GTA Vs beautiful ingame world captured in timelapse

first_imgThe scale and beauty of modern video games is staggering when you look at the state of things just a few years ago. There is more to see in these virtual worlds than ever before, and this video from YouTube’s The Despicable Channel illustrates that fact perfectly. It’s a time-lapse montage created from photos of various landscapes and streets, but none of it is real — it was all captured in Grand Theft Auto V.It took a full day to assemble from raw footage of the game, but it looks remarkably realistic. Rockstar should probably take as much credit for that as The Despicable Channel — you would think a time-lapse of a video game would expose some repetitiveness or flaws in the engine, but it looks remarkably normal. You might even think for a moment that the video is real as it starts.There are so many little details that Rockstar got right in this game,that you might never take note of watching it play out at normal speed. Look at the way people walk around, for example. They don’t follow the same paths or stop in the same places. The waves are also believable and non-repetitive as the tides ebb and flow. The wind even vibrates the power lines in GTA V.The hardware running GTA V is nearly a decade old right now. If a dedicated developer can make a huge game that looks this real now, what’s going to happen with next generation gaming hardware in the PS4 and Xbox One?last_img

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