Local animal law required release of a pit bull that killed a

first_imgNo one from the Humane Society for Southwest Washington knows how a pit bull named Jane made her way to Vancouver or where she is now. Clark County Animal Protection and Control doesn’t know, either.Neither does Maria Gonzalez. But she remembers the grim day at her daughter’s house when she heard agitated barking from the backyard and saw Jane’s teeth clenching Princess, the family’s pet Chihuahua. She also remembers Galaxy, the family’s other Chihuahua, futilely biting and barking at the strange dog.Gonzalez said the pit bull released Princess after she called Galaxy, who was hesitant to leave her wounded companion, to come inside. The pit bull turned to Galaxy as she made her retreat, and Gonzalez slammed the house’s sliding glass door on the pursuing dog’s nose. With the door shut, the snarling pit bull took a running start and slammed against the door so hard, Gonzalez said, she worried it would shatter.“It was almost like she wanted to attack anything that was smaller,” recalled Gonzalez, with her daughter, Ana Govea, translating from Spanish.That afternoon, Nov. 4, Gonzalez said, she was watching her grandsons and a friend’s baby. She rushed the kids into a bedroom and locked Galaxy in a kennel and stowed it in the laundry room. The frantic pit bull continued charging the glass door and running around the backyard, leaping at the window of the room where she’d put the children, she said.When the police arrived, Princess was already dead or dying in the backyard. The pit bull had calmed down and was happily playing with a soccer ball in the family’s front yard. Her mouth and neck were marked with blood.last_img

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