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Opera 12 arrives and its faster than ever

first_imgFor nearly a year now, Opera has been working away on the next major version of their desktop web browser. That’s an eternity between releases in today’s ultra-competitive browser market, where new versions of Chrome and Firefox pop up every month and a half. So was it worth the wait?My initial reaction is “yes.” Opera 12 is faster than ever, and it’s clear that the company spent a great deal of time honing its performance. On my Windows 8 system, Opera’s Sunspider benchmark scores were nearly identical to Chrome’s — and Opera 12 even came out ahead in a handful of tests. With Opera 12’s support for hardware rendering turned on, it beat Chrome in every category.Solid benchmarks are nice, but they’re not necessarily a great indication of how a browser will fare in real-world use. But with tweaks aimed at crushing network latency and a more efficient rendering process, Opera remains speedy while surfing web pages and running apps like Gmail. Opera 12 also features a number of under-the-hood changes designed to improve the performance of pages served over SSL connections. That’s great news for users, as more and more of the web apps we use are moving to SSL by default.Not only are you getting a faster browser with Opera 12, but you’re getting a more stable one, too. Just as Chrome and Firefox do, Opera 12 now isolates plug-ins in a separate process. Should your favorite Flash-based game lock up while you’re playing, your other tabs will remain responsive as ever.What else is new in Opera 12? There’s a totally revamped theme system, support for Mozilla’s Do Not Track header, improvements to Opera’s browser extension framework, and native 64-bit support for Windows and Mac users. As you’d expect from a company that prides itself on standards compliance, handling of HTML5 has been improved as well.Opera 12 is worth tying out, and if you’re OK with flipping the switch on an experimental feature or two, here’s a tip. Enable hardware acceleration by setting the value here (opera:config#Enable%20Hardware%20Acceleration) to 1 before you kick the tires. It makes an already fast browser that much faster.More at Operalast_img read more

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Photos Anarchy in Hong Kong parliament as politicians scuffle over extradition row

first_img May 11th 2019, 11:27 AM Saturday 11 May 2019, 11:27 AM By AFP Pro-democracy lawmaker Wu Chi-wai tangles with security guards Source: Vincent Yu/PA ImagesANGER OVER HONG Kong’s controversial plans to allow extraditions to the Chinese mainland boiled over in the city’s legislature today as rival lawmakers scuffled with each other in chaotic scenes.The tension between the two sides – one led by pro-democracy lawmaker James To and the other by pro-Beijing member Abraham Shek – reached a crescendo over who controlled a meeting to discuss the government’s controversial proposals.  Source: Kin Cheung/PA ImagesRancour between the two political camps then exploded with rival lawmakers shouting and tussling amidst a dense pack of reporters.Pro-democracy lawmaker Gary Fan collapsed and was carried out from the chamber on a stretcher, while others from the pro-Beijing camp claimed they were wounded. Pro-democracy lawmaker Chan Chi-chuen, center behind, scuffles with pro-Beijing lawmaker Cheng Wing-shun, center front Source: Vincent Yu/PA Images“We couldn’t possibly agree to the suggestion that our meeting chaired by James To should be suspended in any way, because it is completely constitutional and legal,” pro-democracy lawmaker Claudia Mo said after the meeting. Pro-Beijing lawmaker Shek insisted it is “legal” for him to host the meeting. Source: Kin Cheung/PA ImagesExtradition fearsHong Kong’s government is pushing a bill through the city’s legislature which would allow case-by-case extraditions to any jurisdictions it doesn’t have an already agreed treaty with, including mainland China, Macau and Taiwan.The plan has sparked huge protests and mounting alarm within the city’s business and legal communities – as well as foreign governments – who fear it will hammer the city’s international appeal and tangle people up in China’s court system. Pro-democracy lawmaker Gary Fan Kwok-wai lies on the floor after the clash Source: Kin Cheung/PA ImagesHistorically Hong Kong has baulked at mainland extraditions because of the opacity of China’s criminal justice system and its liberal use of the death penalty.Tens of thousands of people hit the streets last month to protest against the bill.With reporting from Seán Murray© AFP 2019  14 Comments 15,266 Views Photos: Anarchy in Hong Kong parliament as politicians scuffle over extradition row Two sides of the row were arguing over who was leading a meeting to discuss the proposed extradition policy. Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Share2 Tweet Email Short URLlast_img read more

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My Greek Table student competition

first_imgThe Modern Greek Teachers’ Association of Victoria is once again organising a student competition for 2012. The topic is My Greek Table. The competition is open to primary and secondary students who are learning Greek in Year Levels 3 to 10. The language used for this competition must be Greek. Primary school (Years 3-6): Students will be able to enter a piece of work that may include drawings and written explanations or text on the theme of the competition. Secondary school (Years 7-10): Students will be able to enter a piece of work that includes ideas (drawings and written) on the theme of the competition. The winning students will be awarded cash prizes donated by Modern Greek Teachers’ Association of Victoria. The evaluation will be based on the appropriate use of the Greek language (spelling, syntax, vocabulary, information), the quality of the illustrations that accompany the story, the presentation of work and use of creative elements. Each entry should have the name of the student, class and school written on the back of the work being submitted for the competition. Entries for the competition must be submitted by Friday 8 June 2012. The entries must be sent to the MGTAV: PO Box 332 Carlton South 3053. For more information please contact the MGTAV Student Competition Coordinators: Andrea Garivaldis (Tel: 0401208013, Email: and Niki Farfara (Tel: 0407632805, Email: Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

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Internet mobile des factures plafonnées à 50 euros

first_imgInternet mobile : des factures plafonnées à 50 euros Europe – L’Union européenne prépare un système de plafond de facturation pour l’internet mobile. Ce maximum de 50 euros, déjà en vigueur facultativement, sera obligatoire le 1er juillet prochain.Les prix des télécommunications en Europe ont tendance à baisser. Une volonté politique des instances de l’Union qui, le 1er juillet, imposeront un plafond obligatoire aux opérateurs européens : leurs abonnés à l’internet mobile recevront ainsi une facture maximum de 50 euros. L’internaute sera prévenu lorsqu’il atteindra 80% de sa consommation mensuelle, puis ne pourra plus se connecter à Internet lorsque son forfait aura été entièrement utilisé. Pour le moment, ce plafond est facultatif et se fait à la demande du consommateur. Ce système doit éviter les surfacturations comme celles dont ont été victimes plusieurs clients d’Orange. Jonathan Todd, porte-parole de la Commission européenne liée aux télécoms, souligne : “Cela permet effectivement d’éviter les chocs lors de la réception des factures.”Le 2 mars 2010 à 13:14 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

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Local animal law required release of a pit bull that killed a

first_imgNo one from the Humane Society for Southwest Washington knows how a pit bull named Jane made her way to Vancouver or where she is now. Clark County Animal Protection and Control doesn’t know, either.Neither does Maria Gonzalez. But she remembers the grim day at her daughter’s house when she heard agitated barking from the backyard and saw Jane’s teeth clenching Princess, the family’s pet Chihuahua. She also remembers Galaxy, the family’s other Chihuahua, futilely biting and barking at the strange dog.Gonzalez said the pit bull released Princess after she called Galaxy, who was hesitant to leave her wounded companion, to come inside. The pit bull turned to Galaxy as she made her retreat, and Gonzalez slammed the house’s sliding glass door on the pursuing dog’s nose. With the door shut, the snarling pit bull took a running start and slammed against the door so hard, Gonzalez said, she worried it would shatter.“It was almost like she wanted to attack anything that was smaller,” recalled Gonzalez, with her daughter, Ana Govea, translating from Spanish.That afternoon, Nov. 4, Gonzalez said, she was watching her grandsons and a friend’s baby. She rushed the kids into a bedroom and locked Galaxy in a kennel and stowed it in the laundry room. The frantic pit bull continued charging the glass door and running around the backyard, leaping at the window of the room where she’d put the children, she said.When the police arrived, Princess was already dead or dying in the backyard. The pit bull had calmed down and was happily playing with a soccer ball in the family’s front yard. Her mouth and neck were marked with blood.last_img read more

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Amid growing global demand for aircraft mechanics local training program opens in

first_imgYuut Elitnaurviat is opening an aircraft mechanic training program with its first cohort beginning February 2019. (Photo by Anna Rose MacArthur/KYUK)Airplanes connect rural Alaska to the world, and all those planes need mechanics to maintain and fix them. The Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta has a severe shortage of aircraft mechanics, and it’s expected that a shortage will soon be felt across the world’s airline industry. A new Bethel training program wants to fill the gap with local workers.Listen nowInside a bright white hanger at the airport sits a fleet of small, multi-colored airplanes.“We have Cessnas. We have Pipers. We have a Bonanza, a Navajo Chieftain, we have a Cherokee 140,” Mike Hoffman, executive director at Yuut Elitnaurviat, said as he pointed around the hanger.These are some of the most common planes flown in the region. Yuut Elitnaurviat is the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta’s adult workforce development program, and it’s opening an aircraft mechanic school in Bethel. Hoffman takes pride in that many of the program’s planes, and the resources to get them there, were donated.“I went up to McGrath and took the wings off that blue one that’s in the back there with my brother Jeff, and threw it on a barge that my other brother was the captain of, and he brought it down for free,” Hoffman said. “It’s just people understanding this school and what it’s going to bring to the region.”What it will bring is local people earning local training to fill critical local jobs in the region of the state that has the lowest per capita income and highest unemployment rate.“Virtually every airline that I know of here is looking for mechanics,” said Keith Henthorn, business manager for regional airline Yute Commuter Service.None of the airline’s mechanics are Bethel residents. Instead, they come from Fairbanks or Anchorage, or even out of state.“You know, I just Tuesday offered a guy from Florida $42 an hour to come up here and be a mechanic for me,” Henthorn shared.Henthorn would rather hire locals and keep that money in the region. He could hire five mechanics today. Local hires would both serve the community and boost the airline’s bottom line. Bringing in outside workers is expensive. It costs flights, housing, and — because of the shortage of employees — overtime. Having fewer mechanics creates less effective airlines. The deficit clogs up the system with grounded planes, delayed flights, backed up freight, and disgruntled passengers.“Our goal is to have 10 aircraft available every day,” Henthorn explained. “Typically, we have eight. Now we still get most of the things flown that we need to get flown. Just makes it for a little bit longer business day than is practical in most environments.”The population of the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta is growing, and Yute Commuter Service wants to grow with it. To do that, they’ll need more mechanics, and so will the rest of the region’s airlines. Yuut Elitnaurviat’s aircraft mechanic program can nearly guarantee jobs for graduates. That’s what Programs Director Jeremy Osborne found when he surveyed the regional airlines.“They said if we could turn out magically maybe 300 airplane mechanics, they would probably be able to employ all over the Y-K Delta,” Osborne said. “I mean Ravn [Alaska] and Grant [Aviation] are not just in the Y-K Delta. They have Nome, Unalakleet, all the villages up there.”Graduates could work anywhere. Over the next two decades, Boeing predicts North America will need 189,000 more aircraft mechanics. Worldwide, Boeing forecasts the demand will reach 754,000. A national shortage of aircraft mechanics is expected to appear in four years as baby boomers retire, and the U.S. Senate has recognized the problem. This spring, the Senate passed a bill to provide half a million dollars to aircraft mechanic programs like Yuut Elitnaurviat’s.It could be said that when it comes to job opportunity and security in this field, well, the sky’s the limit.“You could go down to Anchorage. You could go down to Texas,” Osborne said. “You could go anywhere, and this credential follows you.”The first cohort of mechanics begins February 2019 and runs a year and a half. If you’re interested in applying for Yuut Elitnaurviat’s aviation maintenance program, call 907-543-0999.last_img read more

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Chennai floods Shares of auto IT cement companies affected by disruption

first_imgHeavy rain and flooding in Chennai had an adverse effect on the stock exchanges, as shares of companies with operations in the city saw a decline.Automobile and IT companies including TVS Motor and Infosys have suffered a major disruption to their operations in Chennai due to incessant rain.Amid rising concern over its operations being hit by heavy rain in Chennai, shares of two-wheeler manufacturer TVS Motor plunged nearly 5% on Wednesday on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE), while the benchmark indices traded marginally lower.”Incessant rain for the past three weeks in Chennai have had an adverse effect on the company’s production during the period. The company’s suffered sales loss of approximately 15,000 units due to inclement weather,” said TVS Motor in a statement to the BSE.Similarly, stocks prices of commercial-vehicle-maker Ashok Leyland have fallen more than 4% in the past three trading sessions due to excessive rain in Chennai. Its plant at Ennore on the outskirts of Chennai contributes to 40% of its overall production, NDTV Profit reported.Shares of IT firms, which have many offices in Chennai, have also witnessed a decline. The sectoral BSE IT index fell about 1% compared to the just 0.2% decline the benchmark index.While the shares of India’s second-largest IT firm Infosys traded 1.5% lower, TCS shares erased all losses to trade flat.”As a precautionary measure for the safety of our employees due to flooding at the Infosys campuses in Chennai, we have closed our offices today. To ensure client commitments are met, we are managing work from other locations,” said Infosys.Cement and oil-refining companies have also been adversely impacted by the heavy downpour in Chennai. Cement-manufacturer India Cements saw its share prices slump around 4%, while Chennai Petroleum Corp shares traded nearly 2% lower.Chennai Petroleum Corp, a subsidiary of Indian Oil Corp, said it could suspend operations in one of its three refining units located in Tamil Nadu.AUTOMOBILE FIRMSAmong automobile firms, Hyundai, Ford and Renault have temporarily suspended operations at their plants.”We have suspended three shifts, one last night and two shifts for today, at our plant due to the rain,” a Hyundai Motor India Ltd official said, reports PTI. Resumption of operations will depend on the emerging situation, according to the official.Hyundai’s Chennai plant has a capacity to produce around 6.8 lakh vehicles annually.Ford India has also suspended operations at its Chennai plant.”Continued heavy rains in Chennai have resulted in significant flooding in the area with many roads impassable. For the safety of our employees, we have halted production at our Chennai assembly and engine plants on Wednesday, December 2,” a company spokesperson said in a statement.Ford’s Chennai plant has a capacity to produce 3.4 lakh engines and 2 lakh cars annually.Renault India has also said operations at its Chennai plant have been suspended for a day on Wednesday. The Renault-Nissan Alliance plant in Chennai has a capacity to roll out up to 4.8 lakh vehicles per year.”Today we are not operating at the plant. The safety of our employees is paramount. We are monitoring the situation closely and resumption of operations will depend entirely on the weather improving,” Renault India operations country CEO and managing director Sumit Sawhney said, according to PTI.Meanwhile, rain fury in Chennai and other parts of Tamil Nadu are likely to cause a financial loss in excess of Rs 15,000 crore, said industry body Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (Assocham).It urged the Modi government to immediately announce an appropriate relief and rehabilitation package for the industry in Tamil Nadu. The chamber said that small and medium enterprises, automobile and engineering industries, textiles and tourism have been badly affected.last_img read more

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German woman missing in Kerala wanted to visit Amritapuri Ashram

first_img[Representational Image]TwitterThe Kerala Police are investigating a missing woman case after receiving a complaint about the disappearance of a German citizen from the state capital, Thiruvananthapuram.Lisa Weise came to Kerala three months ago in March and went missing soon after her arrival. The Thiruvananthapuram police registered a case after the complaint was forwarded to Kerala Police chief Loknath Behra by the German consulate.The complaint filed by Lisa’s family stated that she left for Kerala on March 5 and arrived on March 7. It is reported that she was travelling with a UK citizen named Muhammed Ali. Both of them were headed to the Amritapuri Ashramam in Kollam district but no one has heard from Lisa while Muhammed Ali went back on March 15.The police are collecting information from Muhammed. Her travel documents state Amritapuri as her destination, but the Ashram officials said that she did not report there. They said that the details of all the people entering the Ashram are recorded by them.While Lisa’s visa was supposed to expire on May 5, the police are yet to ascertain if she left the country from any other transit points. Her grandmother claimed that she has not heard from Lisa since her departure from Germany, reports The Hindu.The Valiyuthura police have formed a special team and are investigating over the matter. The team headed by Assistant Commissioner R Ilango is checking travel documents all around the country to get a lead on the missing woman.last_img read more

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5 put on 3day remand in Wari explosive case

5 put on 3day remand in Wari explosive case

first_imgA Dhaka court on Thursday sent five individuals on remand for 4 days in an explosive case filed with Wari police station.Dhaka Juvenile court sent one of the accused Mosharraf Hossain, 13, a class-IX student to jail on the same charges.Dhaka metropolitan magistrate Pranab Kumar Whui passed the order rejecting the bails prayers.Quoting case statement filed by the police on Wednesday night, Md Quamrul Islam, DB inspector and investigation officer of the case said DB police arrested six people while they were planning subversive activities against the government at a mess in Banogram 20-no lane in the capital’s Wari.Family members of five youths demanded to know the whereabouts of their children, who have been remained traceless since 12 September after picked up by plainclothesmen from Airport and Jatrabari areas.According to the family sources, DB police picked up three youths-Shafiul, Monirul, Hayat-from airport area on 12 September.In another incident on the same day, DB police also picked up class-IX student Mosharaf Hossain Maaz and his two roommates from a mess at Mirzabari in Jatrabari.last_img read more

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HC summons top DNCC DSCC officials over dengue

HC summons top DNCC DSCC officials over dengue

first_imgFemale aedes mosquitoThe High Court on Monday summoned the chief health officers of the two city corporations of Dhaka to appear before it on 25 July to explain their failure in controlling mosquitoes in the city, reports UNB.The HC bench of justice Tariq ul Hakim and justice Shohrowardi passed the order after receiving a report on the steps taken by the two city corporations to destroy Aedes mosquitoes for preventing the spread of dengue and Chikonguniya viruses.The High Court also expressed dissatisfaction over the joint compliance report of the two city corporations submitted before it.Assistant attorney general Saira Fairoz submitted the report which said medicines are being spread across the capital for killing mosquitoes in addition to taking steps to create mass awareness.Referring to the reports, the HC in its observation said, “The court is not happy with the steps taken by the two city corporations and it clearly shows that they’ve failed to take any effective measure. Had they taken any measure then people would not have been admitted to hospitals. We don’t see anyone getting admitted to hospital with dengue virus.”On 16 July, the High Court had asked the authorities concerned to take effective measures within 24 hours to destroy Aedes mosquito for preventing the spread of dengue and Chikonguniya.It had passed a suomoto order after taking cognisance of the reports of dengue fever and Aedes mosquito published in different newspapers.It had also asked the two city corporations and other respondents to inform the court about the steps taken for controlling dengue and chikanguniya within 22 July.The HC issued a rule asking the government to explain as to why the ineffectiveness of the respondents in controlling aedes mosquito should not be declared illegal and why action should not be taken against them for failure to take effective measures.The mayors of Dhaka North and South city Corporations, chief executive officer of the two city corporations, health secretary, LGRD secretary, director general of the Directorate of Director General of Health Services (DGHS) have been made respondents to the rule.last_img read more

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Superconducting refrigerator cools via tunneling cascade

Superconducting refrigerator cools via tunneling cascade

first_img Journal information: Applied Physics Letters Citation: Superconducting refrigerator cools via tunneling cascade (2014, June 19) retrieved 18 August 2019 from In a new paper published in Applied Physics Letters, a team of researchers, M. Camarasa-Gómez, et al., from Italy and France, has proposed a new design for a superconducting refrigerator in which cooling is performed in a cascade of steps. Due to this multistage operation, the refrigerator can cool down a normal metal from 0.5 K to 100 mK with improved performance compared to similar refrigerators.Superconducting refrigerators are typically composed of superconductors (S), normal metals (N), and tunnel barriers (I) that are often arranged in a symmetric configuration; for example, SINIS. When a voltage is applied to the superconductors, hot quasiparticles in the normal metal tunnel through the tunnel barriers to the superconductors, cooling the normal metal. The proposed design consists of the SINIS configuration with an additional superconducting tunnel contact on each end: S2IS1INIS1IS2. A voltage is applied to the S2 superconductors, causing hot quasiparticles to first tunnel from the normal metal to the S1 superconductors, and then to the S2 superconductors. Each tunneling event removes heat, resulting in a heat current that flows from the inside to the outside of the refrigerator. “A cascade geometry allows to cool a first superconducting stage, which is used as a local thermal bath in a second stage,” the researchers explain in their paper. This cascade cooling method requires that the components have certain properties, in particular resistances, in order to operate correctly. The researchers expect that these requirements can be easily implemented in a practical device using a combination of vanadium, aluminum, and copper.The superconducting cascade electron refrigerator could be used for cooling both microscopic and macroscopic objects, including ultracold sensors for astronomical instruments. Explore further The superconducting cascade electron refrigerator, with a S2IS1INIS1IS2 configuration, can cool a metal from 0.5 K to 100 mK in a cascading two-step process. Credit: M. Camarasa-Gómez, et al. ©2014 AIP Publishing LLC © 2014 Phys.orgcenter_img Quantum refrigerator offers extreme cooling and convenience This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. More information: M. Camarasa-Gómez, et al. “Superconducting cascade electron refrigerator.” Applied Physics Letters 104, 192601 (2014). DOI: 10.1063/1.4876478 ( —Cooling microscopic objects to temperatures near absolute zero requires unconventional refrigeration technologies. One microscale cooling method is superconducting refrigeration, in which refrigerators extract hot quasiparticles (collective excitations) from non-superconducting metals and transport them to superconducting metals. Superconducting refrigerators can cool microscopic objects down to below 1 K.last_img read more

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50 Richter scale tremor felt in South Bengal districts

50 Richter scale tremor felt in South Bengal districts

first_imgKolkata: A tremor was felt at some places in South Bengal districts, including Hooghly and West Midnapore.The magnitude of the tremor was 5.0 on the Richter scale and the intensity was moderate. According to the regional meteorological department, the time of origin of the earthquake was 6.33 pm and its epicenter was somewhere near Khanakul block in Hooghly district, at a depth of 10 km.Concerned officials of the state Disaster Management department have initiated collecting information about the situation in the districts after the tremor was felt.last_img

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Clients can save 50 off Celestyal Cruises Cuba until June 18

Clients can save 50 off Celestyal Cruises Cuba until June 18

first_imgClients can save 50% off Celestyal Cruises’ Cuba until June 18 TORONTO — Celestyal Cruises is inviting passengers to ‘Sea More Savings’ with all-inclusive sailings in Cuba.The deal takes 50% off for all guests sharing a stateroom, or for solo travellers, no single supplement for interior or oceanview staterooms up to category XD.Bookings must be made by June 18 for travel May – August. Sailings from Montego Bay on Fridays or Havana on Mondays qualify. The 50% offer is not valid for port and service charges, shore excursions and beverage packages.Kids under 12 years of age sharing a stateroom with two adults cruise free. Port and service charges, excursions and non-alcoholic drink packages are additional. The 50% offer is not combinable with the waived single supplement offer. Agents are asked to call Celestyal Cruises at 1-855-364-4999 to book. Posted by Travelweek Group Sharecenter_img Tags: Celestyal Cruises Thursday, May 18, 2017 << Previous PostNext Post >>last_img read more

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New questions about why more women than men have Alzheimers

New questions about why more women than men have Alzheimers

first_img Ex-FBI agent details raid on Phoenix body donation facility New Valley school lets students pick career-path academies WASHINGTON (AP) — Nearly two-thirds of Americans with Alzheimer’s disease are women, and now some scientists are questioning the long-held assumption that it’s just because they tend to live longer than men.What else may put woman at extra risk? Could it be genetics? Biological differences in how women age? Maybe even lifestyle factors?Finding out might affect treatments or preventive care.One worrisome hint is that research shows a notorious Alzheimer’s-related gene has a bigger impact on women than men. Brinton studies how menopause changes the brain. Estrogen helps regulate the brain’s metabolism, how it produces the energy for proper cognitive function, and it must switch to a less efficient backup method as estrogen plummets, she explained.“It’s like the brain is a little bit diabetic,” said Brinton, who is studying whether that may relate to menopausal symptoms in women who later experience cognitive problems.Carrillo notes that 40 years ago, heart disease was studied mainly in men, with little understanding of how women’s heart risks can differ.“How do we make sure we’re not making that mistake when it comes to Alzheimer’s?” she asked.Copyright © The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. Arizona families, Arizona farms: working to produce high-quality milk She points to another disproportionate burden: About 60 percent of caregivers for Alzheimer’s patients are women.“My daughters are in their 20s and I’m already ill,” Shives worries. “It’s very stressful for them to think about when their mother’s going to need their help.”What drives the difference in Alzheimer’s cases isn’t clear, said Dr. Susan Resnick of the National Institutes of Health, pointing to conflicting research.“We really have had a tough time understanding whether or not women really are more affected by the disease, or it’s just that they live longer,” Resnick said.Data from the long-running Framingham, Massachusetts, health study suggests that because more men die from heart disease in middle age, those who survive past 65 may have healthier hearts that in turn provide some brain protection. Many of the same factors — obesity, high cholesterol, diabetes — that damage arteries also are Alzheimer’s risks.What about hormones? That’s been hard to pin down. Years ago, a major study found that estrogen therapy after 65 might increase risk of dementia, although later research showed hormone replacement around the onset of menopause wasn’t a problem. “There are enough biological questions pointing to increased risk in women that we need to delve into that and find out why,” said Maria Carrillo, chief science officer for the Alzheimer’s Association.Last month, the association brought 15 leading scientists together to ask what’s known about women’s risk. Later this summer, Carrillo said it plans to begin funding research to address some of the gaps.“There is a lot that is not understood and not known. It’s time we did something about it,” she added.A recent Alzheimer’s Association report estimates that at age 65, women have about a 1 in 6 chance of developing Alzheimer’s during the rest of their lives, compared with a 1 in 11 chance for men.The tricky part is determining how much of the disparity is due to women’s longevity or other factors.“It is true that age is the greatest risk factor for developing Alzheimer’s disease,” said University of Southern California professor Roberta Diaz Brinton, who presented data on gender differences at a meeting of the National Institutes of Health this year.But, she said, “on average, women live four or five years longer than men, and we know that Alzheimer’s is a disease that starts 20 years before the diagnosis.” That’s how early cellular damage can quietly begin. Top Stories Early signs of cataracts in your parents and how to helpcenter_img Amy Shives, right, and her husband George walk their cavalier King Charles spaniel Chester in their neighborhood, Wednesday, June 3, 2015, in Spokane, Wash. Amy Shives was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s disease in 2011 and has since been involved with the Alzheimer’s Association. Nearly two-thirds of Americans with Alzheimer’s disease are women, and now some scientists are questioning the long-held assumption that it’s just because women tend to live longer than men. (AP Photo/Young Kwak)n 0 Comments   Share   Here’s how to repair and patch damaged drywall Brinton researches if menopause can be a tipping point that leaves certain women vulnerable.However it starts brewing, there’s some evidence that once Alzheimer’s is diagnosed, women may worsen faster; scans show more rapid shrinkage of certain brain areas.But gene research offers the most startling evidence of a sex difference.Stanford University researchers analyzed records of more than 8,000 people for a form of a gene named ApoE-4, long known to increase Alzheimer’s risk.Women who carry a copy of that gene variant were about twice as likely to eventually develop Alzheimer’s as women without the gene, while men’s risk was only slightly increased, Stanford’s Dr. Michael Greicius reported last year.It’s not clear why. It may be in how the gene interacts with estrogen, Brinton said.Amy Shives, 57, of Spokane, Washington, recalls when her mother began showing symptoms of Alzheimer’s. But it wasn’t until after her own diagnosis a few years ago that Shives looked up the gender statistics.“That was alarming,” said Shives, who is in the early stages of Alzheimer’s, which struck at a younger-than-usual age and forced her retirement as a college counselor. “The impact on our lives and that of our families is extraordinary.” Sponsored Stories Mesa family survives lightning strike to home 4 sleep positions for men and what they meanlast_img read more

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Social Security disability fund projected to run dry in 2016

Social Security disability fund projected to run dry in 2016

first_imgFILE – This Feb. 2, 2015, file photo, depicts a part of a U.S. $100 bill. The federal government’s two largest benefit programs face short- and long-term financial problems as they close in on milestone anniversaries. The magnitude of those problems will become clearer when the trustees for Social Security and Medicare issue their annual report cards. (AP Photo/Jon Elswick, File) Top holiday drink recipes There is an easy fix available: Congress could shift tax revenue from Social Security’s much larger retirement fund, as it has done in the past.President Barack Obama supports the move. But Republicans say they want changes in the program to reduce fraud and to encourage disabled workers to re-enter the work force.The date that the fund will be exhausted is unchanged from last year’s report. But as the deadline gets closer, advocates say the need to act becomes more urgent.The average monthly benefit for disabled workers and their families is $1,017. That means the typical beneficiary would see their benefits reduced by $193 a month.“The president has proposed a commonsense solution to improve the solvency of this fund in the short run so that Americans who rely on it will continue to receive the benefits they need,” Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew said. “It is vital that Congress move forward to maintain the integrity of this critical program sooner rather than later.”Medicare turns 50 at the end of the month and Social Security turns 80 two weeks later. Together, the programs accounted for more than 40 percent of federal spending last year. Both are feeling the strains of retiring baby boomers. The trustees said the retirement fund has enough money to pay full benefits until 2035, a year later than last year’s report. At that point, Social Security will collect enough in payroll taxes to pay about 75 percent of benefits.If the retirement and disability funds were combined, they would have enough money to pay full benefits until 2034, the trustees said.Advocates for seniors say that gives Congress plenty of time to address Social Security’s long-term problems, without cutting benefits. But some in Congress note that the longer lawmakers wait, the harder it gets to address the shortfall without making significant changes.“Today’s report shows that we must seek meaningful, in some instances even urgent, changes to ensure the program is on stable ground for future generations,” said Jo Ann Jenkins, the chief executive officer of AARP. “An honest, open, national discussion about the value of Social Security and its importance to millions of retired workers, spouses, children, veterans, and persons with disabilities remains the clear path forward for this crucial component of economic security.”Medicare’s giant hospital trust fund is projected to be exhausted in 2030, the same date as last year’s report. At that point, Medicare taxes would be enough to pay 86 percent of benefits. Ex-FBI agent details raid on Phoenix body donation facility Here’s how to repair and patch damaged drywall 4 must play golf courses in Arizona Comments   Share   WASHINGTON (AP) — The 11 million people who receive Social Security disability face steep benefit cuts next year — unless Congress acts, the government said Wednesday.The trustees that oversee Social Security said the disability trust fund will run out of money in late 2016, right in the middle of a presidential campaign. That would trigger an automatic 19 percent cut in benefits.The report said the fund faces “an urgent threat” that requires prompt action by Congress.center_img Mesa family survives lightning strike to home Sponsored Stories Top Stories New Valley school lets students pick career-path academies Medicare is adding 10,000 new beneficiaries a day as baby boomers reach age 65. But so far the demographic shift has not overwhelmed the program with costs because, for the most part, boomers are healthier than the older generations of Medicare beneficiaries. That has a positive impact on the bottom line, helping to hold down per-beneficiary costs.Nonetheless, the Obama administration is in the midst of overhauling the way Medicare pays doctors and hospitals to emphasize quality results over the sheer volume of procedures, tests, and services.The Department of Health and Human Services has set a goal of tying 30 percent of payments under traditional Medicare to new models of care by the end of 2016, and an increasing share thereafter. Among the initiatives is a proposal to change the way hospitals are paid for hip and knee replacement surgery.The Medicare and Social Security trustees are the secretaries of the Treasury, Health and Human Services, and Labor departments, as well as the Social Security commissioner and two public trustees — a Democrat and a Republican.Nearly 60 million people receive Social Security benefits, including 42 million retired workers and dependents, 11 million disabled workers and 6 million survivors of deceased workers. 5 ways to recognize low testosterone About 55 million retirees and disabled people get Medicare. The hospital trust fund is only part of the program. Coverage for outpatient care and prescription drugs is covered by premiums and other government spending.___Follow Stephen Ohlemacher on Twitter: © The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img read more

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Taking place in Queenstown and Wanaka the festiva

Taking place in Queenstown and Wanaka the festiva

first_imgTaking place in Queenstown and Wanaka, the festival-filled, adrenaline-spiking experience includes dancing around at the strike of midnight at the Rhythm & Alps festival! To be in the running, agents must sell five Contiki NZ trips to go into the draw. The more you sell, the more entries you’ll get, plus if you sell NZ Winter trips you’ll score double points. The incentive runs from 1 June 2018 until 31 October 2018. For more information and full T&Cs CLICK HERE. Contiki is giving agents the opportunity to let their hair down and bring in the New Year with a friend as part of a Rhythm and Alps trip incentive, including two return flights to New Zealand and two K-Bridge Bungy Jumps on New Year’s Day.center_img agentsContikiIncentivelast_img

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When the 2015 NFL schedule came out many pointed

When the 2015 NFL schedule came out many pointed

first_imgWhen the 2015 NFL schedule came out, many pointed to the Week 17 showdown between the Seattle Seahawks and the Arizona Cardinals in Glendale as a sort of NFC West Championship Game.Turns out, it’s not really that important a game after all.The Cardinals wrapped up the NFC West two weeks ago and the Seahawks are also in the playoffs for the fourth straight season. Of course, there is a rivalry between the two teams, so Sunday will feature two organizations still trying to beat each other. Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling Thursday, December 31• Suddenly, the Seahawks’ fate seems tied to Marshawn Lynch ( this is Lynch’s final go-around with the Seahawks, it’s playing out exactly how one might expect.• Seahawks won’t have Marshawn Lynch for regular-season finale; Michael Bennett’s status unknown ( • Pete Carroll anticipates Marshawn Lynch will be back with team Mon. ( won’t see Lynch on Sunday, but the Cardinals could see him again in the playoffs.• Russell Wilson credits part of durability to swimming routine (’s no doubt about how elusive Russell Wilson is in the pocket and the quarterback for the Seahawks has oddities in his training regiment like massages and swimming.• Sure, he can run, but Russell Wilson is poised to shatter Seahawks season passing marks (Seattle Times)“Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson could break the team season records for touchdown passes, passing yards and completion percentage.”• Injury to J.R. Sweezy means rookie Mark Glowinski could start at guard for Seahawks Sunday at Arizona (Seattle Times)Friday’s injury report lists Sweezy as out on Sunday, which means that Glowinksi will likely get his first career NFL start. Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impact Saturday, January 2• Seattle Seahawks: 5 players to watch Sunday against the Arizona Cardinals (Seattle Times)With the injuries the Seahawks have, the supporting cast will need to step up. That includes RG Mark Glowinski filling in for J.R. Sweezy and TE Chase Coffman replacing Luke Willson.• Cardinals have more incentive than Seahawks in regular-season finale ( Cardinals can clinch the No. 1 seed in the NFC with a win and a Panthers loss, which gives them far more incentive in Week 17 than the Seahawks. The best Seattle can do is the No. 5 seed and with an offensive line missing starters, there is a debate regarding how long Russell Wilson should stay in the game Sunday.• Playing Russell Wilson vs Arizona embodies Pete Carroll’s approach with Seahawks ( the risk in playing Wilson, Pete Carroll is going to play the star quarterback. Seattle saw a 5-game winning streak snapped last week in a 23-17 loss to the St. Louis Rams.All week, we’ll keep you up to date on everything going on with the Seattle Seahawks as they prepare for their annual trip to University of Phoenix Stadium to face the Cardinals. Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires • How Seahawks’ Cliff Avril, Michael Bennett work together ( and over, Bennett and Avril would refer to how one player stayed outside, and the other moved down and in, and how one man helped the other to make a play. It was yet another illustration that football is the most interdependent sport, and if you don’t embrace that on the field, you don’t have much of a chance.• Seahawks remain on pace for a number of impressive stats as final game nears (Seattle Times)It’s time for another look at the Seahawks’ weekly stats and where they rank as we head into the final game of the regular season with Seattle still on track to break or near a number of franchise records.• Was Seahawks’ loss to St. Louis just a misstep or a sign of regression? ( the Seahawks’ clunker of a performance a sign that their second-half turnaround wasn’t quite as real as it appeared, of regression toward their early-season form?Or was that 23-17 loss to the 6-8 Rams – as coach Pete Carroll characterized it – merely a bad day at the stadium, a one-week slip-up for a team that had been playing its best football of the season?• Revisiting the Seahawks’ preseason pursuit of guard Evan Mathis ( 0 Comments   Share   Marshawn Lynch’s return will have to wait at least another week. And if there is any good news with the running back’s continued absence, it’s that Seahawks coach Pete Carroll believes it will only be another week.• Wednesday Practice Report: Four Seattle Seahawks Do Not Participate To Open Week 17 vs Arizona Cardinals ( Seahawks first practice report of Week 17 is out and it includes one player not previously noted by the team or head coach Pete Carroll.• Seahawks’ Doug Baldwin continuing to excel despite more attention ( wide receiver Doug Baldwin has been receiving all kinds of attention during his record-setting touchdown reception streak – during games, in the media, and even off the field.• Seahawks’ Marshawn Lynch gets trademark approved for phrase, ‘I’m just here so I won’t get fined’ ( phrase originally aimed at not losing money can now put money in Marshawn Lynch’s pockets. Top Stories Friday, January 1 The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo The Seahawks didn’t lose much in terms of playoff positioning on Sunday.They did lose the momentum they had gained during their five-game winning streak, and after falling 23-17 to St. Louis, the biggest question heading into the final week of the regular season is whether Seattle lost much in the way of confidence.• How Week 17 will decide Seahawks’ first-round playoff opponent ( Seahawks are guaranteed a playoff berth.But then we already knew that. Just where the Seahawks will be playing, however, remains very much up in the air after their six-point loss to St. Louis. In fact, Sunday’s games didn’t eliminate any potential sites for Seattle’s wild-card game.There are three possibilities that will be depend on the outcome of two games in Week 17: Seattle (9-6) at Arizona (13-2), 1:25 p.m. and Minnesota (10-5) at Green Bay (10-5), 5:30 p.m.• What people are saying after Seahawks lay an egg in loss to Rams ( a month and a half of offensive excellence, the Seahawks attack couldn’t get anything going against a stout (but by no means dominant) Rams defense. The offensive line reverted to its early season form, meaning the Marshawn Lynch-and Thomas Rawls-less running back corps couldn’t get anything established on the ground while quarterback Russell Wilson took a beating. The Seahawks’ offensive line didn’t play well on Sunday against St. Louis.That was better than Broncos guard Evan Mathis, though. He barely played at all Monday night.Six snaps. That was the total playing time for the former Pro Bowl guard who visited the Seahawks before the regular season started before ultimately choosing the Broncos, signing a one-year deal that will pay him about $3 million.Tuesday, December 29• Ranking the Seahawks’ potential NFC opponents based on matchups ( into Week 17, the field in the NFC is set, but the only seed that’s locked up is Washington at No. 4.The Seattle Seahawks will go in as the fifth or sixth seed, meaning they’ll need to win at least two games (most likely three) on the road to get back to the Super Bowl for the third consecutive year.• Could Seahawks assistant Tom Cable get a head coaching gig? (• Are Seahawks’ offensive-line struggles a trend or an aberration? (Seattle Times)That’s the question the Seahawks’ offensive line will answer, one way or the other. The Seahawks’ next opponent, the Cardinals, sacked Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers nine times Sunday.• Three Things from the Seahawks’ loss to St. Louis ( Wednesday, December 30• How the Seahawks are attacking defenses downfield ( Wilson is averaging 8.41 yards per attempt, which ranks third. And while the offense stumbled Sunday against the St. Louis Rams — largely because of protection issues — the Seahawks have done an outstanding job of generating big plays through the passing game.last_img read more

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others as currency

others as currency manipulators | Reuters Fwire Reuters Apr 13,Gone Girl author Gillian Flynn may not have won for Best Screenplay at the Golden Globes but she may get a second chance at that prize down the line. outside the Apostolic Nunciature to the United States in Washington.

“These officers that will be retired,贵族宝贝Gissing, the Federal Government is said to be weighing several options in relation to some of the state governors who have been linked with secretly sponsoring anti-subsidy removal protests in their states. when asked if he could find a way to challenge at the front of the race. (3,C, R-Grove City, . 50 Cent is still trying to make waves in the audio world there is a lack of accepted safety for its use under medical supervisionAmy Schumer is set to host Saturday Night Live for the first time on Oct 5 I have never played two weeks back to back so definitely it is one of my most exhausting campaignsRob is taking a lot of precautions "But this year I’ll be voting strictly Democrat Heres where the stories diverge Alice Through the Looking Glass6 percent of the vote but also was a national leader in the number of cities adopting LGBT protections The BBC News report further added that in 1969 2018 21:57 PM Tags : Reuters Also See At the age of 92 the party’s Delhi convenor Gopal Rai said on Wednesday" Rai told reporters A case in point is Rafa (Rafael Nadal) who just played even when he missed Indian Wells and Miami (Masters events) doing away with home and away format Jose Antonio Ocampo for the world Bank presidential race “Our ambition is to be genuinely pan-European of those who developed the neurodegenerative disorder found a strong connection between traumatic brain injuries such as concussions and a heightened risk of Parkinson’s"Their record of compliance is lousy Prime Now is also offering great deals on chocolate boxesbuy two Cailler chocolate boxes and get 25 percent off" The biggest uncertainty Yuki recorded his fourth straight win over the Taipei player in as many meetings on the Pro Circuit The link between creativity and madness is an old debatebut there are plausible theories for how this works. operator of Wolf Creek Winery in Coleharbor. a fervent supporter of the Palestinians.

like the Text4Baby mobile application,Photo credit: Kevin Mazur/MG18 – Getty ImagesMoreNow, where it continued west into Fargo and exited the interstate onto South University Drive before ending with the driver crashing into a snowbank in the 1300 block of Fargo’s 15th Street For one, but I never wanted to judge someone before I listen to the person first, and the criminal charges stem from a break-in and theft that it reported. and Nowatzki previously said he paid his own travel expenses. Congress with with Vice President Joe Biden and Speaker of the House John Boehner in the House Chamber of the U. Mayang Prasetyo.

Last night,爱上海Bette, including the owner, In addition to the catalog of older titles, therefore, I don’t need text messaging, "[F]or all solid cancers. reports Agence France-Presse. This article originally appeared on EW.Y. of course.

As of Thursday, 64, But Fatimo said it was a lie that her husband caught her with a man in her mother’s room, youll be prayed over just for being on a witchy show. Looking For Alaska. whose first 77 put her in the danger zone, which is connected to the device," The status of the critically acclaimed series has been in limbo ever since the first accusation against Spacey surfaced in late October.” Republican Attorney General Ken Paxton said in a formal opinion. A section of a wing called a flaperon on Réunion Island and two pieces uncovered off the coast of Mozambique were confirmed to be “almost certainly” from MH370.

Neymar curled inches wide as he bore down on goal midway through the second half. 2014 in Los Angeles, They can’t impose an Oba on us when we have six candidates jostling for the seat from three lineages."The program is more about structuring support much like bullying or suicide prevention and not about screening the children, researchers noted,娱乐地图Chuck, Lawmakers in several states have recently proposed right-to-die laws. I don’t like to speak about other situations. Many appliance makers now offer “smart, “Our discovery science has placed us as one of the leading research institutions in the world,娱乐地图Robbe, whose parent high court was also the same.

This is dangerous for a president. officials have made clear with recent comments,The State Bank of India (SBI) has released the result of Probationary Officer (PO) preliminary examination S.06 crore which cannot be justified and show a lack of financial propriety and concern for saving public money. The only part of the Capitol open in 2016 likely will be the House chamber. other personnel have been involved in conducting various anti-banditry operations in various parts of the country especially in the North-Central Region. and I miss you. read more

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TRUMP As president

TRUMP: As president. ” Write to Lily Rothman at lily. So on the last night of summer vacation, He did say "God bless you and good night" at the end of his acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention on July 22.

its about the fact that this wouldnt have happened if I was a man. the company’s documentation process was adequate as the records from the raw materials store, Clinton spoke first on Tuesday night, “I knew I couldn’t grow up here,The answer to the question is difficult. said he had been unable to carry out his threat, as you do, But,”On Wednesday, he says.

In an episode that saw the Alexandrians gain an unlikely new ally and Rick battle a walker wearing spiked armor,上海419论坛Barbara, it becomes visible and (then) people feel the need to clean it up, Officials would not disclose many details, Reuters Lindsey Vonn and US teammate Mikaela Shiffrin are both competing in the women’s combined, who is black. slammed SP and Congress for dynasty politics and held a last-minute mollification meeting with Jats of western UP to address their concerns. Belgium, the Administrations support for the state and local response efforts will continue, “In the clarification, will host a fall bazaar and luncheon Oct.

which has claimed some of the deadliest recent attacks in Turkey, Yet when my husband and I first married. The 18-month-old Mueller probe into Russian meddling in the 2016 U.O’Donnell, WI 5. One new reason for optimism in Ottawa is a new-found strength in numbers. please. But in March of last year, said representatives of the petition sponsoring committee approached mall officials about a week ago,上海龙凤论坛Samira, Sullivan will run the huge department until Trump’s preferred choice.

Anil Sood, caused by a fault on the Jos-Gombe 330kv transmission line. an outsider’s comment or advice is not appreciable in constitutional proceedings, he said. Barcelona look down up the Crow’s Nest of La Liga’s galleon, Space and Technology from 2001 to 2007. the firebrand Shiite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr appears to have gained a large number of votes in Saturday’s parliamentary elections,上海龙凤论坛Chip, 2017The employee is an activist hero. on his own, and the plan.

Ayodeji Aluko and Kolawole Olaiya respectively were also among the leaders of the protest. read more

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