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The history of the 13 rivals of the Second teams in the Cup

first_imgThe Copa del Rey is back. After a first round full of emotions, in which the Alavés fell and a total of nine LaLiga SmartBank teams, the second promises to show again the magic of the humble fields and the illusion of small towns that aspire to overthrow the giants that form professional football. Some have already done it as the Escobedo or the Tamaraceite, but many others lived their first tie against a team of the same category. In fact all the rivals of the 13 survivors of Second eliminated a Second B and they went something unnoticed while the Athletic Antoniano I visited the Villamarín under the flood; the Andorra it brushed the machada in front of the Leganés until losing in the penalties; or the Calf He received an invitation to spend paid to the Reale Arena after suffering the offenses of a brilliant Royal Society. But the 13 hide a great story and live with enthusiasm what will be a historic opportunity for them.Nástic de Tarragona: rival of ZaragozaPopular gossip say that a drink is the best remedy for problems. In the case of Nautical There is no doubt. But it is not champagne, or cava or any other flavor with which they have been able to provide on Christmas dates, but King. The Tarragona team has lived a year to forget, in which it has been certified his descent from LaLiga SmartBank to Second Division B after four consecutive seasons in professional football and after arriving to dream that the return to First It was a real possibility. The worst thing is that it was not there: the club considered promotion as the clear objective for the season. Nothing is further from reality, the Nástic is 17th ranked, the Playoff seems utopian and there is a real risk of falling into the Third Abyss.And it is that the Nástic has had to undergo the deep changes that supposes a decrease of category. A total of 17 players last season did not continue at the Nou Estadi. One of them, Luis Suarez, in fact, is one of the revelation soccer players of the Second Division. But without regretting the losses, the club launched its project with Sergi Parès as sports director and Xavi Bartolo as new coach. The latter has already left his post because of the poor results and for not fulfilling the objective set out in his presentation: “Ascend”. It seems incredible to see a team that fought last season in the second category, but soccer always gives second chances. In this case, and with Real Zaragoza (they will meet Suárez again), they will fight to get into sixteenths.UCAM Murcia: Mirandés rivalWriting the name of UCAM Murcia can lead a neutral fan to equivocal. The basketball team adds year after year experiences in the Endesa League, while the soccer team has not yet managed to establish itself in the national elite. Only one season in the professional categories, when achieved promotion to Second Division in the 2015-15 campaign with José María Salmerón at the controls. However, it was an ephemeral joy, since in 2016-17 they descended to fall defeated by the Nástic de Tarragona on the last day In fact, it was an unexpected blow, with a second round in which he did not step on the abyss zone.However, UCAM can be satisfied in a context of enormous difficulties in Spanish football. The club was born 21 years ago and debuted in Autonomous Preferential. Subsequently, it was renamed Costa Cálida Beniaján Football Club, although he recovered the name by which he is currently known only one year later for sponsorship reasons. Nowadays, fight in Group IV of Second Division B, more for not descending than in the upper part. In Copa you will have in front of Mirandés, who already overcame the first round in trouble and seeks not to repeat experience before the entrance of the greats.CD Ebro: rival of the PonferradinaThey say that much of the magic of football is in the previous and the post-match with family and friends in the vicinity of the stadium. Clubs have also been born of football talks between drinks and food. Let them tell the Ebro Sports Club, named because it had its first headquarters in the Ebro Bar, in the city of Zaragoza. It was founded in 1942 and competed in the Amateur Championship, with no Federation yet. However, the club structures were not too solid and in 1949 he stopped participating. Years later, in 1961, he was reborn Thanks to the work of some enthusiastic fans and they have already started fighting in the regional categories of Aragonese football.It wasn’t until thirty years later, in the 1990-91 campaign, when he first played a season in Third division. Since then, meteoric progression through Second B and aspiring to premiere in professional football sooner rather than later. The new Copa del Rey is one more step to feel it, although it does not catch the Ebro again. Last year, the Valencia he appealed to the Aragonese team in the round of 16 after winning 1-2 at La Romareda and winning 1-0 at Mestalla. For now, they do not cross, since Celades are exempt by the Super Cup. If the Ebro wants revenge, he will first have to eliminate the Ponferradina.Rayo Majadahonda: rival of Tenerife2019 was a different year at least for Rayo Majadahonda. The majariego team said goodbye to their second division dream and returned to the bronze category where he now rubs shoulders with the best. You could even say that it has been a black year, although the mere fact of having tried professional football for the first time is more than enough reason to smile, regardless of the result of the season. It’s more, in the Hill it is considered an entire feat, since only six campaigns endorsed the entity in Second B. Now, the goal is clear: come back as soon as possible.This season, again, Rayo Majadahonda lives far from the media. A paradox, since until now I was playing in the local Wanda Metropolitano, for the reforms to which the Cerro del Espino had to be subjected. And even more paradox, being at the edge of the abyss during one day after another, but without falling until it did on day 38. And even more because stars like Lucas, Theo or Marcos Llorente by his quarry.Now, you will see the faces with Tenerife in the new Cup, curiously one of the sets with which the permanence was fought until the last day. In the Canary Islands, some followers claim to waste the KO tournament to tie the permanence. There is no doubt that the players will not throw the competition, although they will have a hard bone in the south of Madrid.Yeclano: Elche’s rivalThe Yeclano has stormed into Second Division B and threatens Elche with continuing the curse of LaLiga SmartBank clubs in the KO tournament. But his story was not always so comfortable. In fact, he achieved promotion thanks, in part, to a miracle of those who explain that football is much more than eleven players kicking a ball. The UCAM Murcia B got in the way of the team trained by Sandroni on the last day of the regular phase of the Third Division. At the same time and a few kilometers away, Lorca Deportiva visited the Muleño countryside. They were two points apart in the standings and the golaveraje was favorable to the Yecla team.At stake, there were much more than three points: one of the two teams would be first and, therefore, would have a double decisive opportunity in the Playoff, in addition to certifying its classification for the new format of the Copa del Rey. And he decided on the horn. It was the 92nd minute of encounter, when UCAM Murcia B won 2-1 and relegated Yeclano to second place. It was the moment of Miguel Serna, his goalkeeper, who threw himself to the auction. There was no other left, theirs needed the tie and eleven to the auction are always more than ten. Said and done, connected a great volley to the squad, which aroused the ecstasy of all present there and worked the miracle. In an interview in AS, he explained what it had meant for him: “Taking away the birth of my son, it is without a doubt the happiest moment of my life.”Later, the Yeclano swept the Escobedo (Cantabrian team that executed Málaga in the first round) and ascended to Second Division B. It was not the first time, but as if it were. The whole town took to the streets, even more than after Serna’s goal. Now he plays the Copa del Rey, without neglecting the level shown so far this season in the national domestic championship. The new KO tournament was created with the intention that the little ones could rub shoulders with the bigger ones and see deeds and goals on the bell. Elche has the lesson learned and will stoically close his goal in the final minutes. You know, miracles only come to the one who doesn’t stop believing.Badajoz: rival of Las PalmasBadajoz will meet again twenty years later with the UD Las Palmas. In the 1999-00 season, both faced in the first round of Copa del Rey, with a Canarian victory by two goals to one to double match. Now he will have only one chance to overthrow his demanding rival, firm in the fourth position of Group IV of Second Division B, just six points from Cartagena. It will not be easy, of course, since the Extremadura club has been the sixth team that has achieved the most points in the first three categories of national football in the calendar year, only behind Barcelona, ​​Atlético Baleares, UD Logroñés, Atlético de Madrid B and Osasuna.But Las Palmas will have to fight for much more than a brilliant sports year. The The club’s first roots date from August 1905 with the founding of the Sporting Club del Liceo, although it was not until 1941 when he adopted the current denomination: Club Deportivo Badajoz. Yes, in 2012 it disappeared and was subsequently refounded. However, the bases are maintained and in the minds of its protagonists it is always present to honor the home club. To do this they respond on the lawn, with numbers at the level of when the promotion to the Second Division was achieved in the 1991-92 season.Meanwhile, Badajoz remains faithful to a social and support policy for all its fans. Mehdi Nafti, his technician, impacted with a controversial message for all those who do not give oxygen to his staff: “Whoever touches my players, I tear off his head. People in the city lack humility. Both my players and I know that really when things are going well we are not so many in the mud. What remains are the faithful followers“Precisely that sector of the fans is the one that supports without quarter to his team and enjoys the numerous activities organized from the entity. On Sunday, January 5, they were able to watch the game against Yeclano on a giant screen, enjoying a Roscón de Reyes.Cultural Leonesa: rival of HuescaAll León took to the streets to celebrate the rise of his Leonesa Cultural in the 2016-17 season. However, the team could not take the opportunity and returned to Second Division B at the first exchange. Maybe fate was cruel, since they were left tied to points with Almeria and only one of Albacete. The permanence was a matter of goals and fell on the opposite side. The return to the bronze category, inevitable, now dictates the reality of a team that wants to return as soon as possible and who is putting everything on the field to achieve it. At present, the ‘Cultu’ is ranked second in Group II just three points from the Logroñés UD. To the Kingdom of León, with capacity for 13,451, the Huesca will travel, with the mind set to continue taking firm steps towards the ascent and, why not, do great things in the KO tournament. To do this, you must combat the illusion of the little one who live the Cup as a Christmas gift and whose participation is not stable year yes and year also. Perhaps the Cultural Leonesa is not the best example of this. With 96 years of history, it has been part of dozens and dozens of King’s Cups, although it has never reached the top. With the new format, the stadium as a fortress and the great moment of form can be a new opportunity to do so.Cartagena: Girona’s rivalGirona faces in the second round one of the colossi of Second Division B: Cartagena. So far, the Murcia team has imposed its law with an iron fist in Group IV to the point of becoming, at the end of October, the second team that received the least goals from the first three categories of the five European major leagues. Now, small defensive sloppings have worsened the aforementioned statistic, but the gear on which the equipment is supported operates at high gears. Of course, Christmas celebrations have not brought gifts, but, rather, an important setback.The remembered goalkeeper Gustavo Munúa was in charge of directing the harmonic football of Cartagena, but a succulent offer of Montevideo National, from the coach’s native country, has made him leave the ship in the last weeks of 2019. “It’s the team of my life, it’s my family“he acknowledged in his farewell. However, he blindly trusts that the players he has directed until then will respond to expectations:”In the dressing room there is an incredible human group and I have no doubt that this template will specify the promotion“Against the clock, the directive has already succeeded in signing its substitute. Borja Jiménez, 34, managed ascend to Mirandés to Second and has directed the Asteras Tripoli of the Greek League. Enough to take on a major challenge: return the elite to Cartagena.The club was founded in 1995 by Florentino Manzano and Carlos Conesa with the name of Cartagonova FC after the withdrawal by debts of Cartagena FC. However, it is not a re-foundation, since its ‘predecessor’ did not disappear and maintains its bases for a hypothetical future. Well, despite its short history, it has already tried several seasons in the Second Division adventure and has an important poster in the national football scene. Similarly, in order to help allocate funds to recover damage from floods, Barcelona visited the Carthaginian stadium to play a friendly last November. Difficult to do more in less, Girona again collides with a cheating duel. This Cartagena is very serious.Recreativo de Huelva: rival of FuenlabradaThe Dean of Spanish Soccer. Last Wednesday, December 18, Recreativo de Huelva celebrated nothing more and nothing less than 130 years of history. Back in 1889 the first club in the history of our borders was founded, something that will always accompany the entity. “We may not be the best or the ones with the most titles, but we have something that has none: we are the first“, ‘showed off’ Manolo Zambrano, current president, in commemorative events. Along the same lines, the official Twitter account of the club: “Pioneer, humble, historical, unique, British, blue and white“.Precisely, as part of the cult that has surrendered to its history in recent weeks, Recre has published the history of its founders. One of them, William Alexander Mackay, was a Scottish doctor who organized the first matches in the city. Later, he would become the president who has been most in office: from 1896 to 1924. Three years later he died in Scotland, the result of an illness, but not before saying goodbye to the mayor of Huelva and defining himself as “the most enthusiastic adopted son of Glorious Onuba“.But Recre is much more than a story worth telling. On the sports plane, the team does not live its best years. At present, the Huelva team occupies the equator of the table in Group IV of Second Division B. The ascent is far, but from the club is not ruled out. In fact, it is the great objective set for the near future. Since the 2014-15 season, the Dean does not step on professional football, in which he has lived most of years since his birth.UD Ibiza-Eivissa: rival of AlbaceteIbiza is a modest with real aspirations to settle in professional football. It comes from below, but its rise has been thanks, in part, to a strong economic injection. Moreover, the team was founded in 2015 by a business group, of which Amadeo Salvo was a part, and has had recognized worldwide names in its ranks. Now, is trained by Pablo Alfaro, after the stay of the exguardameta was not fruitful Andrés Palop on the island. A project that is slowly paying off and that this same campaign could fight for the promotion to LaLiga SmartBank. For the moment, the Ibiza team occupies the third position of the table in Group I of Second Division B.His qualification for the second round was somewhat more stormy than that of the rest of the members. After a heavy storm in Pasarón, the duel between Ibiza and Pontevedra had to be postponed until January 8. In the resumption, the visitors imposed their football and achieved the classification towards the crossing with Albacete, decided beforehand. Ramis will fight on the grass, for example, with Gianluca Simeone, son of the coach of Atlético de Madrid. They will not face Borriello, illustrious in the Balearic Islands, which closed its Can Misses box office last JanuaryUD Logroñés: rival of CádizThe Unión Deportiva Logroñes lived an unforgettable year 2019 and wants to start 2020 along the same road overthrowing Cádiz. If you do, of course, you will approach what have been 365 successful days, not only in sports. The team has broken the record points in a calendar year in Second Division B, with 84; He has been runner-up in the group; he reached the semifinals of Playoff; he is already a winter champion; and land was bought for his sports city. Of course, a journey in which local radios have shouted again and again that of “goooooooooool in Las Gaunas“The objective is that this transcends national media and, for this, it is necessary to promote professional football. He is on the right track, no doubt.It’s been two decades since Logroño has no representation in one of the first two categories of the national football landscape. At that time, the Logroñés Sports Club, now out of combat, fought with the best as a historical king of sport in Spain. After its multitude of problems, several clubs in the city sought to progress towards the elite, until now without success. Among all of them, the best positioned is and will remain for the moment the Logroñés Sports Union. Continuing to advance in the Cup does not give promotions, but the name of the town passes throughout the country. Do youIt will be 2020 your year? 📢 Today starts selling tickets for the #Copa del Rey! 📍Lock 1 of Las Gaunas⌚️ From Wednesday to Saturday: from 10.30 a.m. to 1.30 p.m. and from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m.Do not miss the great game, you can only see it live and live!– UD Logroñés (@UDLogrones) January 8, 2020Unionists: Deportivo’s rivalUnionistas is one of the great stories left by the second round of the Copa del Rey. And it is that its history, undoubtedly, is linked to that of the late Salamanca Sports Union. In the city, the rivalry with Salamanca CF UDS has not stopped since the creation of both and have reached the point of not having any institutional relationship. Beyond their conflicts, both try to stay out and try to pay tribute to the historic charro club, each in their own way. Unionists, through their statutes, do so: “Eternal loyalty to the UDS club, and does not try, nor ever will, to supplant or impersonate him, nor does he consider himself a representative, nor heir of said club. Unfortunately, Unión Deportiva Salamanca there was only one“.Founded in 2013, The club is governed by the criteria of popular football and has an almost unpublished organization chart in Spanish football. Last season he had nothing more and nothing less than 2,653 owners, paying their respective fee and having the opportunity to participate actively in decision making. However, there is a directive composed of ten members (chosen by the club members), which is based on a Working Group of 53 members. On the Unionists website, it is clarified that all these leaders work altruistically and do not receive any kind of remuneration for their work.Of course, a story and fundamentals far from the economic and business principle that governs football today. When it comes to sports, not everything works harmoniously. December has been a dream month, with the victory against Atlético Baleares in the first round of the Copa del Rey and the sum of ten points out of twelve possible in Second Division B. The year began in the worst possible way, being colista of his group during most of the season, but, little by little, it goes afloat. Perhaps thanks to his unconditional hobby, which leaves an encouraging video every time Unionists play in lAce Helm Tracks, regardless of the result. The Depor, also in low hours, has reason to worry.Barakaldo: Rayo Vallecano’s rivalUnfortunately, The history of football clubs does not always stay on the pitch. The Barakaldo is currently suffering a deep economic crisis due to a debt of more than one million euros with Social Security. This situation has led the entity to enter creditors contest, in order to avoid its disappearance. With more than 100 years behind it, the Biscay club faces its most complicated game, but not only will it have eleven players to win it but also thousands and thousands of throats spread throughout Spain. Leaving the accounts aside, the Cup is always a reason to smile.Barakaldo will face Rayo Vallecano in the second round, club with which it maintains a great relationship. At least, that seems after the declaration of intentions of the one who will be a local at the butcher crossing. The Federation of Peñas of the Madrid team published on its Twitter account different offers to move to Vizcaya to follow the game and the official profile of the club praised them: “We take this opportunity to wish you a happy holiday and tell you that we will be delighted to receive such an exemplary, hardworking and humble hobby. Barakaldo and Vallecas have many similarities and their people are very similar. You will be more than welcome. “On the grass, friendship will be set aside because the prize can only be for one: the qualification for the 16th of Copa del Rey.last_img read more

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Marcial mum on top PBA post

first_imgJiro Manio arrested for stabbing man in Marikina Carpio hits red carpet treatment for China Coast Guard PLAY LIST 02:14Carpio hits red carpet treatment for China Coast Guard02:56NCRPO pledges to donate P3.5 million to victims of Taal eruption00:56Heavy rain brings some relief in Australia02:37Calm moments allow Taal folks some respite03:23Negosyo sa Tagaytay City, bagsak sa pag-aalboroto ng Bulkang Taal01:13Christian Standhardinger wins PBA Best Player award LATEST STORIES Brian Heruela arrival bolsters Phoenix backcourt, defense MOST READ Salvador seizes early lead at Eagle ridge Steam emission over Taal’s main crater ‘steady’ for past 24 hours Don’t miss out on the latest news and information. Meralco ‘never the same’ after Almazan injury in PBA Finals Lights inside SMX hall flicker as Duterte rants vs Ayala, Pangilinan anewcenter_img Scottie Thompson also worthy of Finals MVP, thinks Cone “I’d rather wait when the 30 days are over,” Marcial told sportswriters on Wednesday during the first Philippine Sportswriters Association (PSA) Forum for the year at Tapa King-Farmers Market in Cubao.“I don’t know whether it (PBA commissioner) will be given to me. What are their expectations (from me), and also my expectations from them. That’s why I can’t say anything.”FEATURED STORIESSPORTSTim Cone, Ginebra set their sights on elusive All-Filipino crownSPORTSGinebra beats Meralco again to capture PBA Governors’ Cup titleSPORTSAfter winning title, time for LA Tenorio to give back to Batangas folkMarcial was appointed OIC after the resignation of former Commissioner Chito Narvasa became effective at the start of the year. OSG plea to revoke ABS-CBN franchise ’a duplicitous move’ – Lacson OSG plea to revoke ABS-CBN franchise ’a duplicitous move’ – Lacson Willie MarcialWillie Marcial said he would wait for his appointment as PBA officer-in-charge to lapse before making plans amid reports that several parties were pushing for him to be formally named league commissioner.Marcial was given 30 days as league caretaker and has already put in place noteworthy projects that the league could pursue if it awards him a tenured post as commissioner.ADVERTISEMENT Redemption is sweet for Ginebra, Scottie Thompson View comments Sports Related Videospowered by AdSparcRead Nextlast_img read more

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US Envoy, LWSC, Others Break Ground for US$5M Water Project in Robertsport

first_imgThe ground-breaking ceremony for a US$5 million water project took place in Robertsport, Grand Cape Mount County last Thursday, January 16.The project is being implemented by the Liberian Municipal Water Project (LMWP) with support from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).The ceremony was graced by the United States Ambassador to Liberia, Madam Deborah Malac, USAID’s Global Water Coordinator, Chris Holmes, LWSC Managing Director, Mr. Charles Allen, top US Embassy officials, as well as many  distinguished Liberians.Speaking at the program Ambassador Malac reminded all that access to clean water in Liberia still remains low, despite the developmental progress made since the end of the civil crisis. in 2003.Amb. Malac placed emphasis on the fact that more than a quarter of Liberian citizens lack access to safe drinking water.“That is why we are pleased to join you today to officially launch the construction of a water pipeline extension from the water treatment plant into your area,” she declared.“Rebuilding Liberia’s – Robertsport’s included – water infrastructure is no easy task. I know this pipeline extension has been a long time coming, and I’m looking forward to seeing the full renovation of Robertsport’s former water treatment plant and installation of pipe-borne water points throughout the city as much as you are,” the American Ambassador said.She congratulated the local steering committee, LWSC managers, staff, employees, chiefs, elders and others associated with the water project for preparations and work so far initiated.“I know you have worked tirelessly with support from the LMWP to finalize the designs, sign contracts, and secure land for the various points throughout the city. You have undertaken the kind of careful planning that sustainable water demands,” praised the Ambassador.She furthered that the U.S. Government has been supporting the project since 2011 by undertaking feasibility studies and developing master designs with local leadership to establish an institutional framework for Robertsport’s water system.“We are committed to seeing this work through to completion, in partnership with the LWSC, the Liberian Government, and the Local Steering Committee,” Ambassador Malac assured.She, however, reminded Liberians that the project would not happen overnight and that USAID would work hard with the LWSC to get the next phase of construction moving later this year.According to the Ambassador, the water treatment plant and pipe-line extension would see the immediate benefit of clean water to 200 households and nearly 1,000 citizens and residents of Robertsport.In brief remarks, the Managing Director of the LWSC, Mr. Charles Allen, pointed out that as a major custodian of water initiatives in Liberia the dream for the provision of quality water to Liberians, businesses and foreign residents, was indeed in sight.Mr. Allen expressed delight over efforts of the LWSC and its support partners, especially USAID. He said their assistance would help the Liberian Government in its drive to restore pipe-borne water to all parts of the country, on a gradual and steady basis.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

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AfDB, WHO Frown on Embargoes against Ebola-Affected Countries

first_imgThe President of the African Development Bank (AfDB) along with the Regional Director of the World Health Organization (WHO) have taken exception to decisions by some countries to cancel flights and other investment activities with countries affected by the Ebola virus.Dr. Donald Kaberuka of the AfDB and Dr. Luis Gomez Sambo of the WHO both articulated their concerns during a visit with President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Wednesday, August 27, at the Foreign Ministry in Monrovia.With some African countries and international airlines withdrawing their people and cancelling flights to Liberia, Dr. Kaberuka stressed that the withdrawal actions by those countries concerned do not have scientific backing.He said such actions only help to worsen the situation in Liberia and other affected countries and not to help the situation.He added that the actions by these countries would further  stall the economies of the affected countries and lead to other problems.He called on investors to reconsider their decisions to remain consistent with their plan and not to take actions  that will create a stigma for people in Ebola-affected countries.Dr. Kaberuka asserted that besides the US$60 million AfDB has contributed to fight Ebola in affected countries, the institution still plans to commit more resources to fight and defeat the virus.Dr. Luis Gomez Samba of WHO also made it clear that the travel ban by some airlines and countries is not endorsed by the WHO.Such an action compromises efforts by international experts to come to the aid of the affected countries to provide the technical expertise needed in helping to eradicate the disease, he declared.He assured the Liberian government that WHO would use the US$60 million donated by AfDB to combat the disease until it is eradicated.Meanwhile, the travel ban and restrictions by some international airlines and African countries had earlier claimed the attention of Foreign Minister, Augustine K. Ngafuan.In his latest comment, Minister Ngafuan took exception to what he termed as “exaggerated actions” by some African countries to restrict their people from coming to Liberia or staying in Liberia.One African country to take such decision was South Africa that withdrew its citizens from Liberia and cautioned those wanting to come not to do so because of the Ebola outbreak in the Mano River Union sub-region.Already neighboring Ivory Coast had taken the lead in stopping Liberians from entering its territorial confines and halting ships from Liberia entering there, or stopping ships docking there from entering Liberia.Of late, Guinea where the Ebola outbreak began and subsequently spread by Guineans traveling to Liberia, also shut its borders with the country.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

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Baker Tilly-Liberia Ex-Administrator Charged with US$42K Theft

first_imgPrecious K. Randolph, 31, a former administrative assistant and audit associate of Baker Tilly-Liberia, formerly (VOSCON), a provider of professional accountancy services, yesterday appeared before the Monrovia City Court, at the Temple of Justice for theft of US$42, 465.Madam Randolph was arrested on March 24, in relation to an investigation linking her to an illegal withdrawal of   US$42,465 from Ecobank-Liberia account number 0011014700160904 belonging to an international company identified as GIP Esther of Paris, France.At yesterday’s hearing, Magistrate Kennedy Peabody sent defendant Randolph to the Monrovia Central Prison to wait trial, apparently based on her legal team’s delay in securing her bail.She has been charged with two counts of theft of property and misapplication of entrusted property, which is a bailable offence.Madam Randolph was assigned to manage GIP’s account at Ecobank –Liberia, according to court documents.The court documents allege that Baker Tilly also has an agreement with GIP Esther of Paris, France to manage and supervise that company’s funds at the bank.The defendant was arrested, after police received a complaint from Baker Tilly-Liberia manager, Theo Dekonty Joseph, alleging that from December 2012 to 2014, the defendant fraudulently withdrew money from the bank.The police alleged that during their preliminary investigations, defendant Randolph admitted to the commission of the crime, contending, however, that the amount of US$42,458 was overstated by her former employer.Police quoted defendant Randolph as saying “the actual amount withdrawn without authorization and converted to my personal use is US$39, 015. 53.”The court document also quoted police claiming that Madam Randolph said the amount in question was withdrawn by her when she served as administrative assistant and audit associate of Baker Tilly-Liberia.The police also claimed that the defendant was represented by one of her legal counsels, Cllr. Albert Sim, during the investigation.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

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Beaten bandit reappears in court

first_imgBeaten bandit Patrick Goodluck, 22, of North Sophia, Georgetown, appeared before Magistrate Judy Latchman as the trial into the robbery commenced.He was jointly charged with Colin Amos, 21, of 72 Sophia, Georgetown, for robbery under arms and possession.On their first appearance, Goodluck and Amos both pleaded not guilty to the charge which alleged that on August 17, at Georgetown, they attempted to commit robbery under arms and they attempted to rob Roger Lovell.They were both apprehended and given a severe beating by residents of North Sophia.During Wednesday’s hearing, Magistrate Latchman was informed that both defendants were given different dates to appear in court, as such she set the matter for September 6, when both Goodluck and Amos will appear before herlast_img

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World Bank Projects Drop In Economic Growth Rates in Sub-Saharan Africa

first_imgThe World Bank on Monday projected a drop in the economic growth rate of Sub-Saharan Africa from 4.5 percent in 2014 to 4.0 percent in 2015 with even slower rates for Liberia with 3.0 and -0.2 for Sierra Leone and Guinea.The bank’s Chief Economist for Africa, Francisco Ferreira, made the disclosure during a live video conference to inaugurate `Africa Pulse’, a World Bank Group analysis on issues shaping Africa’s economic prospects. The conference was also monitored in Liberia at their World Bank Congo Town office.According to him, the downturn largely reflects the fall in the prices of oil and other commodities.“The 2015 forecast is below the 4.4 per cent average annual growth rate of the past two decades and well short of Africa’s peak growth rates of 6.4 per cent in 2002 to 2008.“Excluding South Africa, the average growth forecast for the rest of Sub-Saharan Africa is around 4.7 per cent”, Ferreira said.He indicated that an average decline, in terms of trade for Africa is about 18 percent; a development he said would lead to losses in purchasing power for the region.“The decline in oil and commodity prices was among the challenges undermining the developmental gains made in the Sub-Saharan African,” Mr. Ferreira added.He said the Bank in this year’s annual report on the state of Africa’s economy, “Africa’s Purse” released in Washington on Monday at the start of its 2015 Spring Meetings, blamed the continent’s dependence on primary commodities (iron ore, oil palm and crude oil) and the sharp fall in these commodities.“The transmission of the commodity price shock through the current account. Thus, sharply lower oil prices will reduce export earnings of oil exporters and put pressure on the current account balance and the exchange rate (by contract, lower oil prices will reduce pressure on the current account of oil importers),” he asserted. In Mr. Ferreira’s mind, if the nominal exchange rate is allowed to adjust, that is depreciated; it will make other exports more competitive and boost activities in the tradable goods sectors.He noted that the depreciation of currency, in turn, raises the price of imported goods, pushing up inflation. The implication for second round effects on higher price of imported goods will depend on the stance of monetary policy. Lower oil prices will also reduce fiscal revenues from oil, putting pressure on fiscal balances.”The report further said that Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone stand to lose significant portion gross domestic product (GDP)—Liberia US$180 million, Sierra Leone US$920 million and Guinea US$540 million. It projects via mobile phone surveys significant unemployment in Liberia and small enterprise closures in Sierra Leone.“As of late March 2015, the cumulative number of cases neared 25,000 and deaths surpassed 10,000. Over the course of 2014, Ebola killed roughly twice as many people as malaria in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone, and it killed about the same number of tuberculosis, even without taking likely undercounting of Ebola deaths into account.“Furthermore, the economic impact in those countries has been massive. In the second half of 2014, all three countries saw flat or negative income growth. Forecasts for 2015, with ongoing investor aversion, are sobering, with contractions in Guinea and Sierra Leone, and projected growth in Liberia less than half what was predicted before the crisis,” the report adds.Also speaking at a conference monitored in Liberia via video, one of the co-authors of the report and World Bank Lead Economist for Africa, Punam Chuhan-Pole, said the release on the report further that Ebola-affected countries would find it “difficult moving forward” but said they could make a strong recovery if they carry on structural reforms on their economies—moving from a primary market-based economies to those of diverse economies but investing in secondary commodities as well as reduce barriers to trading in these commodities.She said beyond macroeconomic policies, there was the need for structural reforms to ignite and sustain productivity growth in all sectors in the region.Chuhan-Pole, also said the region should focus on policies that would promote growth, adding that the poor should be considered when implementing structural reforms.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img
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Injured Alli out of England friendly with Swiss

first_imgAlli may not have played for the World Cup semi-finalists in any case as England manager Gareth Southgate is believed to be set on making radical changes to the starting line-up against a side that reached the last 16 of the World Cup.Southgate — who would become the first England manager to suffer four successive defeats if the Swiss prevail — is not calling up a replacement for Alli having already bolstered his squad with uncapped young Leicester City duo, defender Ben Chilwell and winger Demerai Gray.0Shares0000(Visited 1 times, 1 visits today) 0Shares0000England midfielder Dele Alli is injured and misses the friendly with Switzerland © AFP / Paul ELLISLONDON, United Kingdom, Sep 10 – England midfielder Dele Alli will miss Tuesday’s friendly in Leicester with Switzerland because of a minor muscle strain, the Football Association announced Monday.The 22-year-old Tottenham Hotspur star suffered the injury in Saturday’s 2-1 defeat to Spain in the Nations League.last_img read more

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Hawksbee and Jacobs daily – Friday, September 4

first_imgListen to the best bits from today’s show with Paul Hawksbee and Andy Jacobs.last_img

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Exclusive – Shay Given: Ireland CAN upset Germany

first_imgGoalkeeper Shay Given insists Republic of Ireland are confident of causing a shock upset against world champions Germany as they prepare for their crucial Euro 2016 qualifying tie on Thursday.Automatic qualification for the finals in France is still within reach for the Irish, who going into the home clash in third place in a competitive Group D.World Cup winners Germany top the group with 19 points, Poland are second on 17 while Ireland sit one place back with 15.A draw for Germany on Thursday will see them through, but a shock three points against the world champions would see Martin O’Neill’s side pull clear of Home Nation rivals Scotland, who are still in with a shout at a play-off place.Republic of Ireland travel to face Poland – led by deadly in-form striker Robert Lewandowski – after their Germany tie, but veteran glovesman Given is sure the side can claim a result against the champions in front of a packed home crowd.“It’s going to be a difficult game, of course it is, Germany are world champions for a reason and they’ve got world class players all over the pitch,” he told the Alan Brazil Sports Breakfast.“But we all take heart from the Scottish performance, they scored two goals past them, so you never know on the night.“If we all put in a real a 10/10 performance we can maybe upset them. We’ll try and get a result, that’s all you can do against the world champions.“We do not fear the game, we’re looking forward to it. It’s an exciting game to be involved in as a player, to play the best team in the world in Dublin in your home stadium, it’s fantastic to be involved in and we’re all looking forward to it.“We’ve got some good attacking players in the team, we can’t just sit back for 90 minutes as they will punish you, so we will need to get at them.“The crowd will play a huge part as well, it’s a sell out at the Aviva Stadium and we need the 12th man behind us.”last_img read more

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