Work Out Like Cap With Hayabusas New Marvel Line

first_img ‘Ring Fit Adventure’ Is a Nintendo Switch Exercise RPGGeek Pick: Withings Move Is an Intro to Fitness Wearables Here’s a fun fact from me, your good friend who loves to ruin the things you love: You know that legendary scene in The Avengers where Nick Fury approaches Captain America in a grimy boxing gym? The scene where Cap is basically working through a powder keg of PTSD on a heavy bag, and then punches it clean off the hook? Man, what a great scene that is, but it’s immediately ruined if you know anything about boxing. Dude’s form is so bad, y’all. His stance is all wrong and his feet seem to be planted when he should be on his toes, moving way looser, and punching from his legs and hips, not shoulders.It’s fine. It’s a big, loud superhero movie, I’m not here to say it’s a bad movie because Chris Evans didn’t learn to move like Anthony Joshua before filming. Plus, everything turned out fine by the time Captain America: The Winter Soldier came around. The Russo Brothers are at their best when filming tight, close-quarters fight sequences and the martial arts on display in that movie are exceptional. Evans’ martial arts abilities had skyrocketed by then and he even takes on a villain (WHERE MY BATROC CREW AT?!) played by UFC legend (and recent retiree) Georges St. Pierre. St. Pierre is a legend of the Octagon and a longtime user of Hayabusa fight gear.Does this seem like it’s going nowhere? Don’t worry, I’m about to bring it full-circle like the LOST finale. This week, Hayabusa has announced a partnership with Marvel to create top-of-the-line fight gear inspired by some of the greatest superheroes in the world. St. Pierre, both a legendary fighter and an MCU alum is, appropriate, the spokesman for the line. The Marvel Hero Elite Series is now available for preorder.The best boxing gloves in any universe are here.Begin your origin story.Limited edition. Pre-order today.— Hayabusa (@hayabusacombat) February 19, 2019Hayabusa’s first wave of Marvel gear is largely glove-centric, featuring a number of new colorways and iterations of their current T3 model. First, a bit about the T3 (which is, for the record, my go-to glove for boxing and Muay Thai): these gloves are made from a synthetic leather and come in a variety of sizes. Their most notable feature is the double-wristlock strap system, which features two wrist straps that overlay to provide some of the best wrist support in the game. This is crucial and will pay off if you’re a longtime martial artist or if you’re just getting started and your wrists haven’t acclimated to hitting a heavy bag yet. The gloves are durable as heck and hold up great through bag work, mitt work, and sparring alike.The real draw here though is the different colorways. The first wave features gloves inspired by Captain America, Iron Man, Captain Marvel, Black Panther, and The Punisher. These aren’t subtle homages, either. The Cap gloves feature big, loud imprints of his classic shield while the Captain Marvel gloves feature the emblem made famous by Jamie McKelvie’s redesign of Carol Danvers’ costume. Black Panther’s look like a natural extension of his vibranium armor and each of the gloves on The Punisher’s feature half of his logo, forming the whole thing when you hold them together.Hayabusa Limited Edition Marvel Hero Elite Series Captain America Boxing Gloves (Photo Credit: Hayabusa)The line also features Brazilian jiu-jitsu Punisher gear, including rash guards, fight shorts, and a gi. There aren’t currently any other superheroes lined up for the BJJ category but I’ve got a feeling that’ll change if these do well — which they’re going to, by the way.These are some of the coolest boxing gloves and pieces of fight gear you’re likely to come across today. The price tag on the gloves may seem a bit high for those looking to get into training but personally, I’d advise that boxing gloves are meant to keep you from hurting yourself and the people around you. The T3 is absolutely worth the price tag alone and these happen to come with way cooler paint jobs than you’ll find in any other boxing line.Hayabusa Limited Edition Marvel Hero Elite Series Punisher Rash Guard (Photo Credit: Hayabusa)A big goal of the Hero Elite initiative is to encourage fans of the world of Marvel to begin their own “origin story” through fitness. I’m sure I don’t need to tell y’all that exercise and hitting the gym is the first step in a happier and healthier life and hey, personally, I’ll attest to boxing being one of the best forms of it. I’m no fitness savant — I’m a guy who spends most of his day at his desk writing about movies and comics. But boxing every week over the last couple of years has helped me mitigate stress and anxiety and gotten me in better shape than I’ve ever been. Plus it’s fun to watch MCU movies and now be able to recognize when certain disciplines or techniques are utilized (I yelped when Thanos threw a legit Muay Thai knee when fighting the Hulk in Infinity War). It is, sorry to utilize a cliche, the best way to feel like a superhero.That you can now feel like a superhero at boxing class and look the part too is incredibly rad. Don’t miss out on the Hayabusa Marvel Hero Elite Series.More on Sneakers Your Favorite DC Superhero Would WearBest Nerdy Fitness Gear to Rep Your Fandom at the Gym10 Best Geeky Sneakers of 2018 Stay on targetlast_img

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