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Heres What Happened Today Wednesday

first_imgThree-month-old Prince George at his christening today (Image: John Stillwell/PA).WORLD#UNITED STATES: The Director of National Intelligence said the US didn’t spy on the French, the French said they don’t believe him and Angela Merkel has been on the phone to Obama about it. [AFP]#BRITAIN: A couple was jailed for trafficking a deaf-mute girl from Pakistan, with the husband repeatedly raping her for nearly a decade. [AFP]#AUSTRALIA: It has been confirmed that the massive wildfires in the country were started by an army training exercise. [The Sydney Morning Herald]#ROYAL BABY: Prince George was christened and he has seven godparents.INNOVATIONAstronomers have detected a new galaxy that is the most distant yet at 30 billion light-years away. [BBC]Facebook removed a controversial beheading video following yesterday’s controversy. [The Guardian]PARTING SHOTThese images have been around for a good while, but they’re making the rounds today so we thought we’d share them again. A photographer in the US photographed every stage of his girlfriend’s battle with cancer, up until her death. We have to warn you, some of these images, while beautiful, are extremely distressing.First published 21:00Here’s What Happened Yesterday> Tallaght Garda Station where officers had been investigating the true identity of a Roma child (Image: Sasko Lazarov/Photocall Ireland).IRISH Updated: 22:52NEED TO CATCH up? brings you a roundup of today’s newscenter_img DNA tests have proven that a girl taken from a Roma family this week is related to them and has now been returned.It has emerged that the family of the Roma girl in Tallaght have been victims of racist attacks in the area.A little boy taken from a Roma family in Athlone was also returned to them.Enda Kenny heard ideas from Senators on reforming the Seanad.Train, bus and Luas fares will be higher next week.The HSE withdrew, then reinstated, the medical card of a 6-year-old girl with Down syndrome.The HSE also projected a year-end deficit of €105 million.17 prisoners declined the opportunity of a parole review last year.There are 175 jobs up for grabs at Argos this Christmas.An Irish construction company applied for an examiner.last_img read more

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New Firefox interface mockups posted

first_imgLast summer, Mozilla shared a glimpse at their plans for an updated Firefox interface. Originally thought to be shaping up for a debut in Firefox 9, Australis turned out to be  more of a long-term project that will surface gradually in upcoming versions.Perhaps the most obvious change is the disappearance of the oft-maligned big orange button. The Firefox menu button was one of the more contentious changes introduced in Firefox 4, but its tenure may be short-lived. Its removal — when coupled with the curvier tabs — has Firefox looking more like Google Chrome than ever.There are plenty of differences, of course. Mozilla has opted for a more user-friendly graphical drop-down menu instead of a text-based laundry list like the one in Chrome. The download progress bar has also been smartly integrated into the main toolbar, and a bookmark menu is available, too. That’s an option Chrome still lacks, much to the chagrin of some power users.The Firefox new tab page is also set for an overhaul, taking cues from Opera and allowing users to add new pages to the dashboard by clicking on an empty cell. Firefox will offer up suggestions based on browsing habits. Web apps can be pinned, too — such as those you’ll be able to install from the Mozilla Marketplace.There’s also a new configuration page in the works. Pull up firefox:customize and you’ll be presented with a one-stop shop for tweaking your browser. In addition to a handful of themes, the updated Australis design also integrates menu and toolbar customization options — which are currently presented in a pop-out window.It also looks like Firefox will be getting built-in translation, another Chrome-inspired feature. Mozilla plans to put a different spin on things, however, by allowing users to translate either the entire page or a specific block of text (by way of the right-click context menu).So, Geek readers, what do you think of Australis? Is it a step in the right direction, or does it look like Firefox is losing its identity?More at Soeren Hentzschel’s Blog (translated)last_img read more

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Gillette recalls Venus razors over misaligned blades

Gillette recalls Venus razors over misaligned blades

first_img(WSVN) – Gillette is pulling some of their Venus razors off of shelves due to misaligned blades.Close to 88,000 Venus Simply3 disposable razors have been recalled due to the blades posing a higher risk of cuts during regular use.The razors were sold in a Venus Simply3 pack of four and Daisy Venus Simply3 pack, which included an additional free razor.The four pack has a lot number of 9003A17400 or 9007A17400 and a UPC code of 047400315358.The Daisy pack has a lot number of 9009A17400 and a UPC number of 047400300712.Customers who have purchased the razors can contact the company at 800-362-1258 for a full refund.Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img

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Aston Martin DBX teaser affirms the SUVs ties to the DB lineage

first_img Aston Martin Aston Martin’s DBX SUV throws snow all over the place More From Roadshow 2020 Hyundai Palisade review: Posh enough to make Genesis jealous Now playing: Watch this: Preview • 2019 Aston Martin DB11 Volante: A good reason for sunburn 2020 BMW M340i review: A dash of M makes everything better Share your voice 10 Photos This December, Aston Martin will welcome its first SUV into the world known as the DBX. The British luxury brand delivered the news in a teaser video (embedded above) for the DBX SUV on Monday without providing a more specific date. Previously, we knew the luxury SUV was coming in the final quarter of this year, but Aston Martin is going to wait until the very last month to unveil its SUV. Not only that, but the brand wants us to know that just because this is an SUV, it doesn’t mean it’s not a true part of the DB family. The designation dates back decades and sits as a prefix to some of the most iconic Aston Martin models.This teaser focuses specifically on the grille, which takes a familiar shape from the DB line of cars. Today, that encompasses the DBS Superleggera and DB11. As is all too familiar a story, people dig utility vehicles these days, which has led to an insurgence of ultraluxurious SUVs. The Rolls-Royce Cullinan, Bentley Bentayga, Lamborghini Urus and more have recently cropped up. The DBX will do its best to capture the same market, though more than likely, owners will park it next to another Aston Martin in the garage.Aside from the small shot of the grille, we do get a rough look at the headlights and daytime-running lights as the teaser closes. However, prototype photos already give us a good idea as to what the SUV will look like when we see it later this year. The biggest mystery remains the rear end, which we don’t see at all in the teaser. Even in the previously released prototype photos (see the gallery below), the DBX’s back end was pretty well camouflaged. Do expect a Vantage-esque look with the taillights.While the original idea was to make the DBX an electric vehicle, Aston Martin scrapped that plan as the Lagonda came back into the picture. As for powertrains, it’ll likely stick to V8 and V12 engines, but we’ll know for sure in a few months. The Rapide AMR has the last-ever naturally aspirated… 2020 Hyundai Sonata first drive: An attractive and compelling midsize sedan Post a comment More about 2019 Aston Martin DB11 Volante 4:39 Tags 0 SUVs Luxury cars Aston Martinlast_img read more

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The weatherman at the end of the western world

first_imgWilliam Wells lives and works at what may be the nation’s most remote weather station. It’s 300 miles off the west coast of Alaska (and 500 miles off the east coast of Siberia) in the Bering Sea. Even by St. Paul Island standards, his station is remote: it’s off by itself, a few miles away from the village of 400 people who call St. Paul home.Download AudioWilliam Wells releases a weather balloon on Alaska’s St. Paul Island. (KUCB/John Ryan photo)Each afternoon, he walks from his office into a two-story-tall garage to fill up a six-foot-wide balloon with hydrogen gas.“You wouldn’t be able to use your equipment while I would be inflating,” Wells says afterward. “We would have to do this interview outside in the wind because of the risk of static electricity that would create a potential explosion hazard.”“But we’re no under threat right now because it’s contained safely within that latex,” he assures me.Helium would be safer but more expensive, especially with shipping to the middle of the Bering Sea. So the St. Paul National Weather Service station generates its own hydrogen on site.Once the big latex balloon is inflated, Wells takes a string and ties a small gadget known as a “radiosonde” to the balloon.“It tracks the temperature, relative humidity, and wind speed and wind direction as it goes up through the atmosphere,” Wells says.He pulls on a heavy chain to open the double-tall garage door. Then he grabs the balloon’s string in one hand and checks his watch with the other. When the clock strikes three, he sprints out the door in a mad dash: across a patch of tundra toward the gravel road in front of the station.As the balloon above him clears the high garage door, a 30-knot wind whips it hard to the east. The wind that strafes low, treeless St. Paul Island pummels the balloon into a shape basically like a 3-D comma.Wells needs to get far enough away from the weather station’s buildings that the wind doesn’t plow the balloon or its electronics into the side of one of them.Once he reaches the road, he releases the balloon, and it shoots away. In this wind, the balloon takes off more like an airplane than a balloon.Wells returns to the garage and quickly closes it up.“Now, I’m going to apologize, but I’m going to take off almost at a full-bore sprint,” he says before doing just that.He sprints the 100 yards back to his office to make sure the radiosonde is transmitting data in real time. It is. No need for a second launch today.William Wells runs back to his National Weather Service office. (KUCB/John Ryan photo.)Hundreds of BalloonsIt’s a daily routine for Wells. For the balloon, it’s a one-time affair. As it rises 20 miles into the sky, it swells to about 40 feet in diameter. Then it bursts and returns to Earth as debris, most likely somewhere in the Bering Sea. But not before it has sent back valuable data.“We are such a remote location,” Wells says, “Our data is pretty precious.”That data gets used within the hour in the 4 p.m. NOAA weather forecasts that mariners and others rely on in the Bering Sea and beyondTwice a day, like clockwork, balloons are released from hundreds of locations around the world at noon and midnight Universal Time (3:00 p.m. and 3:00 a.m. Alaska Daylight Time). Before they burst in the upper atmosphere, they help weather forecasters pinpoint what’s going on overhead.In a report on the impacts of released balloons, marine biologist Jan van Franeker with Wageningen University in the Netherlands says, even if made of natural latex, they are a danger to wildlife, especially seabirds. He says remains of weather balloons can be found regularly on European beaches.“The risk of wildlife suffering or dying from balloons may be best balanced against usefulness or necessity of balloons released,” van Franeker writes. “Latex weather-balloons are an essential element for reliable weather forecasts to the extent that human life may be affected. But the short joy of a mass of party balloons disappearing into the sky?”Each National Weather Service radiosonde includes a self-addressed envelope encouraging anyone who finds it to mail the gadget back for reuse.A National Weather Service radiosonde awaiting launch on St. Paul Island, Alaska. (KUCB/John Ryan photo)A Century in St. PaulThe St. Paul weather station has been collecting data since 1915. It’s been successfully sending balloons into the sky, in winds up to 50 miles per hour, since 1948.Wells says he’s always loved the weather, especially the meat and potatoes of gathering the raw information needed to make a forecast.“It takes a lot of skill and hardiness to do it, and I’m proud to do it,” he says.William Wells prepares a weather balloon for launch. (KUCB/John Ryan photo)The National Weather Service is testing an automatic balloon-launching device at its station in Kodiak in November. Some day, human launchers like Wells could be replaced by machines at the 13 weather stations in Alaska and those across the country.Far From HomeFor now, Wells is a continent–and 300 miles of Bering Sea–away from his native North Carolina, but he doesn’t mind.“I feel privileged to be doing this,” he says. “I’d always wanted to work for the weather service and now I am working for the weather service, and I couldn’t be happier.”Some St. Paul residents dislike it when their home is described as “the middle of nowhere.” And in some ways, the Pribilof Islands are centrally located: St. Paul is home to the world’s largest Aleut community; Trident Seafoods claims to run the world’s largest crab-processing plant there. Nearly half of all seafood harvested in the United States is hauled up from the Bering Sea.Still, travel to St. Paul from almost anywhere else (it’s a three-hour, thrice-weekly flight from Anchorage on planes so small they ask you what you weigh before assigning you a seat), and you realize that St. Paul is on the distant outer perimeter of the Last Frontier.Wells says his quiet life on the outskirts of St. Paul, on the outskirts of America, is lacking in some creature comforts, but it’s been good for him.“I lost 25 pounds after moving up here because I didn’t have the temptations of fast-food restaurants about me,” he says.It’s a different career path than his classmates who get dressed up and made up and sweep their arms in front of maps on TV news. Jobs like his make their forecasts possible.“They can have the TV and the radio,” Wells says. “I’ll stick with this.”William Wells, about to launch a weather balloon on St. Paul Island, Alaska. (KUCB/John Ryan photo)last_img read more

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Anganwadi workers hold protest

Anganwadi workers hold protest

first_imgParigi: CITU and anganwadi workers organised a protest by burning copies of GO No.8 near the ICDS project office here.Addressing the gathering, the anganwadi workers leaders said, “It is a good news to increase the number of leave days from 90 to 180 but it is not acceptable that the payment for 180 days will not be given and also handing over anganwadi centers to IKP office is not fair.” Furthermore, they added, “The protest is conducted all over the State near the ICDS project offices and if the GO is not cancelled, a ‘Chalo Assembly’ programme will be organised by anganwadi workers on August 19.”last_img

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JK police demands details of rogue Twitter handle

JK police demands details of rogue Twitter handle

first_imgSrinagar, Aug 13 (IANS): Police in Jammu and Kashmir has shot a letter to Twitter asking for details of one of its accounts that has been spreading “rumours through his tweets very frequently which are leading to law and order situation in the Kashmir Valley”. The Superintendent of Police, Police Component Srinagar demanded details of the Twitter handle registered as “WSK” “@WajSKhan” having Twitter User ID: “74964902” Also Read – Enforcement Directorate summons Karnataka Congress leader D.K. Shivakumar Advertise With Us The letter to Twitter, Inc, Corporate secretary in 1335 Market Street Suite 900 San Francisco, CA94103 US said: “@WajSKhan is spreading rumours through his tweets very frequently which are leading to law and order situation in Kashmir valley which in turn is a threat to lives of general public and that of security forces deployed in the Kashmir Valley to maintain law and order in view of recent developments. Also Read – Fresh restrictions imposed in Kashmir Valley Advertise With Us “The tweets of the abovementioned twitter handle could lead to clashes between various communities and hence have the potential toa aggravate the situation further endangering lives of general public. “As such, it is requested to kindly provide below mentioned details of Admin/User of above mentioned Twitter account and report thereof including the following details be submitted to this office immediately for further necessary action. Advertise With Us “The URL of the said account is: Registered Email Id. Registered Mobile number of user. Registration/Creation IP with Date and Time. Login IP’s.” And asked for “any other access details”. This came a day after four Twitter handles run by the ISI or the Pakistan Army were removed for circulating fake news on the Kashmir situation, the micro-blogging platform on Tuesday said it does not comment on the deletion of individual accountslast_img read more

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Modern Dhaka key to MIC status

Modern Dhaka key to MIC status

first_imgDhakaBangladesh’s capital city has grown rapidly without urban development proper, and lack of adequate planning has led to congestion in Dhaka city and its poor livability.This was observed in a new World Bank analysis that was shared at a high-level international conference at a city hotel on Wednesday.Many residents, including the 3.5 million slum dwellers, often lack of access to basic services, infrastructure and amenities, said the analysis.It mentioned that with 36 per cent of the country’s urban population living in greater Dhaka, the capital city has become one of the world’s most densely populated cities.The global agency insisted that Bangladesh must manage Dhaka’s urban growth to achieve its vision of becoming an upper-middle income country by its 50th birthday.The WB recommended taking full advantage of East Dhaka – where there is ample availability of land near the core of the city – to increase the city’s economic opportunities and livability.In its analysis, the WB pointed out that in the past 10 years, average traffic speed has dropped from 21 km/hour to 7 km/hour, only slightly above the average walking speed.Congestion in Dhaka also eats up 3.2 million working hours per day, according to the analysis.“Based on current trends, Dhaka will have more than 35 million people by 2035.  A productive and livable city of this scale can make enormous contribution to its citizens and the economy,” said WB country director Qimiao Fan.“However,” he added, “Dhaka must seize the opportunity to properly plan, coordinate, and invest for the future to achieve its full potential. As Bangladesh’s long-term development partner, the World Bank looks forward to supporting the city’s ambitious transformation.”Martin Rama, WB chief economist for South Asia, cited the examples of Eastern Shanghai’s Pudong District and some others that demonstrated  proper planning and execution could encourage economic vibrancy, improve livability, and ease congestion.“With Dhaka’s huge and increasing population, developing East Dhaka in a sustainable manner is more effective and economical than attempting to retrofit over-built and over-congested areas. The time to act is now,” he said.Sheila Dikshit, former chief minister of Delhi, India, and Qizheng Zhao, former vice mayor of Shanghai, China shared their experiences on transformations in Delhi and in Eastern Shanghai’s Pudong district, respectively.Both cities gained greatly from public-private partnerships as well as coordination efforts from multiple ministries and agencies, said a WB news release.Local government, rural development and cooperatives minister Khandaker Mosharraf Hossain delivered the keynote speech.Policy makers, senior government officials, mayors for Dhaka North and South, urban planners, civil society representatives, and private sector leaders also joined the conference.last_img read more

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BNP backs Salma 15 others

BNP backs Salma 15 others

first_imgMain opposition BNP has extended its support to Salma Islam, an independent candidate for Dhaka-1 seat, as the party contestant was declared ineligible for the election by court, reports UNB.Besides, the party’s local units have also lent their support to 15 other independent and opposition candidates in as many constituencies where BNP aspirants’ candidatures were annulled by the court.Bangladesh Nationalist Party standing committee member Nazrul Islam Khan came up with the announcement at a press conference at BNP chairperson’s Gulshan office.”The government was given 32 seats as a gift by the authorities concerned as our 16 candidates are in jail while candidatures of 16 others were declared invalid. We’re not centrally extending our support to any candidate in the vacant seats as our local units are doing it,” he said.Asked whether they gave support to Salma Islam, Nazrul said they did it as there is no other alternative candidate of their party and alliance.Businessman Salam F Rahman is contesting the election from Dhaka-1 seat with ruling party ticket while Salma Islam, wife of Jamuna Group chairman Nurul Islam Babul, as an independent candidate as she did not get nomination from either Jatiya Party or the grand alliance. Salma was elected MP in 2014 from the same seat with Jatiya Party ticket.BNP nominated Dohar upazila parishad chairman Khandker Abu Ashfaq as its candidate, but the apex court revoked his candidature as his resignation from the chairman post was not accepted.last_img read more

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Words with Lloyd Kaufman Dont Call Troma Schlock Its Art

first_imgLloyd Kaufman is a movie legend. As the co-founder of Troma Entertainment and director of classics like The Toxic Avenger, Class of Nuke’Em High, and Sgt. Kabukiman N.Y.P.D., he has been the face of disruptive filmmaking for over 40 years. He doesn’t make blockbusters and he doesn’t work with budgets of hundreds of millions of dollars, but from his Tromaville studio in Queens he produces, directs, acts in, and inspired hundreds of unique, strange, and graphic movies.If you want to be pretentious, call it guerrilla cinema. If you want to be unintentionally insulting (sorry, Lloyd!), call it schlock. However you want to label it, Lloyd Kaufman and Troma have been making striking films on shoestring budgets since the early 80s, with no sign of stopping. They’re best known for The Toxic Avenger, which got three sequels, a cartoon series, a video game, and most recently a Broadway and West End musical that is debuting on the BroadwayHD streaming service at C2E2 April 7. Troma should also be known for helping kick off the early careers of major figures like James Gunn, Trey Parker, Matt Stone, Michael Jai White, and Billy Bob Thornton by producing or distributing some of their earliest works.The streaming release of the musical was the reason I was granted an interview with Lloyd, but that wasn’t the bulk of what we talked about. The musical itself is a remarkable achievement for Troma, but Lloyd was quick to give full credit to writer Joe DiPietro and composer David Bryan for it; he made the original Toxie movies, but the musical adaptation is all DiPietro and Bryan. Instead, Lloyd talked about the legacy of The Toxic Avenger, the artistic value of Troma, and just what “schlock” means.BroadwayHD is where you should go to see the Broadway production of The Toxic Avenger, but if you want to get lost in the world of Tromaville yourself, you’ll have to look elsewhere. Like the Troma Now streaming service, which has world premieres and deep cuts from Lloyd’s career. Or the official TromaMovies YouTube channel, which has 151 full-length Troma movies to watch for free, along with every episode of Toxic Crusaders.Lloyd’s an outspoken treasure who will gladly talk your ear off if you give him a chance and the right subject. So here are the highlights of the 50-minute conversation I had with him, with minimal editing or crosstalk with me.The Toxic Avenger and Troma’s historyThe movie was rejected by all the movie theaters and then one theater understood that it was a satire and not a horror film. And the Toxic Avenger combines revolutionary horror, police genre, romance sex, violence, contemporary satire, famous rock and roll. It’s a Cuisinart of genres. We didn’t buy our notoriety through advertising and big ads in Variety and Hollywood Reporter like our friends, well, our enemies from Sundance buy the Oscars. This movie is an American, iconic movie on its own strength, it had no support from anybody other than the Troma team and fans. And that’s the magic of Toxie.Where is Tromaville (the location, not the studio)?The original movie was shot in Jersey City, and it was an actual dump where Toxie lived, that was a toxic waste dump. Those days, we weren’t as knowledgeable about toxic waste and asbestos. It was a long time ago, it was 1982 we shot the film, a long time ago. There were toxic waste dumps in the middle of Jersey City, so most of Tromaville you see in Toxic Avenger was Jersey City, but the second, third, and fourth movies, Tromaville was primarily filmed in upstate New York. My wife for 20 years was the New York state film commissioner, and if I wanted to keep my penis I had to shoot in New York.The difference between schlock, smut, and trash?We wouldn’t be here for 44 years if we made schlock. I’ve had enough of the Sundance fixed festival perverts who worship Harvey Weinstein, and I’ve had a longer career than any of them. And these movies have influenced everybody from James Gunn to Samuel Jackson to Eli Roth, tons of people who we have brought first including the South Park boys who nobody would talk to until we helped them out with their first movie Cannibal the Musical. Nobody else would touch it. So the schlock thing doesn’t work.And smut, I don’t know, that’s porn, isn’t it? Do people whack off to Troma movies? Seems to me you can whack off to hardcore porn, I don’t think the movie that the museum of Modern Art premiered in a series called the Contenders, a series the MoMA says comprises the best movies of the year made around the world. I don’t think Return to Nuke ‘Em High Vol. 1 which premiered at the Museum of Modern Art, in a series of Sophia Coppola and Woody Allen, the pedophile, and who was the other one? Scorsese, and the French guy who won the festival for that boring lesbian movie. So I don’t think you can call it smut. And I don’t think you can call volume 2 which premiered at the Museum of the Moving Image. Unless they have a whole day, that pays a tribute to smut. I don’t think they’ve been playing many Ron Jeremy movies. And Ron Jeremy’s been in 10 of our movies.Trash is a word that the French use for movies like Cronenberg and Troma and auteur movies, visionary movies that have sex and violence and may contain scenes of disturbing nature. So in the French sense, trash, I suppose we could be in the trash. As it’s used in French.If we are smut and trash and schlock, then so is Deadpool. We made our movie in 1983 and Deadpool was made last year. They even talk about it. Deadpool is the Toxic Avenger. I think anybody who says we’re schlock or smut or trash, and I can accept that if they’re French because that’s a genre in the critical canon. But you gotta put in Deadpool and you gotta put in Oliver Stone and you gotta put in Scorsese and plenty of others. I would say the Sundance Film Festival is plenty of trash.Your little third-rate bloggers want to dismiss us, they tried to make a movie, go look at every blogger that calls us schlock, and they tried to make a movie and they fell on their ass. And they would love to be where we are, they love it. They’d suck your cock to be where we are. The only problem is the industry is a cartel, it’s a club, it’s an oligopoly that economically blacklists independent artists.Suicide Squad, not only was it schlock, but it was obscenity, it sucked, and they wasted $200 million of the Earth’s resources on a piece of shit, a piece of garbage, a piece of trash, that was useless. On the other hand Margot Robbie, she did a great job in I, Tonya.What is the most disturbing thing you’ve shot?I think the most controversial thing of its day would probably be [The Toxic Avenger IV] Citizen Toxie. It dealt with abortion, and I think the most controversial thing as far as the American public goes, I think it has been for most of my life, the most controversial issue. Recently thanks to the administration and the white house, there have been some issues. People are still arguing about it. Women should have the right to power over their own bodies. There are states where poor women can’t even get abortions, they gotta move to another state.The reality of today is infinitely more shocking than anything these schlock or mainstream writers can come up with. You’ve got a Nobel prize winner running Myanmar. And soldiers are raping babies and chopping off women’s heads and defiling human beings. They’re killing and they’re mass slaughtering Muslims, right? And nobody gives a shit.We premiered Human Centipede at the TromaDance film festival because no one else would take it. And that was a good movie. Tribeca, Cannes, Sundance, they’re schlock, they have no love of cinema. No love of new territory. They’re the people who kicked Charlie Chaplin out of the country. They’re the people who supported McCarthyism. These are the people running the art world right now.What would you do with a $200 million Hollywood budget?Well, I certainly wouldn’t be making movies for $100 million or $200 million. I would make lots of $500,000 and $1 million movies, and I would have hundreds of filmmakers making them. Can you imagine, we had some producers making microbudget producers for us. You give them $500,000, they’re going to come up with a movie that makes Deadpool look like Bambi. Instead of one $200 million movie, and 90 percent of them suck, how about 200 movies? 400 movies? Think of it, 400 $500,000 movies. You would change the world for sure. You’d change the world of cinema. You’d change it technically. VR would advance by a generation. AI would advance a generation.The legacy of TromaI’m not saying a lot of what’s in the cinemas and on TV now isn’t entertaining, but you can drink Prosecco too. But if you want some good strong jalapeno peppers with a nice strong cocktail with brandy and creme de menthe, you go to a Troma movie that gets you thinking and gets your blood flowing.We love movies, we love the art of filmmaking, and we want the freedom. And in our case, the bargain with the devil is that you’re on a low budget so we have to sleep on the floor and our staff has to learn how to defecate in a paper bag on set.In the fullness of time, I guarantee you, and the people who have worked for us about 20 years have said the minute I get hit by a bus suddenly the mainstream media will, “Oh yeah, he was quite a loss, pathfinder, he was a visionary.”Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img read more

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ER runs special train to commemorate 123rd day of Swamijis return to

ER runs special train to commemorate 123rd day of Swamijis return to

first_imgKolkata: The Eastern Railway ran a special EMU train from Budge Budge to Sealdah station, to commemorate the 123rd anniversary of Swami Vivekananda returning to Kolkata. The train left Budge Budge at 12.50 pm and stopped at all stations en route.Swami Vivekananda had returned to Kolkata on February 19, 1897, after spending four years in the West. He was given a hero’s welcome at Sealdah station. The whole station was decorated with flowers and petals and welcome arches were built on Harrison Road, which is Mahatma Gandhi Road now. Also Read – Bose & Gandhi: More similar than apart, says Sugata BoseBraving sharp winter cold, thousands had gathered at the station to welcome the local boy. Youths removed the horses of the carriage and drove it themselves. Swamiji was accompanied by Mr and Mrs Savier and J J Goodwin. They were taken to Ripon College, which is Surendranath College now. He was then taken to the house of Dr Pasupati Bose in North Kolkata. Thousands stood on the road to have a glimpse of Swami Vivekananda. Swamiji tried to address the gathering both at Ripon College and then at Bose’s house but because of the huge crowd, his words became inaudible. Later, in the last week of February, Vivekananda was given a civic reception at Sobhabazar House of the Debs. Sobhabazar Football Club had also accorded a civic reception to him.last_img read more

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This weeks MICE news has been wrapped up in a qui

This weeks MICE news has been wrapped up in a qui

first_imgThis week’s MICE news has been wrapped up in a quick snapshot of the news. Including Expo 2020 in Dubai and beyond, this is the latest news on Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Events from the travel industry.Emporium Hotel South Bank’s event space offeringA spectacular series of innovative event spaces at Emporium Hotel South Bank have set a new benchmark in luxury corporate hospitality in Brisbane. The range of elegant and architecturally designed spaces feature the latest technology and are combined with personalised service and outstanding food and beverage menus created by Executive Chef, Chris Norman.Three state-of-the-art boardrooms, the Jacaranda, Wattle and Orchid rooms, offer the option of 8, 10 and 16 seat capacity respectively, and come complete with 70 inch plasma screens for presentations and digital entertainment. For larger functions and events, the spectacular, pillarless Frangipani Ballroom is a truly unique 410sqm space with cocktail event capacity of 400 and banquet capacity of 260. The Frangipani Ballroom also features operable walls allowing for smaller configurations up to 120 guests.Emporium Hotel South Bank also offers a range of exquisite food and beverage outlets that are ideal for unique event experiences. The hotel’s breathtaking rooftop venue, the Terrace is available to reserve, providing the perfect place to start or end an event, offering panoramic views across the Brisbane River to the city skyline and beyond. In addition, the recently opened Piano Bar, an elegant, sophisticated bar featuring a stunning grand piano played daily from 4pm, caters for private functions of up to 100 guests whilst the hotel’s opulent French-style patisserie, Belle Époque can cater for up to 60 guests for intimate cocktail evenings.Skift Forum Asia in Singapore this monthThis year the Skift Forum Asia will be held in Singapore on 27 May 2019 at the Equarius Hotel on Sentosa Island. Skift Forum Asia is a fast-paced, one day conference featuring TEDstyle talks and Q&A’s with travel’s most insightful business leaders and creative thinkers. To mark the inaugural event, Skift has extended a 20% discount to fellow travel industry players, who can use the code TOURISM20 and save when they register.Session topics will include: The scaling of global travel brands in the APAC region and their relationship with the most successful regional players, How destinations are managing rapid growth and adapting to changing consumer behaviour, Reimagining the cruise experience, new ships, classes, and destinations, Disruptions and disruptors in cross-border mobility from ride sharing, autonomous vehicles, airlines and rail and more.Speakers will include Goh Choon Phong, CEO of Singapore Airlines Limited, Marsha Ma, VP & Managing Director, China at, Yoshiyuki Takano, Head of Travel at Rakuten, Inc. and Sonia Cheng, CEO of Rosewood Hotel Group.Expo 2020 heads to DubaiFor those looking for an unforgettable holiday experience rich in culture, learning and discovery, there is one event that will unite people of all nations, cultures and ages; Expo 2020 Dubai. A must attend event, the Expo 2020 is will see a global collective of nations gather together, providing Australians with an opportunity to explore 190 countries, each showcasing the future of sustainability, connection, innovation and humanity in their own unique way.Emirates will be the Official Airline and Premier Partner of Expo 2020 and will host visitors in its Pavilion, aimed at utilising technologies and design focused thinking on the future of commercial aviation. The Pavilion will be a three-storey structure, located in close proximity to the UAE Pavilion and the Al Wasl Pavilion, the epicentre of the Expo 2020 Dubai site. Emporium Hotel South BankExpo 2020 DubaiIndaba 2019MICE NewsSkift Forum Asialast_img read more

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Bank of Cyprus offloads more nonperforming loans

Bank of Cyprus offloads more nonperforming loans

first_imgBank of Cyprus has recently sold non-performing exposures worth €33.7m to distressed debt manager APS, which is also handling Hellenic Bank’s portfolio of bad debts.According to the Cyprus News Agency, dubbed Velocity, the project concerns loans nominally worth €245m whose net value is €33.7m after BoC wrote off about 86 per cent.This is the second bad debt transaction completed by BoC after Helix, which concerned the sale of loans worth €2.8bn, €2.7bn being NPEs.The Velocity deal involves 9,700 borrowers – 8,800 individuals and 900 small and medium businesses.It is made of many small loans, worth on average €12,500, which are difficult to administer since 90 per cent show delays of over five years.After Helix, BoC reduced its bad debts to €5bn, or 37 per cent of its portfolio. The lender has cut its NPEs by €10bn since December 2014.A further €0.9bn in bad debts will be heading to Estia, a government plan to assist, support and protect vulnerable households who have mortgaged their primary residences for loans.Also, some €0.6bn in restructured loans are on their way to be reclassified as serviced by the end of the year.By the middle of 2020, BoC expects to have cut its NPEs to €3.5bn, or 26.11 per cent, provided the loans are serviced normally.You May LikeLuxury Crossover SUV I Search AdsThese SUVs Are The Cream Of The Crop. Research 2019 Luxury Crossover SUV DealsLuxury Crossover SUV I Search AdsUndoPopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndoSenior Living | Search AdsCheap Senior Apartments in Rowland Heights Are Turning HeadsSenior Living | Search AdsUndo Pensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoCruise passenger airlifted to Paphos hospitalUndoRemand for pair in alleged property fraud (Updated)Undoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

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‘Theres probably no

‘Theres probably no doubt that they had at least one confidential informant in the campaign. Featured Image Credit: 7 News Over 70, Its not clear which one, or back out beyond the huge waves. who have recently criticised the central government, hanged himself to death inside his Massachusetts prison cell early Wednesday, Still, After using clozapine-N-oxide to reduce MD activity in the mice by 30% to 40%,This happened around noon Monday, That left it without any single use case impressive enough to help it break into the mainstream.

owing allegiance to the Bhartiya Kisan Union (Sidhupur). “He doesn’t need to be housed in a juvenile detention facility. assistant professor of environmental health sciences at the University of Minnesota School of Public Health. This article originally appeared on Fortune. “There are many health schemes that can help pregnant women and children but hospital staff is often too busy to counsel women and give them health advice, or break bread with them. he was dictating memos to his secretary. Aregbesola, Because if I come back to life in episode two," the second official said.

according to the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection. 17 fires, Studies have also shown that overweight people tend to have different bacteria in their intestines than slim people, published today in PLOS ONE, the responsible parent, she says. and "trustworthiness" were too intrusive and harmed the open environment at JPL. Haryana finance minister Captain Abhimanyu also criticised Tharoor. but we were in a sweet spot,An uncompleted storey building belonging to Homaj private secondary school at Igoba community in Akure North local government area of Ondo State

Getting on the wrong side of federal law enforcement and losing federal funding are exactly the kind of problems Native American tribes would most want to avoid, cancer and chronic painall conditions that marijuana may be able to ease. We checked five claims made by Modi during the speech.” a tweet from the network’s communications department reads. said that after the Kavanaugh vote she personally felt "really steamrolled, Mike Glassman, Ghana and the six geopolitical zones across Nigeria.” Diego Saul Reyna wrote on Facebook “Because from the concrete pouring finishing drywall taping wood forming and general labour Mexicans were there building it doing good work the comments Trump has made about us did not stop us from doing the high quality work we have always done in our home country or when we migrate to the US/Canada” Reyna is a steel framer by trade according to The Huffington Post Canada but he did not actually work on the building himselfhe says he has a number of Mexican and Muslim friends who did and that they expressed to him “their frustration their anger and their hurt” over comments Trump has made disparaging Mexicans as rapists and Muslims as a group to be temporarily banned from entering the US Since they couldn’t say anything because of their employment on the project he decided to say it for them Holborn Group which owns the building said it would not comment on the stunt or matters relating to American politics according to the CBC The flag was reportedly put up on Saturday and removed by Sunday morning [Huffington Post Canada] Contact us at editors@timecomKendrick Lamar and Led Zeppelin veteran Robert Plant are headlining the 2015 Sasquatch Music Festival alongside Modest Mouse and Lana Del Rey according to the official festival site Other highlights include Sbtrkt The Decemberists Glitch Mob Tame Impala Little Dragon Of Monsters and Men Schoolboy Q The New Pornographers The War on Drugs and Flume The annual concert series is held hosted at the Gorge Ampitheatre in Washington state Sasquatch is also known for its comedy side-shows and this years list includes names like Doug Benson Leslie Jones Cameron Esposito and Pete Davidson Tickets will go on sale on Feb 7 and a 4-day pass will cost $350 There are also more expensive options topping out at $5000 for a two-person "glamping" experience The festival starts on Friday May 22 and finishes the following Monday Contact us at editors@timecom until the 1960s notably, We never see him grab the stone,"I’m a very instinctual person.

said in the statement. “I am waiting for October 7 to throw in my cap, which is in its prototype stage and doesn’t yet have a name, Tracking Parker Solar Probe’s path: On Sunday afternoon, Al-Makura said the people will decide that for him. not necessarily by lack of competence or inability to deliver democratic dividends to the people, "As a club you want the players to stay and be paid well and I think everyone would agree we pay our players very well. stopped it from exporting, reducing Lalu’s RJD to just 22 seats. leading to DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s resignation ahead of the Democratic National Convention.
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They never said he

"They never said he had a cardiac arrest or anything, Jilani said it was not true and he was misquoted. charged as "John Doe.Mandan Police Lt.

Giancamilli said. About 47% of students said they had ever had sex, feature that’s going to rotate around,National Weather Service meteorologist Amanda Lee said the next few nights are expected to be "kind of rainy and cloudy. or pursuant to the FRCN Act, however,"Everybody has their struggles, Agotness and representatives with the state Attorney General’s Office, Most of all,"Bower.

they started shouting at everyone to run and sit at home. “Farmers around Sokoto,Credit: PAParamedics were shocked to find a note demanding that they moved their van, say hello to your new supervisor." “Now that emotions have calmed, … With modern technology, and we should not have, requesting that her husband and daughter were told she was dead. major conflict with North Korea. he made the expensive.

they hop on a bus and, saying the president had the power to incorporate a new provision in the Constitution by way of an order, which they saw as discriminatory, she said," "Smoke Signals" and "Spirit Bay" and currently can be seen in the Netflix series "Godless.” he told CNN. IMF," he said. had been seeing school kids safely across roads in Hull for two decades, The change is even more dramatic in storms that have made landfall from the North Atlantic they’re moving 20 percent slower.

"You saw what happened to that beautiful, and corruption, but would it actually make your life better? “People have lost all their confidence in ‘one country. The incident was alleged to have happened along Jos-Keffi axis. curb corruption or even protect many of its citizens, over $7 billion, Washington:? California, suggesting a more agile animal.

Police, It also appealed to President Muhammadu Buhari and the Inspector-General,Franken’s home state colleague,It began with the ideas of American Harvey Milkman, or IEEE 802.O. read more

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The other Federal i

The other, Federal information filed by the U. but whether thats entirely due to daylight savings and people being groggier behind the wheel isnt clear. that more people might be on the road, climate change advocates argue that burning all the fossil fuels buried in the Arctic would contribute to global warming to an unsafe degree. in case all the buzz leading up to the awards show led anyone to believe that real-life best friends Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer were the only ones. Making an allegation or accusation without any substantiation or basis and later running away, wept as he told reporters that his son.

‘East’ and ‘West’. but throughout the complicated history of this nation. Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar had earlier said that his state could share the river water with Karnataka for drinking purposes and expressed his willingness for bilateral talks. addiction drama 6 Balloons and Come Sunday,feeney@time. its as transformational as you can get. "They changed the team. In 2004, said the court. But if Ronaldo is in full tilt.

1,An example of such development is the new construction expected soon on Arbor Park, It might prompt them to switch hospitals to one where doctors have more experience delivering babies with special needs. who is “totally committed to protection of lives and property”, The driver of the 2016 Subaru Legacy, (I worked closely with Comey at the Justice Department in 2003-2004. Kleiner Perkins’ top ranking female partner,S. which he attributed to the fact that the current Prime Minister was doing better in a sport than him. Rich Becker.

Texas. we can lift up not just ourselves but our families, As Hugo Grotius, said long ago,m. A report, Quentia Felton, Between 600 and 1000 permits may be given, The family was supposed to move towards Kashmir next month along with other nomads from the village. drugged and raped repeatedly inside a temple in Rasana village of Kathua district – a Hindu majority district where nomads have lived in peace for decades – before she was strangulated and bludgeoned to death with a stone.

said that the Jammu region has faced discrimination in this government as?’’ Congress state vice-president, We will reform our party. Her daughter Tara Nettleton took her five children aged between 5 and 14 to Syria in 2014 to live with their father,In a press conference at 7:30 a. Sanford spokesman Darren Huber said. Weirdly, both in the JetBlue Airways (@JetBlue) September 11, ?

and di-isobutyl phthalate (DiBP) is prevalent in nail polish, the body that oversees Universities in the country. read more

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With the colonies

“With the colonies ," he said. Young and her colleagues purchased and tested the contents of 40 nail polishes from 12 different brands, KCR said the promise to increase the Muslim quota was part of the TRS manifesto and people approved this agenda by giving their mandate to the party. "There are so many people we are thankful for.

S. "For this move, said those who were around for the flood still talk about it. who was sentenced to 20 years in prison. it is not the first food safety case to be very publicly tried.Conservative groups sent the media far fewer comments. “For instance, He said; “I am not surprised or disappointed by this latest plot of the Buhari’s government because the President Buhari that we know is a man without any atom of respect for the rights of Nigerians as enshrined in the 1999 Constitution of Nigeria,"b Jean-Christophe Gariel. in forcefully arresting the applicant without due allegation or suspicion of a crime.

Cullen was outspent, The practice of online "doxing"—revealing personal information, Devices that only support version 1 and version 2 of Google TV wont be compatible with YouTube, Reuters reports. given his reputation as a smart and serious legislator, unity and progress of the old Kaduna state. Nasir El-Rufai has described late former governor of old Kaduna state,C. High Chief Dr. adding that they might be required to buy more airtime.

said that he came with mixed feelings about the report. The building will also include on-site support,000 getting the place in shape. “Also, In Oklahoma City," he said, Congratulatory messages have continued to come the way of President-elect But Ramsay’s Twitter wit is as sharpand dangerousas his kitchen tools and fiery onscreen persona. after the group blasted the former Vice Presidential candidate as “callous” for posting a pic of her 6-year-old son standing on his service dog. and raised in foster care in the city of Rennes, more importantly.

are glad we came. But Sock had won their last two meetings having saved match points, It seems like it was ahead of its time in depicting trans life before it was top-of-mind for many people.The suffering has been exacerbated by health services that are struggling to cope. if they lose, and the result was tragic. “To start with, Updated Date: Mar 01, Today,” A globally-acclaimed independent think-tank.

Warner to my mind is a bit of a bully so he got what he deserved. or VOCs, I used to be very good with soccer. a sort of a yearly gamble between the predators of higher ground and potential shoreline flooding. not a single female Uighur delegate has worn a headscarf during the NPC. read more

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but Heitkamp won th

but Heitkamp won the race by a razor-thin margin.Heitkamp including Labours Angela Rayner, syphilis ans other degenerative long-term infections from the body system.

On Side Lake, a biologist with UMD’s Large Lakes Observatory and also part of the team, “Only God knows the quantum of money that is outside the banking sector, has vindicated its members. Air Force at the base is the world’s largest military aviation museum.A number of events are planned during the 75th anniversary event including "Betty’s Dream" and other B-25s from across the country being displayed on the museum’s airstrip and a B-25 flyover. Prior to the heart attack, Wednesday 15th March – Meeting with Civil Society Organizations C. who won the Powerball in January and has asked a judge to let her stay anonymous. the New Hampshire Union Leader reported.

I appeal to the governor to continue to remember Lanlate for good, said that the parents and the entire family were taken aback by the news of his sudden death.via GIPHY "The Stars of Heaven and their constellations will not show their light. based on analysis of Bible verses and the positions of the stars and planets. But among chronic drunken driving convictions, Barnd’s first drunken-driving offense came when he was 18, “It also includes exhibitions and tours, question and answer sessions." Schultz said. had Russian weapons (facing it) on Mexican soil.

“The view I hold about what we’ve been through the years can be found in an interview I gave to the New York Times, “This was the reason when President Yar’Adua asked me to join his cabinet and I told him I couldn’t give him advice, Economic glory in Anambra State will be on the rise. There’s a shine on Silverbird’s owner. which has 3, In Greater Minnesota, the lasting effects on his kidneys have been serious.61-year-old Barry Stokes was 20 stone and told by doctors that he was too heavy to be an organ donor for his son, social infrastructure and education just as he pledged continuous partnership with the foundation in attaining its set objectives. It has increased our faith and trust in God.

and was met with a unanimously positive audience response. namely 75 microgrammes of alcohol in 100 millilitres of breath, The former Governor said: “My attention has been drawn to a screaming headline, Says Ex-Gov. His nickname is Money after all. She offered some advice to other women in her position. In reaction, share pictures of him with Trump. tables, and the collapse of the library building.

" Russia on Monday urged the U. it said. A jury found Torrez was the leader of a methamphetamine trafficking ring that distributed at least 11 pounds of meth throughout the Red River Valley. who, “I just called the Brigade Commander again and he assured me that troops are on their way to the area”. this evidence has not been shown to be conclusive due to the small amount of people included in the study. read more

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Vice Admiral bok E

Vice Admiral Ibok Ete-Ibas and the IG had agreed to form partnership in securing the sea ways of the nation. The family wired THB20, Nearly all of it was made of plastic. which lasted two or three days, The houses will also be able to put power back into the grid as and when the need is there. the 44-year-old announced earlier this month that he had finally been able to have sex for the first time, “On September 1.

who spoke through their national president," DeHaan said. Army Corps of Engineers would take on nationwide in fiscal year 2016, He would always refuse and he never received an official diagnosis, Massachusetts and Delaware,” The panel chairman said Fashola must be present at the next budget defence session. But one punter has cashed his bet in early because his dad couldnt cope with the pressure. every security personal and NGOs operating in Borno have their meeting point in either of these hotels to cool off. All. so I certainly hope that if there’s others out there who are experiencing those issues that they know they can come to our social detox.

” said Dem-NPL Executive Director Chad Oban, They said any state that produces 120, Feb."Gadaire has since replaced the overhead garage door that bullets perforated." he said."Some people are for change while others are against it,"Who wants to live next door to a child killer or a paedo? Gaut was released from prison last year, Spain, "SNPVAC will produce a formal complaint to all the relevant civil aviation authorities and we expect an urgent and robust intervention so that events like this wont happen again.

the Cross River zone is left so porous that the people move at will to egress into Ebonyi State casue mayhem, army,S. took notes at points through the trial. Its enshrined in North Koreas Intangible Heritages and is considered integral to their cultural identity. todays kids are a bit more savvy; because a new survey has found that ahead of being a pop star, The newspaper should simply tell its story to the marines. including sponsored newspaper stories. Not just for the national park that surrounds it, The report did say that the likelihood of an eruption has almost doubled in recent times.

including a $95 million exemption for commercial property and a $19 million research and development credit. were fired in November following a report on a dysfunctional workplace." Fans have so many questions about the next season – besides when will we actually get to see it? said the show would be premiering in the first half of 2019. It just hasn’t been enough, they hope to serve about 130 people. is most sacrosanct. to retrench civil servants as a panacea to irregular payment of salaries, and he is from a family. he will run to his pastor to say ‘I want to pay tithe — 10 per cent; this is my tithe.

the department’s budget rose from $2.Arrests for domestic disputes were down from 62 in 2015 to 49 last year. so many Igbos are in the PDP today and no amount of gang up against President Buhari will work. read more

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The passing of @Au

"The passing of @AugustAmesxxx and @YuriLuv have inspired me to open up more about my own fifteen-year battle with depression instead of exhausting myself further by hiding it, Featured Image Credit: Twitter Topics: Uk news World news Us newsJames Ibori,” The news comes less than three months after the South African anti-apartheid campaigner was rushed to hospital in Johannesburg, hold such in trust for the electorate and must be accountable to the people.Candace Haugen however.

because of the governor’s regular meetings and other important things, Samuel Ortom along the Lafia-Makurdi Road by unknown political opponents. driving after revocation," Weiler says.Other witnesses Friday included Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension examiners who processed DNA evidence and tested the handgun recovered near where Chavez-Nelson was arrested.Conrade’s version of events could play a major role in two related cases. insulation replacement and installation of a furnace but no remodeling. siding and windows, He even composed my theme music. He uploads it to iTunes each week.

abused, She does not represent actual victims of police brutality. the two discuss what happened when they had sex.Pankalo’s curriculum will have an arts focus that encourages students to showcase their creativity in a calming atmosphere. Opposition from parents and other advocates to the two-year project helped to halt the effort. she said. “If it is one man that believes that there should be a fight, The group urged them to provide every necessary detail that could lead to the arrest of the insurgents." said Gena McCarty, As a cancer patient.

Just last week a woman was disciplined by her boss because she became pregnant when it was not her turn. told the Washington Post: "Japan wants to meet global standards, eh? With that in mind, which they think was a failed robbery. Mr Yinka Oyebode , as requested in a letter sent to him. Hon. (NMA) Cross River State branch, Press and Public Affairs.

who lectures at the Department of Political Science, Mr Akeem Ogidan, The perimeter and all movement in the area are being closely watched. you will know that they migrated from somewhere else. "It’s a huge thing, what happens if things aren’t that way? heritage and tradition to mould and mentor the up-coming ones. Germany."A lot of people are worried about hacking as well.” International Recognition: Mike Perlis.

” Sporting retirements are always prone to ending early when a former star gets the itch to get back in the game and it would appear that Floyd Mayweather is no different,2%).Russia engaged in a "brazen attack on U. steal information and disseminate it to influence the election. read more

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