Nadiem in hot water after PGRI, NU, Muhammadiyah withdraw from education ministry program

first_imgThe Tanoto Foundation is a philanthropic organization focusing on education founded by forestry tycoon Sukanto Tanoto. Meanwhile, the Putera Sampoerna Foundation is deemed by many to have a connection to tobacco giant PT Hanjaya Mandala Sampoerna.The decision to include the two foundations in the program, however, has outraged the Indonesian Teachers Association (PGRI) and the two-largest Muslim organizations in the country, Nahdlatul Ulama (NU) and Muhammadiyah. They have expressed their objections and withdrawal from the program.“The ministry’s criteria for selecting participants are unclear,” PGRI chair Unifah Rosyidi wrote in a statement on Friday.Read also: Home learning hindered by technology gap, Nadiem acknowledges Education and Culture Minister Nadiem Makarim has come under fire after several organizations voiced their concerns over the involvement of private enterprises in the ministry’s latest teacher training grant program.The Mobilization Organization Program (POP) is part of the minister’s Freedom to Learn initiative that aims to improve the quality of teachers by involving communities and organizations. The ministry had selected 156 out of 4,464 organizations that registered for the program. Among them were the Tanoto Foundation and the Putera Sampoerna Foundation. She added that the ministry should reallocate the program’s budget to help poor students and teachers by providing better infrastructure, especially in rural areas amid school closures during the COVID-19 outbreak.“We don’t think the program can be implemented effectively and efficiently. It’s better to avoid undesirable consequences,” Unifah went on to say.The three organizations were selected to participate in the “Elephant” category of the program, making them eligible for the largest grant of Rp 20 billion (US$1.3 million) to train teachers at 100 schools. Tanoto and Sampoerna foundations were also selected in the same category.The NU’s Maarif Institute chairman, Arifin Junaidi, echoed Unifah’s concern: “It turns out that there are many unqualified organizations and foundations.”Meanwhile, Muhammadiyah’s elementary and middle education assembly chairman, Kasiyarno, said corporate social responsibility (CSR) institutions should not participate in the government’s program.Read also: Distance learning threatens to exacerbate education inequality in IndonesiaIslam-based political party politicians also criticized the ministry’s decision, saying organizations with investors should not participate and get support from the state budget.“Organizations with strong backup don’t need state budget assistance,” National Awakening Party (PKB) chairman Muhaimin Iskandar said.National Mandate Party (PAN) executive Saleh Daulay called on President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo to replace Nadiem, saying the government needed a minister who understood the country’s problems in education.“It’s no surprise that Muhammadiyah and NU decided to withdraw from the program. […] [Nadiem] doesn’t understand the history of these organizations in Indonesia,” said Saleh.According to the ministry, the program has three funding options: a fully-funded scheme sourced from the state budget, matching funds scheme and self-financing scheme.Tanoto Foundation spokesperson Haviez Gautama said the foundation would choose the self-financing scheme upon participating in the program, while asserting it had no connection to the corporations owned by its founder.“The Tanoto Foundation will invest more than Rp 50 billion [from 2020 to 2022]. We won’t use the government’s money or state budget,” Haviez said, adding that the foundation had proposed no funding in its proposed budget plan for the program.While reaffirming that the foundation had no connection to the tobacco company, Putera Sampoerna Foundation spokesperson Ria Sutrisno said it had chosen the matching-fund scheme upon participating in the program.“We chose a partnership scheme with various parties as our commitment to collaborate in advancing education,” Ria said, as quoted by foundation has allocated around Rp 70 billion for teachers improvement and Rp 90 billion for education access improvement. Ria, however, did not reveal the amount of funding it would receive from the state budget to run its program. Read also: Pak Nadiem, please send the kids back to schoolResponding to the criticism, Minister Nadiem said the ministry would evaluate the program before its implementation. His office would involve the community and state institutions during the evaluation, he went on to say.“We have to make sure this program is done with accountability and integrity,” Nadiem said during a press briefing on Friday evening.He added that the evaluation would focus on the integrity of the selection process, credibility of selected organizations and the organization’s effectiveness in running the program during the COVID-19 epidemic. “We will also involve parties that have a history in advancing education in the country,” the minister added.Topics :last_img read more

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Boeing reports big loss, signals more job cuts

first_imgTopics : MAX deliveries pushed backThe company reported a $2.4 billion loss in the quarter ending June 30 as revenues plunged 25 percent to $11.8 billion.The hit from coronavirus has prolonged and worsened Boeing’s slump due to the crisis surrounding the 737 MAX, which was grounded globally in March 2019 following two deadly crashes.Boeing said it was making “steady progress” towards getting the MAX recertified to fly, after the Federal Aviation Administration completed test flights earlier this month. That process, too, was delayed by the pandemic.Calhoun said the company was targeting the resumption of commercial deliveries following regulatory approval in the fourth quarter, shifting back the timeframe from the third quarter.The company resumed some activity on the MAX in May after completely halting work for a few months, but on Wednesday slowed the production ramp-up plans.Boeing said it planned to gradually increase output of the aircraft to 31 a month at the beginning of 2022, a delay from the earlier plan to hit that level in 2021, and a far cry from the 57 per-month target for 2020 before the coronavirus disruption.The Boeing chief also lowered the output plans for the 777 and the 787 jets.Executives told financial analysts on a conference call they were rethinking all operations with an eye towards lower costs. To that end, Boeing is considering consolidating all its 787 production to one factory; at present, the 787 is built in both Washington state and South Carolina.During a subsequent phone call with reporters, Calhoun said the company was at an early stage of the review. Calhoun, in an interview with CNBC, said the latest surge in US coronavirus cases made the near-term travel outlook “more difficult” because airlines that had added flights amid a brief uptick in interest are now cutting back. But there also was “more optimism about a vaccine” for COVID-19 sometime in 2021, which would support an industry recovery, he said.Calhoun said he still thinks it will be about three years before the industry recovers to pre-coronavirus levels. “Regretfully, the prolonged impact of COVID-19 causing further reductions in our production rates and lower demand for commercial services means we’ll have to further assess the size of our workforce,” Chief Executive Dave Calhoun said in a message to employees.”This is difficult news, and I know it adds uncertainty during an already challenging time. We will try to limit the impact on our people as much as possible going forward.”The results underscored anew the battered state of commercial aviation following lockdowns and travel restrictions imposed to limit the spread of the coronavirus. It comes on the heels of deep losses by leading US carriers that have announced belt-tightening plans of their own that will remove tens of thousands of jobs.Airlines have canceled orders, suspended deliveries and deferred maintenance. Boeing delivered just 20 planes during the quarter, down from 90 in the year-ago period. center_img Boeing suffered a bigger-than-expected loss in the latest quarter, the company announced Wednesday, and signaled additional job cuts are likely as it contends with a protracted air travel downturn amid the coronavirus pandemic.The aerospace giant, which previously suspended the dividend for shareholders and announced a 10 percent staff downsizing, also said it would phase out production of the iconic 747 jumbo jet and ratchet back production plans on other commercial aircraft due to the weak outlook.Those moves are expected to lead to further job cuts. ‘Emotional’ 747 decision In the CNBC interview, Calhoun said ending production of the 747 in 2022 was an “emotional decision for everyone” at Boeing, but commercial needs necessitated the move.”This is just us facing reality,” he told CNBC. “Our customers want the new technology.”But he said the company would continue to service the 747s already on the market for decades into the future.While Boeing’s commercial plane business has been battered by COVID-19, the company reported flat revenues from its defense and space business compared with the year-ago period.Calhoun said these programs ensured “some critical stability for us in the near-term as we take tough but necessary steps to adapt for new market realities,” according to a Boeing earnings release.He told CNBC he does not expect to need additional financing following a $25 billion bond offering earlier this spring that is expected to provide enough cash to get through the downturn.The company’s share price initially gained ground, but then retreated and finished 2.8 percent lower at $166.last_img read more

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Back in India, a proud uncle and aunt admire Kamala Harris

first_imgKamala Harris’s late mother left her native India in 1960, but half a world away from Washington the uncle and aunt of the US vice-president hopeful follow her every move — and are very proud.Harris was born in California in 1964 to a Jamaican father, economics professor John Harris, and breast cancer specialist Shyamala Gopalan.She was the first black attorney general of California — the first woman to hold the post — and the first woman of South Asian heritage to be elected to the US Senate. Topics : He added that while Harris can’t speak Tamil, the language of the southern state of Tamil Nadu that the family comes from, “she can understand a little bit”.He believes the nomination of Kamala — her name meaning “lotus” in Tamil, as well as in Sanskrit and Hindi — is a “big deal” for Indian Americans.”So far they have only achieved high professional jobs, but this is one of the highest political jobs,” he said. Up since 4 am Harris’s aunt Sarala Gopalan, who still lives in the city her big sister left at 19 — Tamil Nadu’s capital Chennai, formerly Madras — said the entire family is “thrilled and happy”.”A friend of mine in the United States gave us the message at 4 am in the morning, and we have been up, since then,” Gopalan, a doctor, told news channel CNN-News18.”She is a person who never forgets her roots and believes in family values,” she told the Deccan Herald daily.”Even today she calls me ‘chithi’ and she has always been a caring person,” she said, using the Tamil word for a mother’s younger sister.And since Shyamala is no longer alive, “we will always be available for Kamala and (her sister) Maya”, she said.Besides her mother, Harris has said that a major influence was her maternal grandfather P.V. Gopalan — father of Shyamala, Balachandran, Sarala and another daughter, Mahalakshmi — a senior Indian civil servant.”He would take walks every morning along the beach with his buddies who were all retired government officials and they would talk about politics, about how corruption must be fought and about justice,” Harris said in a 2009 interview.”My grandfather was really one of my favorite people in my world.” Following her nomination on Tuesday as presidential hopeful Joe Biden’s running mate, the 55-year-old is now seeking to become the first female vice president of the United States.”There is no question about how happy we are,” Harris’s maternal uncle Balachandran Gopalan, an academic in the Indian capital New Delhi, told AFP on Wednesday.”She is a very committed personality — committed to public service and most importantly committed to common human decency,” he said.Shyamala would often bring her daughters to India, the uncle said, and when she died in 2009 Harris returned “to immerse her ashes in the Bay of Bengal”.last_img read more

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Commemorative Rp 75,000 bill in high demand as thousands place orders in one day

first_img“In practical terms, my wife will probably need [the Rp 75,000 bill] the most since she depends a lot on bills when shopping at traditional markets,” he added.The exchange schedule after Sept. 3 is not yet accessible, but citizens wishing to purchase the special bill — issued to commemorate Indonesia’s 75th Independence Day — still have other opportunities since the registration process is opening gradually in two stages.The first stage is from Monday at 3 p.m. until Sept. 30. The places of exchange include the BI headquarters and 45 representative offices in all provinces.The second stage is from Oct. 1 until completion. The exchange will be available at the BI headquarters and representative offices, as well as designated banks. After Bank Indonesia (BI) issued a special commemorative Rp 75,000 (US$5.08) bill on Monday, enthusiastic citizens stormed to the central bank’s website to take their share of the available quota.By Tuesday morning, the appointment slots available at for the public to exchange their money with the new bill at the BI headquarters in Central Jakarta and BI representative offices across Java were all full up until Sept. 3.“Early this morning I accessed the website to register for the exchange at the Semarang branch office [in Central Java] but the quota was full,” father of two Toni Rendra told The Jakarta Post on Tuesday. Read also: Bank Indonesia releases commemorative Rp 75,000 bill to celebrate 75th Independence DayBI Deputy Governor Rosmaya Hadi said in a press conference on Tuesday that as many as 68,051 citizens had registered for the exchange via the website, which is equivalent to 97 percent of the quota available for the first 10 days of exchange.She said the remaining 3 percent was available at representative offices in the provinces of Papua, West Papua and Gorontalo as well in Sibolga in North Sumatra, Lhoksemauwe in Aceh, Ternate in North Maluku and Mamuju in West Sulawesi.Rosmaya said BI would provide a quota of 300 of the Rp 75,000 bills per day for the BI headquarters and 150 bills per day for each representative office.The central bank, she added, deliberately divided up the exchange schedules with a limited number of bills in each period so that people would not flock to exchange centers amid the coronavirus pandemic.“We have calculated how [the citizens] should exchange [the money]; the schedule, the duration, so we can still follow COVID-19 protocols,” Rosmaya said.She acknowledged the public’s enthusiasm for the commemorative bill since its launch, saying that BI would reevaluate the exchange timelines.BI has set a limit of one bill per citizen. In total, it will release 75 million of the Rp 75,000 bills.Topics :last_img read more

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We do not hire buzzers, only social media influencers: Presidential office

first_imgPreviously, Donny Gahral Adian, a leading expert at the office, echoed a similar statement, saying that the government never hired buzzers.“I want to clarify that the government has never organized buzzers. [Buzzers] exist because of democracy,” he said during a discussion hosted by the University of Indonesia’s Alumni Association (Iluni UI) on Tuesday.He explained that, in a democracy, rulers and their opposition usually had supporters, regardless of whether they were paid to speak up or if they did it on their own volition.“There are indeed private buzzers who work independently. Their political affiliations can lead toward the ruler or to the opposition,” he said, adding that buzzers who violated the law should be held accountable.The statements came amid suspicion from the public that the government uses buzzers to support and defend its policies.Concerns over the alleged hired buzzers escalated following recent cyberattacks that were directed toward government critics, including online news publication, which had its website defaced, and Pandu Riono, an epidemiologist from the University of Indonesia whose Twitter account was hacked. (mfp)Topics : The Executive Office of the President has denied using so-called “buzzers” to support the government and its policies, claiming that it only hires social media influencers to help educate the public on certain policies.“We don’t use buzzers at all,” Jaleswari Pramodhawardani, the office’s deputy head of politics, law, security and human rights affairs, said Thursday as quoted by, who tend to be anonymous, are often directly paid to espouse certain political views, while influencers are public figures with a strong presence on social media. Influencers tend to have many followers and may openly promote brands. Jaleswari said the office only accepted the service of influencers, including experts that had the capacity to discuss strategic issues, as buzzers tended to be anonymous when addressing issues.She also claimed that the Executive Office of the President did not give special treatment to influencers.“Payments are given according to the budget of ordinary sources. We use transparent and accountable principles while not diminishing the government’s attitude of allowing us to have different opinions.”Read also: Social media influencers key actors in democracy: Palacelast_img read more

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Australia’s COVID-19 epicenter extends hard lockdown till late September

first_imgTopics : If the infection rate subsides as hoped by the end of September, Andrews said restrictions would be relaxed gradually over the subsequent two months, though some businesses would have to remain shut through late November.Andrews said modelling showed cases would continue to average around 60 a day by next weekend, and if the state opened up too quickly it would be on track for a third wave by mid-November.”You’ve got to defeat the second wave and do it properly. Otherwise you just begin a third wave. A third wave will mean we can’t do the economic repair that people desperately want us to do,” Andrews said.The federal government has blamed the lockdown in Victoria for dragging Australia deeper into its first recession in nearly 30 years, while other states have largely reopened their economies.”Today’s announcement from the Victorian government to extend lockdown arrangements will be hard and crushing news for the people of Victoria and a further reminder of the impact and costs that result from not being able to contain outbreaks of COVID-19,” Prime Minister Scott Morrison said in a statement.The pandemic has resulted in the loss of around 500,000 jobs in Victoria, including 250,000 under the stage 4 restrictions.Business groups were disappointed with the slow reopening outlined by Andrews.”We can’t continue to let business and jobs be decimated on the way to controlling the spread of the virus,” Victoria Chamber of Commerce and Industry chief Paul Guerra told reporters.After Sept. 28, if daily infection rates have dropped to between 30 and 50 for 14 days, child care, construction sites, manufacturing plants, and warehouses, will go back to normal, allowing 101,000 workers to return to their jobs.Schools will also partially reopen and outdoor gatherings of up to five people would be allowed.After Oct. 26, if daily cases have dropped below five, cafes and restaurants could reopen, mostly for outdoor service, and shops and hairdressers would reopen.At the same time, the curfew would be lifted, with no limits on leaving home, outdoor gatherings could increase to 10 and homes would be able to have five visitors.After Nov. 23, cafes, bars and restaurants could have more people indoors, schools could reopen more fully, museums and other entertainment venues could reopen, and larger gatherings would be allowed.Restrictions in regional Victoria will ease from Sept. 14. Australia’s second most populous state has been the epicenter of a second wave of the novel coronavirus, now accounting for about 75% of the country’s 26,282 cases and 90% of its 753 deaths.Victoria on Sunday reported 63 new COVID-19 infections and five deaths, down from a peak of 725 new cases on Aug. 5. By contrast, Australia’s most populous state, New South Wales, has had no more than 13 cases a day since early August.Melbourne’s stage 4 restrictions, which had been due to end on Sept. 13, shut most of the economy, limited people’s movements to a tight zone around their homes for one hour a day and imposed a night time curfew.From Sept. 14, the rules won’t be quite as tough, as the curfew will begin an hour later at 9 p.m, and people can go outdoors for two hours instead of one, while those living alone will be allowed to have a visitor.center_img Australia’s coronavirus hot spot state of Victoria on Sunday extended a hard lockdown in its capital Melbourne until Sept. 28, as the infection rate has declined more slowly than hoped.”We cannot open up at this time. If we were to we would lose control very quickly,” State Premier Daniel Andrews told a televised media conference on Sunday.The hard lockdown was ordered on Aug. 2 in response to a second wave of infections, that erupted in Melbourne.last_img read more

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Indonesian state miner completes 20 percent stake buy in Vale unit for $375m

first_imgIndonesia’s state miner Mining Industry Indonesia (MIND ID), formerly known as PT Inalum, completed its purchase of a 20 percent stake in nickel miner PT Vale Indonesia, the country’s state- owned enterprises ministry said on Thursday.MIND ID bought the 20 percent stake at Rp 2,780 per share, totaling to Rp 5.52 trillion (US$375.77 million), the ministry said in a statement.Brazil’s Vale Group controls 44.34 percent of PT Vale Indonesia, while Japan’s Sumimoto Metal Mining Co. Ltd holds 15.93 percent of shares, the ministry said. MIND ID bought 14.9 percent stake from Vale Canada Ltd, the Canadian subsidiary of Vale Group, and 5.1 percent from Sumimoto, according to the statement.“With this transaction, we add more state ownership in the mining sector,” State-Owned Enterprises Minister Erick Thohir said.“This is also a great step to strengthen the value chain in Indonesian and the development of the battery industry for electric cars.”The Indonesian government is keen to build a holistic onshore electric vehicle (EV) industry, covering everything from the production of nickel chemicals needed for batteries, through to producing those batteries and eventually building vehicles domestically.Mining Industry Indonesia changed its name from PT Inalum in August to distinguish its holding company function from its smelting operational business.Topics :last_img read more

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Laurent Koscielny in full training ahead of Arsenal vs Spurs

first_imgPochettino and Emery will clash on Saturday (Picture: Getty Images)Stephan Lichsteiner is also available after a minor back concern but Danny Welbeck, Hector Bellerin and Rob Holding remain long-term absentees.AdvertisementAdvertisementThe Gunners currently occupy the fourth and final Champions League spot ahead of Manchester United and Chelsea, and a win over their London rivals away from home would further boost their chances of returning to Europe’s premier competition.Spurs are looking to halt a two-match losing streak after suffering defeats to Burnley and Chelsea.Their seventh and eighth league losses this season saw them slip nine points between leaders Liverpool and their title challenge feels effectively over.However, a defeat to Arsenal would see them potentially be dragged into the top-four melee, with the Gunners moving to within a point of their rivals with a victory.More: Manchester United FCRio Ferdinand urges Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to drop Manchester United starNew Manchester United signing Facundo Pellistri responds to Edinson Cavani praiseEx-Man Utd coach blasts Ed Woodward for two key transfer errorsWho will win at Wembley?Arsenal0%Spurs0%Draw0%Share your resultsShare your resultsTweet your results Koscielny is in contention (Picture: Getty Images)Laurent Koscielny has returned to full training ahead of the north London derby on Saturday, Arsenal’s medical team have confirmed.The French defender came through the 90 minutes against Bournemouth in a 5-1 win in midweek but took a heavy knock and was a potential doubt for the trip to Wembley.Unai Emery said after the Bournemouth clash: ‘I hope all it is, is one kick. We have three days between today and Saturday and I hope he can be okay.’While the Arsenal boss is yet to confirm if Koscielny will be in the starting line-up for the crunch Premier League match against their bitter rivals, it has been announced that he is in full training and therefore should be in contention for the matchday squad.ADVERTISEMENT Advertisement Metro Sport ReporterFriday 1 Mar 2019 11:12 amShare this article via facebookShare this article via twitterShare this article via messengerShare this with Share this article via emailShare this article via flipboardCopy link430Shares Comment Advertisement Laurent Koscielny in full training ahead of Arsenal vs Spurslast_img read more

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Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher agree Arsenal not favourites to finish in top four ahead of Man Utd or Chelsea

first_img Skip Ad Full Screen Advertisement Coming Next About Connatix V67539 Comment Advertisement SPONSORED Manchester United captain Harry Maguire Aubameyang’s strike was the difference against Watford (Picture: Getty)Neville on Arsenal’s run-in:‘I think I said before the game, for them to be where they are with a game in hand over Chelsea, navigating the Europa League – we’ve always talked about how difficult it is to play Thursday and Sundays. I think it’s a brilliant performance when you think of Chelsea and Manchester United have spent a fortune. Chelsea have the better squad, with Eden Hazard. Arsenal are nowhere near that. When you look at that Arsenal team… there’s a lot of questions to have answered. You think of Ramsey leaving, of Ozil, the defenders, the midfielders still don’t look right, you’re not convinced about the goalkeeper, the full-backs look like they could change every week and yet, he’s getting that level of performance out them. I think it’s a brilliant performance.’ Skip PLAY Read More Arsenal currently sit in fourth place, tied on points with Chelsea (Picture: Rex Features)Jamie Carragher and Gary Neville believe Arsenal in are with a great chance to make the top four after beating Watford on Monday night, but the pundits refused to label the Gunners as favourites.Arsenal’s 1-0 win againt ten-men Watford was their first clean sheet away from home this season and their first victory on the road since Boxing Day.It was another difficult night for Arsenal despite the man advantage, with the Gunners ultimately grabbing the points thanks to an early mistake from Ben Foster.Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang punched on the error to put Arsenal in front and Troy Deeney was sent off for an elbow on Lucas Torreira soon after.ADVERTISEMENT Coral BarryTuesday 16 Apr 2019 9:52 amShare this article via facebookShare this article via twitterShare this article via messengerShare this with Share this article via emailShare this article via flipboardCopy link585Shares Man Utd’s run-in Everton (A) – April 21Man City (H) – April 24Chelsea (H) – April 28Huddersfield (A) – May 5Cardiff City (H) – May 12 Neville and Carragher have already said they expect Tottenham and Manchester United to make top four, though Arsenal are now two points ahead of the Red Devils and have a game in hand over Chelsea.AdvertisementAdvertisementDespite Arsenal’s current position, Carragher still thinks the Gunners will struggle to qualify for next season’s Champions League through the league, while Neville admitted he was impressed Unai Emery had guided such poor side into the top four.The conversation on Monday Night Football…Carragher on Arsenal’s run-in:‘No [they’re not favourites]. I said before, I didn’t think they’d get in the top four because of their away form. I didn’t expect them to win tonight, obviously the circumstances have gone with them tonight. Unai Emery is not soft, that was a great result, but not a great performance. That doesn’t matter. The fact the opposition team were down to ten men and probably should have got something, that’ll be a worry for the other away games. You look at the home games and think they’ll look after themselves for Arsenal. But the away games, you still feel they’ll have to win one of them. Looking at it… ]they should win] one [out] of three, with the team Arsenal have, but you’d still fear for them away from home. Six points for me is a guarantee and that gets them to 72. Whether they could pick up another three or four points, that would be enough. But they’re not easy games away from home.’ 1 min. storycenter_img Read More Carragher on Arsenal’s need for Champions League football:‘Unai Emery isn’t stupid. He’ll be thinking please get me into the Champions League and then he can get to grips with what’s going on here. He’s seen what he’s got in 12 months, but this team still needs sorting out. Gary’s right, he is doing a brilliant job with what he’s got. For him, it’s just get the results, forget performances. To perform like that against ten men is not great, but if he just gets the money for the defenders next season in the summer to improve this team.’ More: FootballRio Ferdinand urges Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to drop Manchester United starChelsea defender Fikayo Tomori reveals why he made U-turn over transfer deadline day moveMikel Arteta rates Thomas Partey’s chances of making his Arsenal debut vs Man City Visit Advertiser website GO TO PAGE / Read More Chelsea’s run-in Burnley (H) – April 22Man Utd (A) – April 28Watford (H) – May 4Leicester City (A) – May 12 Arsenal’s run-in Crystal Palace (H) – April 21Wolves (A) – April 24Leicester City (A) – April 29Brighton (H) – May 4Burnley (A) – May 12 by Metro Top articles Video Settings 1/1 Read More Read More Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher agree Arsenal not favourites to finish in top four ahead of Man Utd or Chelsea Rio Ferdinand tells Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to drop struggling last_img read more

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Per Mertesacker backs David Luiz to ‘learn from his mistakes’ after mixed start to his Arsenal career

first_img Comment Metro Sport ReporterWednesday 11 Sep 2019 5:13 pmShare this article via facebookShare this article via twitterShare this article via messengerShare this with Share this article via emailShare this article via flipboardCopy link415Shares Advertisement Per Mertesacker backs David Luiz to ‘learn from his mistakes’ after mixed start to his Arsenal career Luis has started three of Arsenal’s four Premier League games this season (Picture: Getty)‘I think he (David Luiz) will learn from his mistakes on the pitch, but he is very comfortable being at Arsenal,’ he told Sky Sports.‘That’s what I have been seeing. So we are happy to have him.‘He brings something different to the table right now. So I think he is able to learn and excel his level of being an Arsenal player.’One of the main factors behind Arsenal’s failure to finish in the top-four last season was their defensive record as they conceded more goals than all of the teams above them in the league.Arsenal have already conceded six goals in their opening four fixtures this campaign, double the number of Liverpool and Manchester City, suggesting they still have vulnerabilities at the back.However, Mertesacker has insisted that Arsenal’s defenders aren’t solely to blame for the number of goals being conceded and stated that Unai Emery’s side need to find a better balance.More: FootballRio Ferdinand urges Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to drop Manchester United starChelsea defender Fikayo Tomori reveals why he made U-turn over transfer deadline day moveMikel Arteta rates Thomas Partey’s chances of making his Arsenal debut vs Man CityHe added: ‘I think we have a lack of balance right now. Where you feel like, ok we have amazing strikers but they as well need to understand that we need to have a certain compactness.‘It’s not only about us three strikers providing an offensive threat. It is about these front three as well, leading the first frontline as being a defensive unit.‘So I think we need to be cautious of that. No matter how much striking power you have got, you need to have a sense of defensive compactness from everyone.‘So it’s not only the back four who should be judged on how many goals we concede.’More: Arsenal FCArsenal flop Denis Suarez delivers verdict on Thomas Partey and Lucas Torreira movesThomas Partey debut? Ian Wright picks his Arsenal starting XI vs Manchester CityArsene Wenger explains why Mikel Arteta is ‘lucky’ to be managing Arsenal Advertisement David Luiz was at fault for two goals during Arsenal’s defeat to Liverpool in August (Picture: Getty)Former Arsenal captain and current academy manager Per Mertesacker believes that David Luiz will improve following a mixed start to his career in north London.Luiz sealed an £8m move to Arsenal from Chelsea on transfer deadline day and has quickly established himself as a first-team regular in Unai Emery’s defence alongside Sokratis Papastathopolous.Arsenal are yet to keep a clean sheet with Luiz in the side, though, and the 32-year-old was at fault for both of Mohamed Salah’s goals during the 3-1 defeat at Anfield last month, fouling the Egyptian to concede a penalty for his first.AdvertisementAdvertisementThroughout his career, Luiz has faced criticism for making crucial errors in defence, but Mertesacker thinks that the Brazilian will prove to be a good addition to Arsenal’s backline given time.ADVERTISEMENTlast_img read more

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