Capy Games Below has a beautiful trailer roguelike gameplay

first_imgIf you’re not familiar with Capy Games (aka Capybara Games) then your gaming life isn’t everything that it can be. These guys worked on iOS sensation Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP, DS great Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes, and Sound Shapes, which is still one of the main reasons to get a Vita. Their next game, which was announced at E3 2013 this week is Below.During the Microsoft E3 keynote on Monday Below was briefly mentioned, but the quality wasn’t great and the game didn’t really stand out. In fact, this is all our reporter caught about it:New game, Below, top-down perspective of actioning and puzzling it seems. Very, very zoomed out. Difficult to tell what is going on. Color us intrigued! And intrigued we are, especially after having seen this trailer…It turns out that Below is going to be a modern day rogue-like published by Microsoft for the Xbox One. It’s an atmospheric adventure game with skill-based combat. And, in the vein of SB:S&SEP, there will be nothing in the way of hints, dialogue, or text. Past that, it’s looking like the game will be an Xbox One exclusive (at least initially) and it’s going to be difficult. Below has been described by its creators as being “brutal” but fair.We don’t know too much else, but it’s been confirmed that the excellent Jim Guthrie, is back for the music, which is very good news. (If you haven’t picked up the Sword & Sworcery LP you are very much missing out.)last_img

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