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Rock gardening

first_imgUniversity of Georgia horticulture greenhouse supervisor Lamont Sudduth says each crevice between the boulders provides a unique amount of heat, drainage and shade, or microclimate.Sudduth designed the rock garden at the University of Georgia’s Research and Education Garden. The garden is on the Griffin, Ga., campus of the UGA College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.”With rock gardens, you’re replicating the plants’ origin to the best of your ability,” Sudduth said. “You can localize the kinds of soil you use. You can put plants that need organically rich, well-drained soil next to not-as-sensitive plants that are just fine with a local clay soil.”You can put a sun-loving plant next to one that will wither under too much heat, too, if you build it a shade-heavy crevice.Sudduth said rock gardens give experienced gardeners the chance to work out their green thumbs.”They’re are horticulturally challenging,” he said. “But they’re visually appealing. And they give gardeners the chance to try new combinations of plants. It gives them a place to indulge in their plant passions.”If a rock garden sounds like your next project, here are some basic steps to get you started.Ideally, you want your garden to look like a rock formation being exposed by an eroding hillside. So look for a nice slope. Gardening on a slope ensures proper drainage, too. The site should also be clear of overhanging trees.If all you have is flat land, you can create your own mounds with rocks or with soil covered over with rocks.Sadduth says there’s a good rule of thumb when selecting rocks for your garden. “If it only takes one person to carry it, you don’t want it,” he said.Try to get local rock of the same color and type, too. This makes your outcrop look like it came out of the ground instead of out of the local home center.Before you start arranging your boulders, take a look at some local rock formations to get some ideas. “You don’t just want to make a pile of rocks,” Sudduth said. “That’s what we call a dog-grave garden.”Bury your rocks a few inches below ground level to aid in the illusion that they’ve been exposed by eroding soil.You could pick your plants and then create microclimates specifically for them. Or you could place your rocks and then pick plants that match the microclimates you’ve created.For a listing of plants commonly used in rock gardens, check out the Georgia R&E Garden’s Web site ( last step to creating your rock garden is to cover all the exposed soil with pebbles. This topdressing helps conserve water. And it helps the planted area blend in with its rocky surroundings.last_img read more

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Environmental stewardship

first_imgFor more information, call Donnie Smith at (229) 386-3104. By Donnie SmithGovernor’s Agriculture LiaisonGov. Sonny Perdue wants to know the Georgia farmers who are doing the best job to protect the environment on and around their farms. He’d like to recognize them for a job well done, tell other folks about them and maybe give them an award.Nominees are currently being sought for the Fourth Annual Governor’s Environmental Stewardship Award. Applications are available at and due by December 16.“As I learned from my father growing up on a farm in middle Georgia, if you take care of the land, it will take care of you,” Perdue said. “This award shows all Georgians the outstanding job farmers are doing to protect our environment and preserve our state’s natural resources.”Five district winners are selected for the award each year. This year, only district winners will be required to submit supporting documentation. Past district winners are eligible to apply. Judges will visit each district winner’s farm. Based on their recommendation, Perdue will announce the state winner at the Fifth annual Agricultural Awareness Week in Atlanta on March 17.last_img read more

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Writing welcome letters that fit your audience by age

first_imgWelcome letters are an essential part of any onboarding campaign. They not only allow the financial institution to welcome its new account holders, but welcome letters give financial institutions an opportunity to engage with a customer or member. One way to make the welcome letter more personalized and tailored is by offering it in multiple channels, like print and digital.According to, a person’s age plays a role in whether they prefer paper or digital communications from their financial institution. For example, 6% of millennials say they receive a physical bank statement in the mail. That’s compared to 36% of consumers ages 71+ who prefer paper statements. Now, this example featured bank statements and not welcome letters, but it still points out the importance of offering the communication channel the customer or member prefers.Offering a welcome letter in the preferred channel is just one way to tailor the letter to a group. Another equally important piece is the message itself. continue reading » 1SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblrlast_img read more

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Renewed talks on vaping bans could mean positives and negatives

first_imgA potential ban of these products would be positive for public health according to officials, but it would drastically hurt businesses selling these products. “We have a large stock of product that is legally allowed at other places and we won’t be able to carry that anymore. They’re going to try to get rid of online sales, which is insane. That would probably stop our wholesale business, it would stop our online business, and it would hurt the shops as well,” said the manager of Vapor King Binghamton Stephen Schwarztrauber. BINGHAMTON (WBNG) — Health concerns are the topic of discussion when it comes to vaping and e-cigarettes. What is in these products that has health experts concerned? Local business owners have seen these talks before and believe misinformation could lead to the losses of businesses and jobs. “This has been a rhetoric they’ve been doing over and over again and they keep failing at it. This is not what New York state wants. They’re fear mongering with the deaths from vaping that has nothing to do with store bought juice. That has to do with the alytic THC cartridges,” said Schwarztrauber. “Propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin are FDA approved oils to be used in food additives, consumption. But they are not FDA approved to be inhaled and studies are showing these products, when inhaled, are doing lots of damage to our lungs,” said Kelly. “Some of these products that are in electronic cigarettes are propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. These two are the main components, base materials of the e-cigarette liquid and are not safe for people to be using,” said Public Health Educator with the Broome County Health Department, Laura Kelly. While health experts continue to warn about the health effects these products are likely to cause…. Health officials say preventing children from getting hooked on these products is the most important mission, while vapor stores think a ban will negatively effect those trying to quit cigarettes.last_img read more

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Why the Southern Tier will need to rely on each other to get back in business

first_imgAlong with the directors of the Departments of Public Health and Emergency Services, the President and CEO of Commerce Chenango form a three person board. Commerce Chenango, the county’s economic development group, is one of three departments responsible for their county’s preparations to reopen. (WBNG) — Economic concerns are one of the main reasons regional leaders hope our area will reopen for business soon. She says while they’re not exaclty sure when businesses will reopen, she does have resources available to help businesses prepare. While the three person board leads efforts in Chenango County, they’re not the only ones preparing for the Southern Tier to reopen.center_img Green did caution having too much hope because she says most businesses won’t be able to reopen on May 15. The three industries she said would reopen are construction, manufacturing and curbside retail. Because Governor Andrew Cuomo’s plan to reopen the state will be determined by region, counties need to cooperate in order to be ready to open on time. “We’re trying to have not only general standards of what businesses can do to get ready, to make their plan, but we also have some specific industry-type information that we’re passing out as well,” Kerri Green told 12 News Friday.last_img read more

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‘This is faith in action’: Endicott parishoners find true gift of giving

first_img“We really tried to meet the needs of our community right now, with so many people being unemployed,” said Loretta Hudy, the director of faith formation for the church. “Even within our own church community we have felt it, so whatever we can do, our parishioners have really stepped up.” For food pantry staff, putting their energy into doing good for the community finds its way back to them. Tuesday morning, the bus stopped at Mother Teresa’s Cupboard, a local food pantry on Garfield Avenue in Endicott. Volunteers From Catholic Charities of Broome County helped unload all of the food, sort it and finally put it away on the pantry shelves. Hudy said the church regularly works with Mother Teresa’s, but because of the ongoing pandemic, they felt it was important to go above and beyond. “Every time I give and do a good thing and help people, something from somewhere comes and helps me,” said Cheryl Langevin. ENDICOTT (WBNG) — One local community is finding faith in each other as members of the Church of the Holy Family donated a bus load of food to Mother Teresa’s Cupboard Tuesday. For two to three weeks, parishioners have been dropping off non-perishable goods to the church. From there, the goods were loaded up onto a bus until it was completely filled. For people involved with the project, the act of service is all about helping their larger community. If you would like to volunteer at the food pantry, please call Catholic Charities of Broome County at 607-729-9166.last_img read more

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Property developer Repower partners with three local banks to provide mortgage loans

first_imgPublicly listed property developer PT Repower Asia Indonesia has reached an agreement with three local banks to provide mortgage loans for the purchases of the company’s upscale housing complex in Depok, West Java.The three banks, Bank Panin Dubai Syariah, Bank Syariah Mandiri and Bank Pembangunan Daerah Kalimantan Selatan, signed the agreement with the property company in Jakarta on Monday.Under the agreement, the banks agreed to provide mortgage loans for the purchase of 73 units of Repower’s Botanical Puri Asri housing complex, with the price range at Rp 1.3 billion to Rp 2.8 billion. Read also: Property developers upset over ‘thinning’ housing loan subsidyIt is the second such partnership established by Repower with local banks. In December 2019, the property company signed a similar cooperation agreement with four other banks, Bank Mandiri, Bank BNI Syariah, Bank Tabungan Negara and Bank Panin, Repower president director Aulia Firdaus said following the signing.“We are optimistic about the cooperation with the three banks. We will be able to achieve our sales target of Rp 72.92 billion,” the company’s marketing director, Andy Kusuma Natanael, said at the same event.Despite the sluggish conditions of the property market, Andy expressed optimism that this year’s sales target could be achieved as sales had continued to increase since last year, in line with a decline in interest rates. The company’s total sales rose 176.9 percent to Rp 21.6 billion in 2019 from Rp 7.8 billion in 2018.Read also: Eco-housing projects must obtain green certificates to benefit from incentives “We are hoping that, in 2020, with the lower interest rate, the demand for new houses will increase,” Andy said, pointing to a more favorable monetary policy as a reason for his optimism.BI cut its benchmark interest rate by 25 basis points from 5 percent to 4.75 percent last month in an effort to boost economic growth. The policy was welcomed by Repower’s bank partners. The interest rate cut is expected to further reduce mortgage rates, which range between 7 and 10 percent. (ydp)center_img Topics :last_img read more

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Distribution disruption hurts thousands of NTT fishermen

first_imgFishermen in East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) have suffered a major decline in their income not only because of smaller fish catches but also as a result of a fall in prices because of distribution disruption caused by emergency measures to curb the spread of COVID-19, a survey says.According to a survey conducted by local NGO Perkumpulan Pikul, the revenue losses could amount to Rp 2 trillion (US$133.8 million) in 2020.The survey also found that the decline in fish production and the fall in prices have severely affected the livelihoods of about 66,525 fishing households comprising 226,526 people. “These figures are related to the COVID-19 impact on fishermen and small-scale fisheries in mid-April,” the organization’s program manager Andry Ratumakin told The Jakarta Post on Wednesday.He said fish production in the province had declined sharply in recent months because of rough seas that hampered fishing activities. Andry estimated that fish production would decline by 50 percent this year to 78,845 tons from about 157,691 tons in the previous year.Despite the fall in production, the province will still enjoy a surplus, because the fish consumption of the province’s 5.4 million population is expected only to reach 12,860 tons a year, he said.“NTT still has a surplus of 65,985 tons of fish. The problem is how we distribute it amid the movement restrictions for COVID-19,” Andry said, adding that the distribution problem had caused a fall in fish prices by between 50 and 75 percent. To maintain the people’s purchasing power and provide them with high-protein foods, the NGO urged the government to provide relief funds for local fishermen affected by the distribution disruption.The organization also urged the government to help bridge fish producers with buyers by re-opening the access to market with sufficient health protocols, while also instructing civil servants to purchase fishery products.“The Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Ministry could also purchase fishery products and distribute them to the people and purchase other products made by local producers to keep the rural area’s economic engine running,” Andry said.To cushion the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on low-income families, the NTT provincial administration has allocated Rp 957 billion from the central government’s village fund program, the province’s development planning and research agency head Lecky Koli said.“Out of the Rp 3 trillion village funds allocated to our province, we took Rp 957 billion to help low-income citizens affected by COVID-19,” he said.The funds will be given to low-income families who have not received other social security programs such as the Family Hope Program and noncash staple aid, Lecky added.“We are aiming to provide income for poor people who haven’t been registered, who have lost their job because of COVID-19, and those who are terminally ill,” he said, adding that the recipients would receive Rp 600,000 in cash for three consecutive months. (mpr)Topics :last_img read more

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Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher agree Arsenal not favourites to finish in top four ahead of Man Utd or Chelsea

first_img Skip Ad Full Screen Advertisement Coming Next About Connatix V67539 Comment Advertisement SPONSORED Manchester United captain Harry Maguire Aubameyang’s strike was the difference against Watford (Picture: Getty)Neville on Arsenal’s run-in:‘I think I said before the game, for them to be where they are with a game in hand over Chelsea, navigating the Europa League – we’ve always talked about how difficult it is to play Thursday and Sundays. I think it’s a brilliant performance when you think of Chelsea and Manchester United have spent a fortune. Chelsea have the better squad, with Eden Hazard. Arsenal are nowhere near that. When you look at that Arsenal team… there’s a lot of questions to have answered. You think of Ramsey leaving, of Ozil, the defenders, the midfielders still don’t look right, you’re not convinced about the goalkeeper, the full-backs look like they could change every week and yet, he’s getting that level of performance out them. I think it’s a brilliant performance.’ Skip PLAY Read More Arsenal currently sit in fourth place, tied on points with Chelsea (Picture: Rex Features)Jamie Carragher and Gary Neville believe Arsenal in are with a great chance to make the top four after beating Watford on Monday night, but the pundits refused to label the Gunners as favourites.Arsenal’s 1-0 win againt ten-men Watford was their first clean sheet away from home this season and their first victory on the road since Boxing Day.It was another difficult night for Arsenal despite the man advantage, with the Gunners ultimately grabbing the points thanks to an early mistake from Ben Foster.Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang punched on the error to put Arsenal in front and Troy Deeney was sent off for an elbow on Lucas Torreira soon after.ADVERTISEMENT Coral BarryTuesday 16 Apr 2019 9:52 amShare this article via facebookShare this article via twitterShare this article via messengerShare this with Share this article via emailShare this article via flipboardCopy link585Shares Man Utd’s run-in Everton (A) – April 21Man City (H) – April 24Chelsea (H) – April 28Huddersfield (A) – May 5Cardiff City (H) – May 12 Neville and Carragher have already said they expect Tottenham and Manchester United to make top four, though Arsenal are now two points ahead of the Red Devils and have a game in hand over Chelsea.AdvertisementAdvertisementDespite Arsenal’s current position, Carragher still thinks the Gunners will struggle to qualify for next season’s Champions League through the league, while Neville admitted he was impressed Unai Emery had guided such poor side into the top four.The conversation on Monday Night Football…Carragher on Arsenal’s run-in:‘No [they’re not favourites]. I said before, I didn’t think they’d get in the top four because of their away form. I didn’t expect them to win tonight, obviously the circumstances have gone with them tonight. Unai Emery is not soft, that was a great result, but not a great performance. That doesn’t matter. The fact the opposition team were down to ten men and probably should have got something, that’ll be a worry for the other away games. You look at the home games and think they’ll look after themselves for Arsenal. But the away games, you still feel they’ll have to win one of them. Looking at it… ]they should win] one [out] of three, with the team Arsenal have, but you’d still fear for them away from home. Six points for me is a guarantee and that gets them to 72. Whether they could pick up another three or four points, that would be enough. But they’re not easy games away from home.’ 1 min. storycenter_img Read More Carragher on Arsenal’s need for Champions League football:‘Unai Emery isn’t stupid. He’ll be thinking please get me into the Champions League and then he can get to grips with what’s going on here. He’s seen what he’s got in 12 months, but this team still needs sorting out. Gary’s right, he is doing a brilliant job with what he’s got. For him, it’s just get the results, forget performances. To perform like that against ten men is not great, but if he just gets the money for the defenders next season in the summer to improve this team.’ More: FootballRio Ferdinand urges Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to drop Manchester United starChelsea defender Fikayo Tomori reveals why he made U-turn over transfer deadline day moveMikel Arteta rates Thomas Partey’s chances of making his Arsenal debut vs Man City Visit Advertiser website GO TO PAGE / Read More Chelsea’s run-in Burnley (H) – April 22Man Utd (A) – April 28Watford (H) – May 4Leicester City (A) – May 12 Arsenal’s run-in Crystal Palace (H) – April 21Wolves (A) – April 24Leicester City (A) – April 29Brighton (H) – May 4Burnley (A) – May 12 by Metro Top articles Video Settings 1/1 Read More Read More Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher agree Arsenal not favourites to finish in top four ahead of Man Utd or Chelsea Rio Ferdinand tells Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to drop struggling last_img read more

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Marianna Y. Minniti age 52

first_imgMarianna Y. Minniti, age 52, of Brookville, Indiana died Friday, January 13, 2017 at University Hospital in Cincinnati, Ohio.Born October 4, 1964 in Cincinnati, Ohio she was the daughter of Salvatore B. Minniti. She was a member of St. Michael the Archangel Catholic Church in Brookville.Marianna was a woman of deep faith who cherished her family, she leaves behind three children, Sarah Minniti-Rowlett of Batesville, Indiana, Mary Minniti-Evers of Harrison, Ohio and Joseph Minniti of Brookville, Indiana, five grandchildren, Mary Rose, Caroline, Jeffrey, Hannah, and Joey; a brother, Vince (Connie) Minniti; as well as a sister, Rosa (Wayne Stahl) Minniti.She was met in heaven by her son, Sam Minniti who died in 2003, and her father, Salvatore Minniti, who died in 2014.Family & friends may visit from 5 until 7:00 P.M. on Wednesday, January 18, 2017 at Phillips & Meyers Funeral Home, 1025 Franklin Ave., Brookville, where the rosary will be recited at 7:00 P.M..The Very Rev. Sean R. Danda will officiate the Mass of Christian Burial at 10:00 A.M. on Thursday, January 19, 2017 at St. Michael the Archangel Catholic Church, 145 E. St. Michaels Blvd., Brookville. Burial will then follow in Glen Haven Cemetery in Harrison, Ohio.Phillips & Meyers Funeral Home is honored to serve the Minniti family, to sign the online guest book or send personal condolences please visit .last_img read more

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