Employees at the Pentagon are told not to look at porn on

first_imgEvery employee knows not to look at naughty or inappropriate things at work. You’d think the important employees at the Pentagon would be the last people to do such a thing.Apparently, that’s not the case, the Executive Director of the Missile Defense Agency, John James Jr., sent out a memo to the government workers explaining they should not look at porn sites or send emails containing pornographic or sexual images. Not only does taking part in such activities mean that employees aren’t doing their jobs properly and makes them look extremely unprofessional, it’s a violation of DoD and federal regulations!More importantly, such activities could cause a security breach as porn websites can carry malware, viruses, and malicious code. If one computer got infected, it could spread to the entire network which could cause a number of problems for the MDA including theft of secret data (though most of the super secret stuff probably isn’t on networked machines).If employees violate these rules after the warning they would face disciplinary action which could likely end with them losing their job. The memo was written in response to a few employees who downloaded material from websites with viruses and malware issues, so this isn’t just about keeping the workplace free of smut.According to a government cybersecurity specialist, foreign intelligent services infect pornographic websites with harmful viruses and malware in order to harvest sensitive data from government computer networks.Naturally, it’s not only porn sites that could contain harmful materials, really Missile Defense Agency employees should not download any materials or visit websites they don’t need for their work. The fact that they are compromising the governments security at all is embarrassing and hopefully this warning will teach employees to keep such habits left at home.via Bloomberglast_img

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