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The Jealous Husband

first_imgNow they went into the denser parts of the forest and away from human habitation, and Korto built a hut for his wife Bendu and himself. But Korto, a brave and strong man, was unafraid and even found solace that his wife wouldn’t be able to see another human being and that ultimately her loyalty to him would be undivided. But Bendu was often lonely and craving for company, especially when Korto was away hunting for days. She missed her friends in the village, the laughter, the sense of being loved and appreciated by her neighbors. Each day in the forest was filled with longing for her friends and the sound of their laughter. She grew thin and worried. And it was only by some miracle she was able to retain her beauty, in spite of Korto’s assuring her over and over that some day she would be happy.One day, when Korto had been away hunting for about a week, a handsome young man stumbled upon the hut. He said he was a traveler who had come from a distant village to purchase goods in the villages and towns round about; that he had lost his way and no longer knew how to get out of the forest.“Don’t worry,” said Bendu. “I know nearly every footpath in this forest. I’ll take you to the villages and towns as soon as you’re ready. But come and keep my company. I’m a very lonely woman.”The young man’s face filled with concern, and he raised an eyebrow. “You’re beautiful and yet you are lonely?” he said as he sat down on a stool in front of Bendu. “And of course why would you come to live in the forest at all?”“My husband is a very jealous man,” said Bendu. “Once, we lived in one of the villages. But my husband nearly killed a young man, though the young man had only been a friend, and not my lover. The villagers began to hate my husband until finally they drove us away. So here we are, living in the forest.”“Where is your husband now?” the young man asked.“He’s gone hunting,” said Bendu. “For about a week I haven’t seen him. But sometimes he’s away for longer than that.”“Why don’t you come and be my wife? You’d be happy. I’m a hardworking trader. I’ve built my own hut and am not married. Come with me and be my wife. I love you dearly.”But Bendu just shook her head. “Even though my husband’s jealous,” she said, “I love him with all my heart. I’ve wanted nothing but to always be faithful to him. You can see how faithful and obedient a wife I am, living here alone and while he’s away for days.”The young man nodded. “But you’re so unhappy. So why should you continue living here, even if you love your husband with all your heart? And from what you’ve said of your husband, he must be a very selfish man who cares for no one but himself. Why, he’s left you here unprotected and in danger of wild animals.”Bendu nodded. Her eyes flooded and tears streamed down her cheeks. ‘The young man is right,’ she thought. ‘Korto do not love me at all. He is selfish, mean, and seeks only his own good. And he has brought me into this forest to be lonely and unhappy because he is also lonely and unhappy, hated and scorned by others.’ A sudden anger surged into Bendu’s heart. With it came hatred and loathing for Korto.Having dried her face with the hem of her lappa, she said to the young man, “But how can I get away? Where will I go? Surely my husband will persuade me and eventually kill me.”“Leave that to me,” the young man said. “I’ll take your place and live here with your husband.”Bendu laughed. “How can you take my place? You’re not a woman.”“Just leave that to me,” the young man repeated, and smiled. His smile was full of assurance and confidence. “What about the goods you were going to buy?” Bendu asked.This time the young man scowled at Bendu. When he spoke, his voice made her shudder. “Don’t meddle into my business,” he said.What Bendu did not know, however, was that this stranger, who called himself a traveler, was actually a genie. He could change into anything — a lizard, a human being, a tiger, if he so wished. Bendu shrugged her shoulders. She didn’t know how he would take her place and live in the forest with her husband. But she didn’t care anyway. Shehated Korto already. Quickly, she packed a few of her belongings and left.Nearly two weeks later, Korto appeared on the footpath he often took whenever was returning home from hunting. In his right hand dangling by its tail was a dead opossum. His raffia hunting bag slung over his shoulder rattled with coins. He had killed an elephant and had sold it to a group of white men who had come in a big canoe. Now he wouldmake his wife even happier than she could have dreamed of.Bendu, for the genie had now taken on the form of Korto’s wife, came running to meet him. Korto saw her from a distance and broke into a smile. He stood up then, and waited to embrace her, his arms stretched wide apart. When she ran into his arms he hugged her tightly, lifted her bodily into the air, and spun her around. Their laughterreverberated through the forest.“I missed you so much, my dear husband,” said Bendu, as Korto put her down from his arms and they stood smiling at each other.“I had an extraordinary good fortune, my dear wife,” said Korto.“What was it?” asked Bendu.“I killed an elephant,” said Korto.“Oh, my god,” exclaimed Bendu, “Where is it now?”“I sold it to some white men who came to the river,” said Korto. “Here’s the money.” He opened his hunting bag, and Bendu looked into it and gawked at the shiny coins.They smile at each other once more, and Korto put his arms round Bendu’s shoulder. Together they walked back to the hut.Once they got there, Korto retired to his room, telling Bendu to wake him up as soon as she had finished cooking pepper soup with the opossum and a foot of yam that he had also brought in his hunting bag. He was very tired. For days he and some people had kept returning to the forest again and over again, toting the elephant meat to the bigcanoe on the river. In less time than it takes to bat one’s eyes, Bendu, or the genie, had finished cooking. The genie, using his uncanny power, hadn’t even gone to the trouble of lighting a fire. He had just snapped his fingers, and everything had been cooked and ready and in his hands, steam rising out of the bowls. Smiling impishly, the genie took the food to Korto.Having set the food on a wooden table in the room, Bendu woke Korto. Korto was surprised. The food had been cooked in no time at all. But he didn’t say anything because he was famished, and needed it just as quickly. He washed his hands and fell to. The food was so delicious it tasted like the ambrosial of the gods.“You’re the best cook in the world, my dear wife,” said Korto, smiling wildly as he munched a piece of yam with relish. “As a matter of fact,” he added, “this meal is fit for the gods.”“You’re one of the gods,” said Bendu, and smiled back at her husband.Korto laughed. He dropped his head then, and busy himself with his meal.But as he ate and looked up from his food now and then, Korto was surprised to see his wife glaring at him, her eyes as red and beady like the heads of two matches. She looked uglier than a beast. Korto became afraid, in spite of himself. He thought his wife must have been bewitched. He had heard the forest was filled with genies and dwarves.Worst yet, the food had begun to taste bitter. There was an ominous rumble in his stomach. “My dear wife, “he said nervously, “I think something terrible is happening to me.”“What is it, my dear husband?’ asked Bendu, her face full of concern.“The food taste bitter,” said Korto, his face deathly pale.Bendu laughed, then. And Korto was terrified.Suddenly Korto began to vomit. Out of his mouth drew forth hundreds of small black snakes. They bit his lips. They ate his tongue until his mouth bled profusely while he trembled and cried out in terror. Then the genie became himself, and Korto, staring at his terrible appearance, fell to the floor. His head rolled over.As for Bendu, she had returned to the village and married the young man whom Korto had hurt. The young man was a model husband. He was neither short-tempered, nor suspicious, nor jealous. And he never quarreled with the people but lived at peace with everyone. The villagers were all happy. No one cared whether Korto was alive or dead inthe forest. Even at the mention of his name the people would call down evil upon him.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

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Guyana to attend high-profile AML/CFT conference

first_img…designed to bolster anti-money laundering efforts in the RegionGuyana is slated to be represented at a high-profile Anti-Money Laundering/Financial Crimes Conference in Florida, USA; which will, among other things, give countries a chance to review their AML efforts in their respective jurisdictions.According to the Legal Affairs Ministry on Tuesday, the compliance conference will be a two-day event that will provide participants with useful knowledge they can implement in their countries. Attending on Guyana’s behalf to assimilate this knowledge will be Attorney General Basil Williams, the current Chairman of the Caribbean Financial Action Task Force (CFATF).Representatives from ComplianceAid Conference presenting during an international convention“To this end, a group of high-profile regulators and compliance experts will discuss challenges faced by regulated businesses. Unlike any other, this conference will address the issues from a non-US point of view.”“Beyond complying with the AML/CFT annual training requirements, this conference will provide participants a unique opportunity to personally engage with regulators and other experts. This personal contact will allow for a better understanding of the approach to enforcement in their respective jurisdictions,” a statement from the Ministry said.The conference is slated for April 18-20, 2018, in Miami, Florida, with Williams expected to present on Financial Technology (FinTech) effects on the changing role of the Compliance Officer.The ComplianceAid Conference is an annual event that focuses on anti-money laundering, countering the financing of terrorism, and financial crimes prevention. It is the only conference that targets regulated entities of the Americas.Over the past three years, the annual ComplianceAid Conference has been able to attract a gathering of directors and professionals from the AML space, across the region.Only recently, a United States Department of State report was released that listed Guyana, among many other countries, as “major money laundering jurisdictions in 2017”.The US International Narcotics Control Strategy Report (INCSR) Volume Two of March 2018 had declared that there was a lack of strong interagency cooperation among AML and drug-fighting agencies, adding that these departments did not have adequate human resources and the necessary training for complete effectiveness.It had called for more training, education, and resources to improve the fight against money laundering. In its 2018 overview of Guyana, the INCSR posited that “narcotics trafficking and Government corruption are the primary sources of laundered funds”.The report reiterated that Guyana was a transit country for South American cocaine destined for Europe, the Caribbean and North America, noting that traffickers were attracted to Guyana’s remote airstrips, porous land borders, and weak security infrastructure.It was outlined that Guyana should continue to provide training to “increase awareness and understanding of AML laws within the Judiciary and agencies. The major agencies involved in anti-drug and money laundering efforts, such as the Guyana Police Force (GPF); the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA); the Customs Anti-Narcotics Unit (CANU); the Special Organised Crimes Unit (SOCU) and the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) were observed as not being effective enough owing to “inadequate human resources, insufficient training, and a lack of strong interagency cooperation”.Apart from Guyana, Brazil, Barbados, Cuba, The Dominican Republic, Haiti, Jamaica, Venezuela, Trinidad and Tobago, Peru, Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States itself were, among many others, listed as “Major Money Laundering Jurisdictions in 2017”.Only last month former Attorney General (AG) Anil Nandlall accused his successor, Basil Williams, of conveying the impression that the country was compliant with the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT) requirements, based on statements he had made in the National Assembly.last_img read more

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GWI Boss threatens Guyana Times with lawsuit

first_imgManaging Director of the Guyana Water Inc (GWI) has threatened to sue Guyana Times should the publication not retract an article published on Thursday under the caption: ‘Adamantium Holdings bids for Government contracts.’In that article, which represented the factual bid openings related to two projects;Richard Van West-Charlesnamely, the rehabilitation of two police stations, it was pointed out that Adamantium Holdings had submitted two bids.Richard Van West-Charles has since secured the services of Attorney-at-Law Satram & Satram, which on Friday dispatched an official letter to Guyana Times demanding a retraction and an apology.In the Guyana Times article, it was pointed out that the mining company Adamantium had been prominent in the news recently when it was discovered that both Adamantium and Atlantic Fuels Inc shared several close connections with Government officials.The two companies also share the same Kingston, Georgetown address, with Atlantic Fuels Inc securing an import/wholesale licence for fuel to supply, in part, the mining operations.Van West-Charles has since claimed that the statements in the article sought toThe bond Lot 16 Sublot ‘A’ Mudlot Kingston Georgetownconvey to the general public that he is corrupt and has improperly influenced Government officials and public bodies for his own benefit and gain.The article referred to does not speak to the award of any contracts, but rather highlights that the mining company did in fact submit bids for two contracts.Van West-Charles has since distanced himself from the mining company, claiming to have never been an officer or official of Adamantium Holdings, and that Atlantic Fuels Inc was in fact incorporated as a company after Adamantium.The GWI boss insists, however, that “the suggestion contained in the said article — that he is the beneficiary of corrupt transactions — was calculated to cause, and did in fact cause, him serious reputational injury; and imputed that he is corrupt, dishonest, unethical and engages in criminal conduct.According to Van West-Charles lawyers, the publication is a part of a pattern of persistent attacks on his character, “all calculated to ruin his reputation (and) humiliate and expose him to contempt, hatred and ridicule by members of society in general.”The GWI boss believes this position entitles him to aggravated or other damages, and has since called for Guyana Times to desist from publishing similar statements.Guyana Times reiterates that the article was in fact captioned ‘Adamantium Holdings bids for Government contracts’, and focused on the bids submitted.According to the substantive contents of the article, bids were opened on Tuesday at the National Procurement and Tender Administration Board (NPTAB), housed at the Finance Ministry.Among the contracts advertised that attracted significant attention was the rehabilitation of the Alberttown Police Station, estimated to cost some $20.9 million.Adamantium, with a bid of $20.5 million, is among the bidders for that project; while the lowest bidder came in at $17 million.Adamantium Holdings was also among the featured bidders for the rehabilitation of the Sparendaam Police Station, estimated to cost some $14.9 million.The lowest bidder came in at $11.8 million, with Adamantium Holdings Inc coming in at $15 million.The company has, since 2015, become a regular feature across a number of industries outside of mining.Other bids opened at the NPTAB on Tuesday related to rehabilitation of the Mahaicony Police Station.Back in September 2015, the company had set its sights on rehabilitation/repairs of roads from the Brian Sucre Junction to Mahdia, Region Eight (Potaro-Siparuni).The company had submitted a $40 million bid at the time.Adamantium Holdings, in conjunction with Atlantic Fuels Inc, is also premier supplier of fuel for interior mining operations.The companies were granted fuel licences by the Guyana Energy Agency (GEA) under questionable circumstances when it was discovered that the company did not meet the minimum requirements under the laws.last_img read more

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Advocate, ‘soul of Calabasas’ dies from cancer at age 63

first_img “She was instrumental in the acquisition and preservation of the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area,” said Dennis Washburn, the first mayor of Calabasas and its current mayor pro tem. He said Devine was `indefatigable … in the energy she put into her battle against cancer and the effort she put forth for the people she served.” Ventura County Supervisor Linda Parks, who also worked with her on Santa Monica Mountains issues, said Devine was devoted to protecting her community. “She was such a fighter. Her stand against Ahmanson Ranch (development) was vital. She believed in protecting the Santa Monica Mountains to her soul,” Parks said. Services for Devine are scheduled for 2 p.m. Monday at Mount Sinai Memorial Park, 5950 Forest Lawn Drive. She is survived by two grown children, her daughter, Beth, and son, Michael. Eric Leach, (805) 583-7602 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MORECoach Doc Rivers a “fan” from way back of Jazz’s Jordan Clarkson For decades Devine was a leading advocate for her community. “I truly believe that the last of the Old West – Calabasas – is the best of the New West,” she said last year. Her longtime companion, Michael Brockman, said Devine was often referred to as the soul of Calabasas. “Lesley was the most passionate individual of anyone I’ve ever seen on behalf of the issues she stood for, the things she felt were essential. The city was her third child,” he said. Devine also was a director of the Resource Conservation District of the Santa Monica Mountains from 1980 to 1991 and served four terms as president of the Mulwood Homeowners Association. CALABASAS – A funeral is scheduled Monday for Lesley Devine, one of the founders of the city of Calabasas, who died Thursday of cancer. She was 63. Devine served as a member of the Calabasas City Council from the city’s incorporation in 1991 until 2005. She served as mayor from 1997-98 and from 2002-03. She also represented the city on the advisory board for the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy and on the executive board for the Economic Alliance of the San Fernando Valley. “She was a very courageous person. She was one of the founders of the city and worked tirelessly for the community,” said her friend, Charlotte Meyer. “She was a strong environmentalist. She set the direction of the city in terms of its commitment to preserving the environment and preserving its quality of life.” last_img
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first_imgA RALLY fan visiting Donegal for the rally didn’t even have a full driving license, Letterkenny Court has heard.Paul Keenan, from 40 Clooneevan, Haggardstown, Blackrock, Co Louth, appeared in court on his 21st birthday.He admitted driving unaccompanied on a provisional license – and his car didn’t have an NCT certificate. He was stopped by Gardai while following the Donegal Rally in June.“Defective cars lead to accidents,” Judge Paul Kelly told Keenan when he admitted his car didn’t have the NCT.The judge wanted to know how long Keenan had a learners license; the defendant replied: “Three years.”Judge Kelly asked him: “So why haven’t you taken your test?”Keenan: “I haven’t got around to it yet.”The Louth man was fined €250.DONEGAL RALLY FAN DIDN’T HAVE NCT OR VALID DRIVING LICENSE was last modified: December 13th, 2013 by John2Share this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:District CourtDonegal rally fanDONEGAL RALLY FAN DIDN’T HAVE NCT OR VALID DRIVING LICENSEfinedletterkennyNCTlast_img read more


€50,000 investment secured for west Donegal football pitch

first_imgGaeltacht Minister Joe McHugh has announced that he has sanctioned €50,050 to help with a gaelic football pitch development in west Donegal.The money is being awarded to help finance a €70,000 spend on fencing and access to the new Na Rossa pitch in Gweebarra.Donegal TD McHugh had visited the pitch earlier this year to see for himself the “incredible” work already undertaken by Forbairt Pobal Gleann Gaoth Beara. “I want to congratulate all those involved in Gweebarra for their commitment and dedication to this fine facility,” said Minister McHugh.“People in the area were very patient during the €70M Government redevelopment of the N56 and whilst that work was ongoing to remove the infamous Gweebarra bends this determined local group got to work on their visionary pitch development.“The quality of the development is first class and will become a focus for this Irish language community. The addition of fencing and associated works will enhance it even further.“I am delighted to be in a position to assist in this case with funding from my Department.” Is faoi réimse gnímh An Ghaeltacht de chuid na Straitéise 20 Bliain don Ghaeilge 2010-2030 atá an deontas á cheadú.As Gaeilge:Tá fograithe ag Aire Stáit na Gaeltachta Joe McHugh go bhfuil deontas de €50,050 ceadaithe aige chun cuidiú le forbairt páirc peile in iarthar Dhún na nGall.Tá an t-airgead seo curtha ar fáil mar chuid de chaiteachas de €70,000 ar dromchlá nua a chur ar an bpáirc agus sconsa a chur timpeall na páirce i nGaoth Beara.Thug an Teachta Dála McHugh cuairt ar an bpáirc níos luaithe i mbliana leis an obair iontach atá faoi bhun cheana féin ag Forbairt Pobal Ghleann Gaoth Beara a fheiceáil.“Ba mhaith liom mo aitheantas a ghabhail chuig achan duine atá bainteach leis an áis tábhachtach seo i nGaoth Beara”, a dúirt an tAire McHugh. “Bhí muintir na háite foighneach le linn infheistíocht an Rialtas ar an 70 milliún athfhorbairt ar an N56. Agus an obair ag dul ar aghaidh ar arraingeacha díbhrú Gaoth Beara, bhí an grúpa tiomanta seo ag obair leo ar an fhorbairt páirce.“Cabhróidh an fhorbairt seo go mór le muintir an cheantair mar go mbeidh áis iontach sábháilte curtha ar fáil ag Forbairt Pobal Ghleann Gaoth Beara agus cuirfidh an obair ar an sconsa agus ar dromchla na páirce go mór leis an áis don phobal Gaeltachta seo.“Tá an-áthas orm an maoiniú seo a chur ar fáil fríd mo Roinn.”Is faoi réimse gnímh An Ghaeltacht de chuid na Straitéise 20 Bliain don Ghaeilge 2010-2030 atá an deontas á cheadú. €50,000 investment secured for west Donegal football pitch was last modified: November 22nd, 2017 by Elaine McCalligShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Tags:Gweebarrajoe mc hughNa RossaTDlast_img read more

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Poll: Does Joey Barton deserve to be sacked by QPR?

first_img[poll id=”13″]Wednesday’s QPR quiz: Bad boy BartonSee also: Hughes to respond to Barton verdictQPR legend urges club to sack BartonFollow West London Sport on TwitterFind us on Facebooklast_img

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Brighton boss Hyypia hits out at ‘Wild West’ defending after defeat at Brentford

first_imgBrighton boss Sami Hyypia bemoaned his side’s ‘Wild West’ attitude to defending as they crashed 3-2 at Brentford.Albion were always playing catch up after conceding first-half goals by Moses Odubajo and Andre Gray.Although Seagulls skipper Gordon Greer pulled a goal back before half-time, Jonathan Douglas made it 3-1 early in the second period and Danny Holla’s cracking effort from 20 yards proved only a consolation.Hyypia said: “In the first half we were a little bit open in our defending, and made it too easy for Brentford to attack and to score goals.“We need to be a little bit more patient in defending and save our legs when we’re trying to defend compactly.“You can’t go to the game with the kind of attitude of playing like the Wild West and have confidence you can always score one more than the opposition.“We need to talk about that, work on it on the training field and hopefully correct it ready for Tuesday [against Ipswich].”Follow West London Sport on TwitterFind us on Facebooklast_img read more

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Will 76ers’ Joel Embiid face Warriors in rematch next week?

first_imgWith Joel Embiid nursing a knee injury, the Warriors’ anticipated rematch with the 76ers on their next road trip may be losing some of its luster.The 76ers announced Wednesday their All-Star center will be shut down for at least the next week due to soreness in his left knee and miss at least three games. Although an MRI didn’t reveal any structural damage, Embiid will undergo physical therapy along with “load management” and he’ll be reevaluated in one week. The Warriors, who suffered their …last_img

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Amazing Body Facts

first_imgThere are more wonders in your body than you can possibly imagine.  Here are half a dozen new findings for conversation starters.Your inner bat:  You have another sense you may not be aware of: you can learn the art of echolocation.   It’s been known that blind people develop an ability to detect objects by their echoes, but Science Daily reported that even sighted people can train themselves to do it.  Some people are better at it than others, for unknown reasons.  Echolocation depends on very precise detection of timing differences between the two ears.Self-healing holes:  Our blood vessels are made of a wonderful tissue, called epithelium.  It’s stretchy, stable, and watertight.  Science Daily says, “Measuring just a few hundred nanometers in thickness, this super-tenuous structure routinely withstands blood flow, hydrostatic pressure, stretch and tissue compression to create a unique and highly dynamic barrier that maintains the organization necessary to partition tissues from the body’s circulatory system.”But there are immune cells, called leukocytes, that need to enter these passageways.  How do they do it?  The article presented findings by the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, where scientists studied how epithelial cells cooperate with leukocytes, creating holes for them to enter, then healing the holes behind them.By and large, these ensuing “micro -wounds” are short-lived; as soon as the cells have crossed the endothelium, these pores and gaps quickly heal, restoring the system’s efficient barrier function. In cases when these gaps fail to close — and leakage occurs — the results can be devastating, leading to dramatic pathologies including sepsis and acute lung injury….Described in The Journal of Cell Biology, the new findings suggest that rather than structural robustness per se, the barrier function of the endothelium relies on an enormous self-restorative capacity….“The cell’s restorative capacity was just so striking,” says [Christopher V.] Carman. “But these early investigations were still inadequate to tell us how the breaches were being closed. We had to dig down to the sub-cellular level to understand the underlying activities and the molecular signaling mechanisms that were orchestrating these activities.“Viruses, your friends:  You have another immune system scientists did not realize till recently, and it involves partnership with viruses.  Nature News reported that “Viruses in the gut protect from infection.”  Bacteriophages, tiny viruses that can invade and kill bacteria, find a home among the linings in your airways, by forming bonds with sugars in the mucus.  When bacteria invade, these killing machines, like a robotic army, take them out.  Medical Xpress called this a “new immune system” that has been discovered.  In more general terms, Science Magazine reviewed “our viral inheritance,” giving examples of good and bad ways that viruses interact with our bodies.  Even some endogenous retroviruses (ERVs) that seemed at first to be parasitic on our genomes now appear to be useful or beneficial.Nose knowledge:  The sense of smell continues to be one of the most difficult to understand in humans and in fruit flies.  The molecules that land on olfactory receptors encode messages that are in some ways similar to those in the retina, but there appear to be timing dependences, too, Medical Xpress reported.  Science Magazine reviewed the growing science of “flavor,” trying to understand how we learn to associate smells and tastes with pleasure or displeasure.  “It’s a vastly more complex topic than they once thought,” the article said.Your inner clock: We share a sense with the little flies we swat on our arms: a biological clock.  Because the human circadian clock is much more complex, scientists try to understand the clock in fruit flies.  Medical Xpress reported that a new component of the fruit fly circadian clock has been identified.Six degrees of separation:  Because the brain is so heavily interconnected, any synapse is only about six steps away from any other.  This allows for an enormous amount of plasticity for “rewiring” circuits when one part is damaged.  Science Daily discussed work at UCLA that shows the brain “rewires itself after damage or injury.”  Understanding these processes could lead to therapies for stroke victims and Alzheimer’s patients.  Last week, Science Magazine discussed “Why adults need new brain cells.”  Contrary to beliefs decades ago, neuroscientists now know that brain cell regeneration takes place.  Not only that, “a key function of adult neurogenesis is to shape neuronal connectivity in the brain according to individual needs,” the article said.  Because of the brain’s plasticity and massively parallel architecture, Sandia Labs is looking to the human brain as “a model for supercomputers,” PhysOrg reported.To make a point without attempting to be morbid, these findings underscore why the death of a human being, whether in a tornado or an abortion lab, is such a traumatic thing.  It’s like smashing a supercomputer, destroying a working factory, obliterating a work of art.  A dead body returns to undifferentiated dust that fulfills none of these fantastically complex processes.The Bible describes death as an enemy, the result of sin that infected the planet with a curse and judgment.  The only hope of a new body that can live forever is faith in Jesus Christ, who paved the way for salvation through His death and resurrection (I Corinthians 15).  If you marvel at the body you have now, “Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor have entered into the heart of man the things which God has prepared for those who love Him”  (I Corinthians 2:9). 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