Vancouver woman diagnosed with ovarian cancer wants others to know signs

first_imgTeri Giangreco didn’t know the signs of ovarian cancer until she was sitting in her new gynecologic oncologist’s office discussing her stage 3 ovarian cancer diagnosis.A poster on the wall listed the four warning signs: bloating, feeling of fullness, pelvic pain and frequent need to urinate.“We can justify them to be anything,” Giangreco said.That’s what she had done.Giangreco, 70, started noticing some mild stomach issues in November — an upset stomach one day, constipation another. Nothing she gave much thought. By December, the problems became more frequent, but she shrugged them off. She hadn’t been eating the healthiest. That must be causing the problems, she reasoned.But by January, the discomfort was more regular. One Tuesday evening, Giangreco was so bloated she couldn’t get her pants to fasten. By that Saturday, the pain had become unbearable.Her husband took her to the emergency room, where she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and referred to Dr. Gina Westhoff, a gynecologic oncologist at Legacy Medical Group in Salmon Creek. A few days later, on Jan. 31, she was sitting in the office looking at the poster outlining the signs for ovarian cancer.After her diagnosis, Giangreco told every woman she knew about the warning signs. Last week, she spent a couple of hours at lunchtime stopping women as they walked through Legacy Salmon Creek Medical Center and educating them about the symptoms. She shared her story and passed out bookmarks with the warning signs.last_img

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