produce movie-quality visuals.Well, it turns out Valve had much bigger plans than just licensing the engine for a single movie project. Today, they have launched into beta a new set of tools for anyone to animate, create high-quality posters, and produce movies with. It’s called the Source Filmmaker.If you’ve played any Source engine Valve games in the past several years then you’ve witnessed some of the cutscenes they include. The animators and filmmakers working at Valve used those pieces of work as a technology test for a storytelling tool they were building within the Source engine. 50 shorts later, that tool has been perfected and is what we will all have the opportunity to use under the name of Source Filmmaker.Valve has decided to open up access to Filmmaker because it realizes gamers want to do more than just play games. They can already create their own levels and add their own gameplay, but with an animation and storytelling toolset they can now surround the game they create with story and progression shorts.The features on offer within Source Filmmaker are pretty impressive. Valve boasts they have the complete toolset of a typical animation studio condensed down on to a single PC. That includes the ability to edit 3D scenes on the fly, modify existing animations, as well as add completely new ones. Once your action is setup, you can light a scene and then position the cameras as you see fit. Then just keep on tweaking until you have the perfect short.It’s not just about character animation, though. Valve has implemented a GPU-accelerated facial animation system so characters can show emotion. On top of that their is a feature-film quality lip-syncing solution, meaning when your actors talk, it’s all going to match up perfectly.As a toolset it certainly has the potential to add a whole new level of detail to what gamers can achieve within Valve’s own games, but also offers an opportunity for budding animators and movie makers to get their hands dirty with a professional toolset completely free.Source Filmmaker has just entered beta and you can sign up for a free invite by following the link below.Read more at Source Filmmakerlast_img

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